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  1. I'm in the same boat, and was going to post this myself, esp now that the launcher is featuring the Galactic Weapons atm. When I resumed playing just after Carnival started, I tried several things, including leaving and rejoining the Steam group, but to no avail. Any TE input on this would be greatly appreciated. TIA!
  2. Per the Event Rules thread, I would like to request Monday morning or Tuesday afternoon. My sign up is post [[4326,hashtags]]. Thanks!
  3. SID: Thunder Chief Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Thunder_Chief/ Partner: Namwich (Post [[3749,hashtags]]), if possible.
  4. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=83433549 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=103671480
  5. Well i'm not him but Czokalapik is the DD Planer guy, so its kinda obvious why hes on the wall I was just going to post this! For the uber awesome website that has helped me get through many a surv: http://ddplanner.czokalapik.com/
  6. I recall my host from first event told me that it was a Legendary set. and the all 3 event items I obtain is different level requirement, so? bump. (I have been meaning to ask this all week long.) This (except for the Legendary part ;) ). The Minish Hat is L58 and the Power Gauntlets are L74... :confused: I understand the acc not having the same lvl req, but was that a fluke on the armor? Are they supposed to be part of the same set, or not? I mean after all, they are both oversized, Zamira-green, leather armor. Was hoping I would be able to use both items next week, but as it turns out I can only use the Hat. And by the time the Gauntlets become usable for the Event, I am afraid that they may be overshadowed by other armor already owned. :o Not to question the intention behind the rewards, but any clarification would be greatly appreciated. TIA!
  7. I've passed this along to the development team. Good luck. Thanks so much, Hitmonchan! It is nice to see that even a thread that was a month dormant without a bump was still noticed. Fantastic! And, after seeing SuperFX's toon selection screen put into the game, it gives me new hope that this may actually come true. :squire:
  8. bump Still having this problem. Ice? Anyone? Would appreciate the help. Also, new problem, don't know if related or not... nobody who visits my AFK shop can buy anything, even when I properly Host AFK Shop through menu. I had a hint of this the other day when I tried having a friend help me retrieve an item that was sent to shop by mistake (since my Item Box is full and I can not bring it back without major housekeeping), but he could not buy it. Today, after running AFK shop the whole day, I come back to a F1 msg list as long as my arm of ppl complaining that they can not buy anything. I don't believe my overfull item box has anything to do with it, since I sold over 50 items over the weekend with an overstuffed box. Argh! The issues keep piling higher!
  9. Came to bump and found that there is some new activity here. Fantastic! Let's keep this movement alive!!!
  10. Today I was in someone else's game tav, and it was a bit laggy for me (mouse button not always recognized as attack, "teleporting" from spot to spot), and when it cleared, I decided to change weapons on my Jester. After doing so, I went to dummy to test weps, and when I swapped from newly changed wep, the item selector image at the bottom of the screen suddenly changed back to the weapon I had just deposited in the Item Box. Here is the image: As you can plainly see, I am holding a Steam Saw, yet the weapon indicator at the bottom of the screen shows a Rug Beater. When I went back to Item Box, the Rug Beater is being used by DD to compare stats, and when I switch weapons in Box, the Rug Beater is deposited. Once I go out of Box with new wep, and I swap to second weapon, the Steam Saw icon will appear at the bottom of the screen, and the whole issue is repeated. Just to show that this is not a one-time event, here is another pic of my Jester holding a Wolf bow, but my myth Pawn Shot is shown in selector: It seems that I have not lost any weapons, just that there is always one weapon in Limbo. I have restarted DD, restarted Steam, rebooted computer, and even shut down and moved from one ISP to another and rebooted, and the glitch remains. Whatever weapon was sent to Limbo the last time I played, it resurfaces the next. However, I have loaded my Jester up with cheap weps just in case at one point in time the glitch stops and I do end up losing a weapon. Please help! I want to go back to using my uber myth Bishop and want to start using my trans Pawn Shot since I just got my Jester leveled to 78. But until this glitch is fixed, I don't want to risk losing either one! TIA!
  11. +1 from me. Esp. when you are hosting AFK shop and someone is asking you about an upped pet you are selling and how much dmg it does. I have been taken to DW before to be shown, but then new shoppers are often confused by the lack of tavernkeep. +1, i started taking screenshots whenever i find trans,sups and ults hidden under defences/other loot... /billboards That is my biggest beef. You finish a surv wave, where's the good stuff?... can't see it, half the map is an advert of what's coming next.
