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  1. I literally just explained how you could handle that, also if you're fast enough (which is easy enough) there won't ever be more than 3 knights on the map at the same time and even with 3 you have plenty of time to deal with them. And I think it's rather obvious that special weapons are special drops for completing special maps, nobody is forced to play this map and the 750ipwr chest will only give around 30 stat points more than a 700ipwr one, so that won't make a huge difference either. I read your thread before I played. That is why I gave it a try. I had all the speed boosts on. And w
  2. Well it is totally unbalanced and at times impossible. How are you supposed to get four Knights in one go and even with two of the same colour it only lets you get one at a time. You have to run back and reset the colour, by which time another Knight has spawned. Come on four Knights and there is nothing you can do to slow them down. I had two green, a red and a purple. You don't get to enjoy the map. I'd rather spend my time on a heavy NM IV endgame on it. But oh, then I wont get the sword. What a shame!
  3. Well...you can't get shellium shards anymore provided they are not used for anything anymore. You just get vials from letting eggs rot these days. Thanks for responding! That explains why I wasn't getting them. To be honest I have forgotten what they were actually used for, anyway. That shows you how important pets are in this game. Remember in DD1 how a great pet could make the world of difference in a game. Aghhhh, such sweet memories.
  4. OK, guys, I ran a little experiment. Truthfully the parameters were not wide but I'm not a hardcore gamer. Comparison of pricing structure between OMDU and DD2. OMDU: After playing for three weeks only about an hour a day, if that, I have already earned enough in game currency to buy a premium hero. If I wanted to buy this hero with real dollars it would cost about $10-15. If I wanted a lesser hero I could have got one only after two weeks play. You don't need to buy any hero if you don't want to but you then have to choose from a random hero depending who is playing in your game. If
  5. I have noticed this on all her traps. The geyser traps did not increase, also.
  6. IS THE SHELLIUM SHARD - EGGS NOT ROTTING INTO PROBLEM EVER GOING TO BE FIXED? I decided to let my eggs rot instead of hatching them into more crappy pets and selling. But I have lost about 30 eggs over the last week. I was expecting to them to turn into Shellium Shards but nothing.
  7. Anyone explain how these actually work, please? Many thanks!
  8. I thought this problem was going to be fixed by now but it seems to be getting worse. You enter the map of your choice. Doesn't matter which or what level. You wait for the mana and spawn points to load but nothing happens. You could wait forever. Please has anyone lodged a log to TrendyEnt about this already?
  9. This exactly why I stopped in my tracks before committing. It is very unclear what to do and I didn't want to lost anything unwittingly. It is though the DEVS expect us to learn from our mistakes. It is a shame the DEVS don't learn from theirs'.
  10. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the Huntress, especially on piercing shot, the aim is off. Well not so much her aim but the shot misses the target.. The cross hairs are always on my target but the shot isn't. If it is from a fair distance the shot usually goes way under, usually in to the ground and does no damage. Also the concussive and stickynades sometimes go way over the top or way under. I can understand the concussive and stickies as there are multiple items being thrown, but the piercing shot is very important and that is missing way too many times.
  11. So, it's either or? It made stop all together when i saw that. Thanks for clearing that up..
  12. These new rewards that allow you to fuse items rapidly. I have some from general daily missions and also those from this months mission rewards. Can someone please explain how they work? What is the difference between the level of these items - stat wise (small and large)? Also, do they actually still cost you gold and defender medals when used? WTF! what is this crap where we now lose defender medals for fusing items plus the gold. What a rip off. Where we told that was going to happen before it was implemented?
  13. Has there been an official thread from any of the DEVS as to what we are supposed to do with our hundreds of Wyvern Tokens? That's assuming there is anything at all we can do with them. Thanks!
  14. And of course you will let the customers know when it is all working?
  15. Perhaps you weren't old enough to play games then but lots of us actually paid hard cash (something your mummy and daddy take care of for you) back at the beginning, for this game. And it has been in development for two years and it will never come out of Alpha. It suits the DEVS and their stockholders to keep it in Alpha because they don't have to fix anything, whilst still pushing in game purchases. They might call this game 'free to play' but it's definitely not 'free to win'.
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