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  1. Hall of court,Mistymire ,Palantir,beautiful maps~~~
  2. yeah,why do we have to wait for the holidays to switch the theme?I love Halloween's theme~~~I Don't wanna wait for another whole year...and it would only last for a few days :(
  3. See,everyone want to beat it Once just for that achievement.And after beaten it players will say:Uhh,never do that again.And That's not cool :(
  4. "There is no difference in pet reward quality" Sure?I tried Tavern Defense NM HC Pure Strategy to Wave 35,and I got 2 Kobold,but not very good ,only 2 stats are over 400,and other stats are between 100-200,I'm wondering if there is chance to get 600 stats Kobold on Tavern Pure Strategy...
  5. Tested on my stats: EV 2429/2787/734/1291 huntress 1668/3132/1214/1206 countess 1355/2781/1012/1607 initiate 1240/3102/2442/1073 And it really worked!!! And i finally beat CDNM solo.Great build man!!
  6. There is a custom mission on the Steam Workshop called Gauntlet Practice, you can install it, export your characters to Open and use it to practice only the Boss Gauntlet section. Try the guide I have linked in my signature, it has worked for me well both solo and with people (others will have to help you build if you're not solo due to reduced build time). Oh Thanks man,this is just what i want!!!
  7. Yeah im trying solo Crystalline Dimension NM for many times,for now im stuck in Boss Gauntlet(thanks to mischiefz and DoctorWillSeeYouNow's guide I can solo wave 17 and 18 without big problem).Its just... crazy,the crystal has too low hp than the normal crystal,and every time i try i have to fight from the beginning.I'm exhausted,even a little scared by the map ....Sorry just complaining sorry if I said too much. I will keep trying it ,wish me good luck.
  8. New low detail setting for ogres revealed... lol ///
  9. Yeah its a pretty long mission ,although i have confident of surviving wave 13-18 with the help of three good guys.We just be killed by the old one very soon and thats very annoying .
  10. I think i have to wait for the 7.39d patch , i tried Crystalline nm and i failed almost every time in the legendary mage map in wave 18.For the gods sake there are just too many ogres and choppers. And for Palantir the only solution is 4 high stats dps monk + seahorse and you must bring them on after the 1st wave
  11. can anyone give me some tips for crystalline dimension nm ? i can go through the first map without problem ,and then ...the second map is just too huge and there is no enough DU!!!
  12. I am trying to get the new achievement ,yeah the Mythical Real Time Strategist.I have got the Mission real time Strategist awards in every map except for City in Cliff. The problem is I Did have finish this map by only using summoned minions except for the final wave.But i didn't see the award.So can anyone tell me is there a problem in this map ,is this just an occasional bug?Thank you ~~~:archer::archer::archer:
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