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  1. Hacked Stieglitz don't grow when you upgrade them. awww k, good to know if I ever trade for one.
  2. Shroomites. No, they are terrible and not worth it. Donkeys on the other hand can be useful for their strength drain poop. Before seahorses came out, I used my donkey all the time, I could run out in survival against a horde of ogres and survive easily and I think they stack if they are inside a strength drain aura cause I notice taking less damage when that was happening. The stats can be pretty high on them if you're lucky, my donkey has 300 HP stats and 400 in hero attack. But, it doesn't work with bosses, I don't think, so with saying that, nah, you're better off farming seahorses and
  3. Make sure you get a blasticus at least worth 1 mil + for upgrading. Generally they aren't to bad but I was using moms bow for a long time. After 74 retribution replaced it and then 78 pawnshot. lol same thing for me when I first bought the game. Somebody traded me their extra ret is the only reason I had one cause I couldn't even beat it when it first came out and I never replaced it till the pawn shots came out.
  4. Just start a game saying help with Assault challenge. You will find tons of people who can beat it on NM HC. After awhile, the assault challenges become very easy as you play the game. So, there should be someone on that will pop up and just run you though it.
  5. Orrr... I could just multiply my totals by .55, per the Wiki... if you want to make it more complicated sure go ahead.
  6. If you want to make it easier so you know when to reach the cap, beat the first wave in NM Survival deeper well and upgrade during the 2nd wave's build time in Survival. So you can clearly see what number it is at.
  7. I got lucky with my ultimate pawn shot. it reached 180,000 base damage. The starting base damage was 14,000 and it has 387 ups, it was actually the very first pawn shot I got when the map came out! So, look around for that is what you want. But, the base damage you want should be starting at least 10,000 and look for 350 in ups at least. But, like Teufelskerlin says, neg reload isn't terrible, at 0 clip, it takes 10 secs to reload no matter what, so if you have a clip size of over 500, it's fine, just reload every so often and it will only take a 1 sec or so.
  8. Is the bug fixed for if you drop it on the ground it rolls down?
  9. You only need to get a 1500 EV to get the a lot out of the buff beams. So after that, only level up the EV Tower HP so the walls to have more HP. I went into open and used my uber gear mod to test it's scaling, pretty much caps itself around 3000 stats, the only thing that scaled is like I said are the EV walls. The bonuses won't go higher than around 2.4 bonus to buff beams. They would surpass guardians if they did. The Guardians are still better to use than buff beams, if someone wanted to AFK with a summoner with 2 guardian pets, it's a great way to save DU and get the most out of a afke
  10. Focus your EV to be a waller mostly with attack damage being 2nd. Or even just make a complete EV waller, you should be able to find drops or items in people's shops that are capped out Tower HP stats, even if the other stats are bad, it doesn't matter, you're only using it for walls. Also with the EV reflection walls, make walls of 1 DU only, you can make them bigger than you can making walls of 2 or 3 DU.
  11. I don't know, maybe there is something wrong for me. I bought the humblebundle and activated it on steam (I owned DD before and the Halloween DLC). It unlocked nearly everything. The Problem is : I can play Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part 4, but if i try to start Part 1 -3 leads me to the shop site to buy the DLC. Do i have to complete some Quest before? Anyone else with this problem? Did you beat the game yet? Also, right click on Dungeon Defenders in the Library tab on steam and then click View DLC or whatever it's called on there, and see if all the shards DLC is there
  12. Wouldn't bother me, perhaps he hates trading. I don't trade neither and I have my MK2 and Cube just sitting there in my Tavern. I've been playing my game mostly legit item drops/rewards. The only time I traded for items is when I completely trust the other player I'm trading with. I gave away perfect tower stats kobolds to other players or ones that will be perfect stats after upgrading to help out. So, whatever. Not everyone is playing the game like everyone else. If I didn't like having the MK2 and Cube, I would just give it away.
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