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  1. +1 many ppl wont even jump back into the game, if it takes some more ages till it will be released, i guess
  2. hi defenders, my friend doest find any public games anymore, also he cant join any game via invite. anyone else got this issue?
  3. ok just got a rock for lvl 60 with kinda sick stats, thx :) legit
  4. u sure? on pre release, not the beta one
  5. heyho, have anyone figured out where the hell the rock pet can drop? it was lava mines survival before, but that one just gives a shitty steam robot now :/
  6. i know, i've tried it with a friend (mage) and 2 barbs... but everytime anything goes wrong... i didn't find a player that has beaten her.. :/
  7. help neededhi, i have some heavy problems to beat the spider queen on misty NM HC... i know a lot of setups with mage/monk, squire only, squire/monk, squire/huntress.. but i cant manage the boss ;/ will anyone that has beaten the boss help me out with her? because i will do survival on misty NM too, before the new DLC comes out :) i will keep things repaired. my tower stats are (dont know stats exactly: mage hybrid: 300?/1400/700?/800 and the staff has 13k base dmg monk: 950/500/500/1000 i tested the squire with the mage gear... so if u will help me out, plz add me on st
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