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  1. It's an essential feature, since I trust my RAID array more than TrendyNet, however it should be "Synchronize Characters to Open" rather than simple overwriting the entire config.
  2. Server list should be player name(not character name) followed by a comment you can change in tavern at any time. Simple to implement, and would make browsing a lot better.
  3. Your GPU is hot, but the max temp is 90 and DD will never push it as high as furmark, since no crash occurred with burn-in... can't blame the graphics card.
  4. I've seen 4850's artifact when they overheat or when the memory goes bad. Furmark is a good stress test for graphics cards, if it doesn't have problems with that you don't have a hardware problem, which would leave software, if the graphics driver is up to date it should work just fine... does the game freeze on and off sometimes without crashing?
  5. I agree with the first two, third, dunno.
  6. While I'm inclined to say it is a multiplayer-only game, all multiplayer coop games allow solo play because they have AIs to help.
  7. Do you see a BSOD or does the computer simply lock up? Drivers up to date? Temperatures? My computers don't have any stability problems and the game has still crashed me a few times, my solution, don't run any other 3D or GPGPU(this includes hardware decide) applications while playing, seemed to solve the problem for me.
  8. What were you doing with the item before losing it? I believe [email]lostheroes@trendyent.com[/email] also does lost item data, however generally they don't recover individual items, only when the whole player's data is lost so they can image up the backup. I've lost 2 things - luckily not of much value - from the same thing.
  9. I'm more interested in improving the existing game than adding existing content, unless a traditional strategy inducing survival map were added. The game still has problems on the dozen computers I've tried to play it on.
  10. That's a GPU found in old $250 laptops, would never get good performance, have you tried lowering graphics settings in launcher and in game? They reset after patches for me sometimes. 3100 has no shader power so postprocessing has to be off, and memory bandwidth is tiny so you can only have about 128mb of stuff in scene. In your laptop's BIOS I'd try the strange thing of turning down the video memory if it's set high so the game doesn't give it as much work to do.
  11. I'd like the competition and convince brought in by an auction house, however before that could be brought in the devs have to put in item authorization otherwise it'll be flooded with hacked items, the apparent and not so apparent. Also, good idea.
  12. 4. Hacker\Modder checks, seeing people with weapons half the size of the screen and doing billions of dps needs to be addressed for consoles. 4\5 matches with random people include a hacker or a modder from my personal experienceI don't see this coming to console any time soon since the devs have yet to address it on PC, when\if they eventually do I'm sure it'll be ported to other platforms. I only play private to avoid cheaters... can't host private myself though because the game freezes. Auto-Fire is nice for spamming away your troubles, surprised you don't have it.
  13. To be clear, my posts about solo play are not because I prefer to play that way or think it should be played that way but because unless you can absolutely guarantee the person(s) you're playing with is not hacking or using bought gear or hasn't already played past the point you are currently testing, you can't reliably test whether progression is or is not broken. Nightmare is a testbed. That's all it is right now. Players need to understand that and treat it accordingly.I haven't seen that made clear anywhere in-game, really should be if it is.
  14. Demonstrating someone is hacking items wouldn't be a bannable offence, just don't use them. Are you on open or trendynet?
  15. I don't think you understand the concept of centrally issued tokens. The client does not generate the item, it simply requests a seed for the item's generation, the client then generates the item from the seed and returns a hash to ensure the item was properly generated. There's no way to cheat around this, if you create an item that does not match the items base hash code the item is deleted. This restricts items to be only within the realm of possibility, although this method would only work for TrendyNet, Open which has locally stored requires a more complex method. As an inexperie
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