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  1. Maybe I should of been more direct with my concern. With the release of the summoner, would Trendy plan maps in such a manner that, if you didn't have one, you are at a serious disadvantage compared to other players, much like the EV series is when it comes to wall building. I'd hate to see the sky map, reduced in DU to accommodate the summoner or all players forced to get the DLC because its undo able without a summoner, if you can see my stand point.
  2. I broke out the summoner and level him quick smart, had a few sets of gear ready for him when he hit 78. But to me, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't it seem a bit too easy and too good to be true? A summoner gets the same MU as the map as DU right? so essentially you doubled the defense allocation for a map. I was already clearing survival aquanos reliably on survival so I'm hesitant what this means for the next map. I am curious as i am sure many other defenders are that A. Is the new map going to require you to use a summoner to complete it, like Trendy would adjust difficu
  3. Breaking into nightmare can be daunting and rough, gearing up and leveling up is a grind. Hacking is a short cut, but int he end, they are only cheating themselves out of the achievement. Full supreme, in my 40 + hours of NMHC Aquanos Ive only seen 2 pieces of supreme armor, one mail and one pristine, so it always raises my eyebrow when people have a full set. Honestly if anyone needs help progressing or suggestions on were to go, feel free to PM me, just dont lower yourself to buying hacked gear
  4. In my experience, Supremes either have high 400s 500s stats with a few negatives to balance out OR no/few negatives but stats are in the 100 to 300 range. Supreme armor is still pretty rare atm, anyone who has a full suit has either run aquanos non stop since its release or hacked. In about 30 hours worth of survival time I've looted a total of 2 pieces of survival armor. Rule of thumb regarding armor, if it has 4 to 5 stats near or at cap ie 680 680 680 680 for towers, without a huge neg 500 to balance it out, it warrants investigation.
  5. There isn't really much to understand about it Play through Campaign Level up to 74. Play misty nightmare (don't open the single spawn chests) till boss to get mythicals. Go back and do Campaign on nightmare. Play misty nightmare to kill boss. Unlock survival - do that to at least wave 25 Go to morraggo nightmare, kill boss Go to aquanos nightmare, kill boss. Play whichever survival you wish. In terms of item quality. Misty waves 25-30 is roughly equal to waves 20-25 on Aquanos. Unsure about moraggo though, never had the patience to sit out the long tiresome waves.
  6. There needs to be a bigger distinction between the damage done by Transcendent and Supreme weapons. Granted that the amount of upgrades and the base damage are found to be higher going up the quality scale, but other than that, a supreme weapon with 160 upgrades could be less powerful than mythical with 242 ups. Here is my suggestion. Leave Mythical quality weapons as the base, the Transcendent weapons upgrade cap of 80 (taking example of a base hunteress weapon) could be moved to 100 (25% cap increase over Myth), and for Supreme weapons upgrade cap of 80 could be moved to 120. (50% ca
  7. On nightmare summit, I have had towers completely ignore djinn that have tried to desummon them. has the AI been tweeked a little, also on aquanos survival solo, i have had more than 3 djinn up at any one time, What happened to the limit of 3 at any one time?
  8. Their charge range is about 15ish if i recall, readjusted my builds to the dead spot. Though in my last line of testing, refusing to be beaten by them, i found that abusing the dead spot is the best way to deal with them, so much so that I had 0 wall movements in my last build with 4 DU to spare. I tried the single lone tower method, I found it to be touch and go depending on how geared your trapper is. One method was to just shadow a strength aura just to rim half of your gas trap. Another was to put gas traps half way around the corner with an electric aura in place to sap them, but aw
  9. While I still find Sharken unmanageable unless you take them out yourself, I am believing the solution is available with the Summoner addition. Currently Sharken , the only way to truly counter them is with brute force, providing the conditions, is A you need line of sight of the Sharken, but that means they are in line of sight of your towers. So pick your poison. I am feeling that the Summoner class would provide an elegant solution, since Sharken only charge defenses, these summoned mobs would distract the Sharken so they would never charge. It is a evil plot to make sure perfecti
  10. I don't think they have ever gotten the firing rates correct when it comes to towers. My MM tower has a fire rate of .04, and it fires at 10 to 11 times per second. not the 25 times as predicted by fire rate. As rule of thumb always assume the fire rate is double of what it states. There is an old post mentioning that it has something to do with the animations, but I have not seen an official response to this observation.
  11. On one of my occasions I come back to my AFK shop just in time to listen to someone ask something. 'Could you please spare some mana for that pristine helm?' Puzzled. I look at the character, hmm a level 81 squire, then I responded. 'Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of me putting it up for sale in the first place if I gave you the mana for it?" the response i got made me die a little at first then I couldn't stop laughing "Yeah, but I have no mana and I forgot how to make it" ....... What experiences have others had with AFK shops?
  12. On another note, Sharken are worth 7 xp on nightmare. I can see Sharken going to therapy sessions about their self worth. "I am worth only 7 points!, I am the biggest baddest thing out there, I wreak havoc on carefully placed walls and defenses.... and that equates to 7 points?!!!!!? I have to talk to my agent for a better gig"
  13. One simple acronym sums it all up. RNG. Currently as they are, my survival runs have been a hit and miss affair. If i get 'lucky' I complete it without a scratch, if i get screwed over RNG, I lose rather quick and painlessly. My tactic for the most part to handle Sharken essentially requires something that strips them of an immunity if they have it, a gas trap and either a proxy or a clear view of a turret. Now here comes the RNG. If one gas trap fails to fire or the Sharken isn't stunned by it = game over. If one darkness trap or strength aura fails to connect = game over. A loss of
  14. I agree with you but i feel that its the same with most characters if you choose to play dps. The impact a player has on an outcome when it comes to dealing damage is almost nothing in nightmare. I feel for especially in the case of the Huntress/Hunter they are outclassed by the series EV, not only do they have an extra stat slot ie another weapon or another 400 hero attack, they have a hallway cleaner of a move in their beam, which you need for ogres. Piercing shot is alright, but it is based also off your weapon's damage, which is severely gimped using a retribution since its 45 per upgra
  15. I did some milling over the idea and brainstormed a little. Why doesn't Trendy make their own shop that is persistent and online. Players log in, hand their items over to the Tavern Keeper, post a price and have that mana stored on that server until the player can pick it up. This would help combat the obvious lack of a online avenue for gear upgrades, and two it allows another source of control for hacked item, each item can be screened and allowed though if legit. Also it would give you a clear record of players that have tried to post hacked items. I can understand that this sor
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