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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/id/SuperFX/ thanks!
  2. @ CTMM Trying to help. I see only one screenshot. You need both maps and your Steam ID.
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/id/SuperFX/ I can almost make it to the ship! oh the memories! Wyverns go up the back of the pillar until they can clip through the wall. sneak attack??? is this good?
  4. if you still have the Get then you should restart Steam, usually fixes, if not them idk...
  5. page is up! no link to dl just yet though
  6. yeah, and if they pile up too much from gas Ogres will turn around and head to other crystals I've noticed
  7. more in detail, make sure you are not on the hero you are moving (blacked out/active) it can't be the same spot on each page, meaning if it is in the first spot on page two you can't move it to the first spot on page one select the one you want to move, the border should stay gold when you move the cursor away from it, HOLD the ALT key, click to the desired page you want to move to, click on the hero to swap with, you will not be able to swap with the hero if it is blacked out(active hero) or has the constant gold border (same spot you have selected on previous page)
  8. :demon: click hero, hold alt, click hero to swap with, doesn't work if the hero is active or in the same spot on the other page How do i move like a Hero from page 2 of the forge to page one?
  9. IIRC loot adds about a 1.5x to the roll and rewards are no different, not sure but some maps seem to take longer with MM :confused: By the default values, it starts at adding roughly 10% to the value of the wave number, but it's worth proportionally less when you start adding in factors like NM and HC. That line of code is essentially (wave number / scaler) * (Base Multiplier + MM Multiplier + NM Multiplier + HC Multiplier), so the more modes you have on, the less bonus each gives proportionally (a little diminishing returns). At best it's about 10%. At worst (with default values), it can be worth as little as 5%. I think I calculated it as 2% for NM HC MM Palantir a long while back, using the values from DDDK's data for that map. Whether MM is worth using is down to if you can consistently beat it, really. Sure, 2-5% isn't a very large bonus, but if you're beating the stage easily with MM on, you may as well take it. Ed: I'm not really giving an explanation of what the %'s are meaning here... simply put, MM is worth 2-10% of the final multiplier used by the RNG to determine stat rolls (all stats except resistances and SPS/projectiles). So if your multiplier/final stat roll is 20 without it, it's 20.4~22.0 with MM on. Matters more for weapons and accessories than armor in the endgame, because armor multipliers cap low enough that pretty much all DLC maps can reach the multiplier cap on NM HC.
  10. there is a shop or two that doesn't seem to be affected, everything else just shuts down, the games are kicking people it seems, it will kill you and then disconnect and say you have been forcefully removed, I see others go in waves, and it isn't the host kicking them
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