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  1. with that inferno trap set up, i get a problem with a) some of the spiders not sticking on the walls and roaming elsewhere causing chaos b) spider spawn on the steps to the right of the forge dont trip the traps and hack away at the wall until a spider drops on the left of the forge, but sometimes the spider on the left doesn't drop for a long long time while 2 spiders pile up on the right of the forge app wall i tried to follow the diagram as closely as possible but i don't know what i'm doing wrong I get that issue too with the traps not triggering sometimes because of the spider on t
  2. Darkness traps should be able to stop them from webbing anything - they can move around but can't attack cuz they can't see! I know that this might have be said before that Darkness supposedly renders the spiders unable to attack, but after doing Misty survival HC NM MM last night - I could still see spiders attacking the wall even while the darkness trap was activated... It would be nice for Darkness traps to really make them unable to attack but still allow them to move around
  3. Well same thing here I've kept the sword though love it but kinda useless for survival misty cuz i can't deal with the -100+ to hero health on survival misty at the moment and had 410 tower hp and 515 tower attack 340+ on tower range and 290+ on tower reload. -100+ to all hero stats and only 25 damage.
  4. Not hitting spiders I don't mind too much to be honest - Bumpers can do that. But as everyone has been saying, it is a hitbox issue - poons flying through a goblin's head and not registering as a kill is definitely not right. I don't even mind about the slower targeting system and I think that it is a good thing because, well harpoons are very powerful so, if they miss a lot when creeps are moving sideways or down / uphill then I can accept that as a limitation too. Just my 2 cents.
  5. ^ totally agree! :) They, along with Ogre or other such thing walking through barricaded areas need to be fixed ASAP :)
  6. If Trendy fixed these game-breaking bugs, we'd have a much more consistent review process. Some of the reason they have to buff and nerf so much is because they are compensating for broken enemies and broken AI. If we didn't get one-shotted in a way without being able to prevent it, or had Ogres walking through walls and blockades, we wouldn't need as many balance changes. Agree!
  7. With entry level myth you can try survival hardcore on Alch Labs or magus quarters to get some better myths on higher waves - make sure those stats are all upgraded tho - what are ur stats anyways?
  8. You sound like a Pet-o-phile... creepy LOL *pet-o-phile* love the dual meaning, and yes, I did intend for the, uh, appearing to be a pet-o-phile :D What can I say, I love my pets big :D
  9. Mythical candle spear...is that the Nosferateu?
  10. lol that is awesome!!! If you don't like its size I will gladly buy it from you! I love big pets :D haven't seen one that huge!
  11. For me, I still prefer app guardians over huntress guardians - according to my paltry test - it gives an extra 40k damage boost over the huntress guardian on harpoons. Personally, with the ogres coming out like sweets pouring out from a bag, I think app guardian is better suited. Just my 2 cents :)
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