  12. +1 from me. I put all my main builders on Page 1, but now I have more than 1 page of main builders, so I end up having my DPSers on Page 3. When trying to swap to DPS as the clock is ticking, I have more than once not been able to make the selection in time and ended up having Mr. or Mrs. Squishy out in the line of fire instead of safe inside the Forge where they belong.
  13. Except NM loot quality didnt increase with the addition of Copters, its still at Spider/Djinn/Sharken level. For that matter its still at Spider level for most waves on nearly every map. This is my biggest issue. Having to deal with making changes to previously working layouts with a grand total of what reward? Bupkis. I don't think there should be a DLC to remove Goblin Copters. What should be done is Trendy should implement a NM mode selector: Myth NM, Trans NM, Supe NM, and Ult NM. Each selection would add that Shards mob and all previous, and then later waves would actually spawn loot of that quality. Lower NM modes would have loot capped at that quality. Whodathunk?!? Geez, having to put up with all the new Shards mobs on campaign maps, and still only getting one or two CRAP Trans drops per surv is seriously insulting. In fact, I would be supportive of making Copters/Hatted Ogres harder to deal with if the loot was better, all the while allowing us to get "lower" myth/trans/supe loot without having to deal with them. I was late to start on my Transcendental Survivalist achievement, I'll admit, and now I am getting punished for it. I am having to work harder to get my EV jetpack than those who did it earlier when they only had to deal with Spiders and Djinn. Nice! They should change the cheeve now to Ultimate Survivalist, and give the EV jetpack the range of Summoner flight. That would be compensatory. Otherwise, give me the consideration of only having to deal with Spiders and Djinn to earn my reward like the achievement was intended. Same goes for Sky of Love. "Playin' Mythical Cupid"? Not anymore! You want a nice Goblin Cupid, you gotta pay the price! They should at least up the level of the pet reward to Supe or better if you are able to complete it now. Either that, or dial it back to Spiders only as it was intended. /rant
  14. YES! YES! YES! +1000!!! I have been wanting this feature ever since I first played Barbarian and wanted to swap second wep and had to send to box first... extremely frustrating. Esp. when I was starting out and I found a great wep, and equipped it, and then all the greens went away since all floor weps were being compared to the new best wep and not the other one that I was still wanting to replace. When I asked my friends who had been playing Barb for longer than I (I bought around the time of Lucky DLC for Scottish Warrior outfit), they all just said "Yeah, it is an annoyance, but you just have to live with it." Basically, I shelved my Barb until Aqua came out and I could easily plvl him. Add'l note, it would be nice if doing the wep swap on Barb would actually switch the weps in his hands, since your DPS with Battle Pound changes depending on which wep is in which hand. I am not sure of the coding, but this might actually make it easier to implement. Dunno. Whatever gets the feature enabled, I will most gladly "live with", but my personal preference is to swap hands. IF swapping hands is not implemented, then please put wep icons on bottom of screen with selector circle (a la EV), so that it is very apparent which wep is currently "primary". This is esp. important if the X key is not future-enabled in item box, since that way you will know what wep is "primary" prior to going in to box. And for Summoner, this would also be awesome, too, since he has the uber annoyance of swapping out THE PET THAT YOU ARE NOT EVEN COMPARING!!! What is up with that??? Makes it difficult to figure out which pet you want to equip. (EDIT: Just realized that CrzyRndm already brought this up... :o) It would be nice to also have the swap feature on Summoner actually swap sides, so that if you are using a healing/repair pet, you can move them to the side where they would be more useful, without having to reposition yourself (I know they float around, but this is partially aesthetic, too). This would be helpful with Guardians as well. So, to sum up: - Add swapping weapons feature to Barbarian, swapping pets feature to Summoner - Make swapping actually switch hands/sides, or - Put icons at the bottom of the screen with selection indicator (a la EV) - Enable swap key for all swappable classes in Item Box/Shop Box Going to add this thread to my siggy until implementation... ;)
  15. Are you still taking sign-ups? I just found this thread now, and you mention multiple weeks, but also sign-ups ended last friday. :\ I just want to throw my hat in the ring here to check this out. Will most likely get pwned by somebody, but looking for something to keep DD new and fresh (while waiting for complete Jester domination!)
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