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  1. The existing one is already stickied I believe mate.
  2. I'm gonna be getting a free copy of this thanks to the WoW Scroll or Rez bonus they have out ATM!
  3. Lol if your going by Steam total game time, it counts every single second the game is running from when you press play. Hard to properly go by this with things like menu-time and AFK shops.
  4. Lol the title has nothing to do with what your saying.
  5. Are my squire's stats good enough for that? Or should I give him my adept's gear? Are you on PC or console? Because app / adept got nerfed 30% or something a while ago.
  6. I would be very impressed if you finished this Ryukaki. Goodluck and a big thumbs up mate.
  7. Lukee

    god mode

    Suggestions are thataway! http://forums.trendyent.com/forumdisplay.php?44-Suggestions But try to explain what the concept of ' God Mode ' is in your post ;)
  8. For next time if things like this happen again: - Go to your Steam library - Right click on DunDef - Click properties - Click the tab labeled ' Local Files ' - Click ' View integrity of game cache ' Hope this helps!
  9. The EXACT same scenario happened to me while pet farming ol' Magus Quarters. Except it was Pure Strategy. People say you can ' interrupt ' them with a swing of your sword, so what happens when I can't swing my sword you ask? I get abused, HARD. Wave 11 / 12 is completely stupid, more Djinn have spawned then wyverns in total, THEN WYVERNS PEOPLE.
  10. Nobody knows for sure but the rule still applies atm that they will only drop on NM Eternia Shard missions.
  11. And what about Pure Strategy then? All of a sudden there's a massive increase in Djinns after wave 12, (more spawn in total then friggin' wyverns do) and you can't interrupt them in anyway, meaning all your towers are gone and you are left helpless as you watch your crystal/s crumble. Something needs to be done, and I would really like to see some sort of interruption animation when they get to a certain hp etc., etc..
  12. Lukee

    Game on!

    Anyone wanna play a survival? idm building, just looking for a decent team to play with for a bit. add me : indierish
  13. People play with friends now, public games can be a massive waste of time. And there is no way you could just ' delete ' the hacked items, once a hacker always a hacker.
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