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  1. The AoE of fireball towers is great for clearing out the gas traps, they do a much better job of that than harpoons. They also hold aggro better when you have multiple ogres in one lane (since harpoons might only be hitting one of the ogres, leaving the other one free to start bashing the walls instead of derping around throwing boogerballs). I don't like to go pure mage towers though, harpoons pierce is great when there's an ogre in front of the walls and a shark decides to charge.
  2. The new loot class doesn't really excite me much personally. As it is I barely see supreme armour and I do an Aqua clear once a day (wave 18 to 30 with 2 summoners). I've only seen 3 pieces of supreme armour drop, and they've all happened to be complete trash (one wouldn't even sell in my shop for 100m, i had to vendor it lol).
  3. All walls have something called "Bump Aggro" - merely being in contact with them raises their aggro levels at a fixed rate. They also gain an initial amount of aggro the first time a monster sees them. Finally, there's one other factor - if a monster can't path to its target for long enough, it drops that target from its aggro list, and targets the next best option (typically another tower that's attacking it whih it can't reach...). All the while, the wall's been building aggro constantly, so after enough cycles of this, the wall has enough aggro to steal the ogre. Means the whole "ogres derping at walls" is a stat-check - can you kill the ogre before it cycles through aggro enough times to attack the wall? Thanks for the info, that clears up the few loose ends I had about aggro!
  4. Here's some Aggro info for those who care: -Ogres, and most other mobs, get aggro'd to whatever has dealt the most damage to them. Note that this is total damage dealt, not whatever deals the most damage per shot (though obviously whatever deals the most damage per shot will often also have dealt the most damage and thus draw aggro). I'd say minions usually generate lower amounts of aggro than towers and players because: -Towers have much longer range than Mages & Archers, so they start dealing damage far earlier and tend to rack up quite a bit of total damage dealt. Thus minions rarely pull aggro away from a tower. Regarding Melee minions, unless you're manually running them out to meet ogres they'll basically never pull aggro from a tower. -DPS Pets (on a DPS char, especially monk w/ Hero boost) deal the most DPS in the game [Note: DPS pet aggro 'goes' to the player it's attached to, so ogres will like to target you]. This of course means no minion will draw aggro away from a remotely decent DPS player. As for monster attack behaviour here's what I've deduced from their ingame behaviour: Monsters want to attack whatever they are aggro'd towards. In order for melee monsters like Ogres to attack, they need to move into melee range of their target. This is why they derp in front of the walls while something behind the wall (and out of swing range) is holding their aggro. They're trying to move into attack range of a tower, but can't because of the wall. Now for anyone wondering why sometimes a pile of 3 ogres at a wall might start beating the wall. Say you're using harpoons, they might only be hitting 2 of the 3 ogres (thus only holding aggro for those two ogres). The third ogre not being aggro'd by the tower will decide to start bashing the wall for what exact reason I don't know. It's likely they just pick the closest defence and decide to smash it but I can't confirm that for sure. So with that in mind, you shouldn't have to worry about melee minions or the walls getting smashed by ogres as long as the main source of aggro (usually a harpoon or a player) is out of Ogre swing range. Ogres will completely ignore anything they aren't aggro'd to. Now as far as putting Orc or Ogre Minions in front or behind the wall, both work fine depending what you want them to do. If I just want mine to dps Ogres I put them in front of the wall on Hold Defensive so they don't wander much, just sit there waiting for anything to get to the wall before they engage. If I want my minions being more aggressive I put them a bit behind the wall in Hold Offensive mode so they'll wander and attack. The main reason I put mine behind the walls in this mode is so that they don't wander out too far and try to clear a gas trap (which usually results in a few kobold explosions and a dead minion).
  5. what staff should i use for a DPS monk. im currently rocking a 235^ Nosferatu. Ranged Look for a loldrop staff from any of the Shards maps (for those unaware, loldrops refer to the map specific weapon drops on Shards maps. They tend to roll very high stats). The one I'm currently using is some Hydrospear from Aqua with 400+ to Hero DPS, Hero Boost, and Tower Boost. The staff itself doesn't do huge damage since it's only 5 projectiles and 240^, but the stat boosts actually up my DPS more than the 300^ Lemurian halberd I tested. It should be noted that I'm talking combined DPS of me and my Seahorse. A Lemurian or Nosferatu will do more weapon damage, but considering my pet does 12-15x as much DPS as I do I care more about boosting him.
  6. Possibly a DOOM reference to the BFG weapon, which stood for Big -effing- Gun.
  7. I have a few recommendations for ya: -I'd look into using auras for AA on the two southern crystals, much better than harpoons because they'll cover 360 degress. Place an Ensnare + Strength Drain + Lighting aura for each south crystal right where you have the AA harpoon. These auras will also hit enemies walking up the side staircases as well, killing all the trash long before they get near the walls. Also, I'd move your cluster of harpoons up onto the rim around the crystal (and if you try my Ogre as walls suggestion below, I'd put the Ogres right where your cluster of harpoons is currently). -Try losing the walls and just summoning an ogre for each wall location instead. This is mainly because towers have much better range than summons so IMHO it's better to have extra towers as opposed to more Archers/Mages. -I wouldn't use so many reflect walls. There's no need for them to be doubled up in front and behind your walls. I honestly wouldn't even bother with them because all your frontline is Strength drained so nothings doing that much damage anyway, so you can just add more towers instead.
  8. Good to hear! Got any summoner stuff in there too? I'd even consider losing the walls and throwing some ogres in each lane, then use the extra DU for whatever you want to kill things with faster.
  9. DPS [LIST=1] Barbarian+ Monk=Initiate Squire=Countess + Huntress=Ranger ^ Apprentice=Adept Series EV ? ^ % Summoner The Barbarian having two weapons does more damage than other can. The Summoner having No weapons is at the bottom unable to do any Damage without Pets or summons. The Monk is only higher on this list due to DDDK's damage listing. + Barbarian, Squire and Countess have Melee only Weapons and their DPS output is totally reliant on getting in close. ^Huntress Weapons have a reload, this will force a drop in DPS which is not accounted for. Many Situations rarely require Constant damage for a long period of times. % Series EV has two weapons of both Apprentice and Huntress weapons. It can also swap weapons on the fly which can Delay the need to reload a Huntress weapon but keep the firepower up. This is not taken in account as reloads are not counted. All Classes Need Practical testing. I have to respectfully disagree with your DPS rankings. That list might work as far as pure hero weapon damage is concerned, but taking skills, pets, and real nightmare gameplay into consideration really shake things up. Here's how I would rank chars in terms of DPS (totally subjective based on my gameplay experiences) #1 - Monk. The monks actual weapon damage isn't that great, but his total damage produced ingame is second to none. He gets the best scaling on pet damage (with identical gear my Seahorse hits for 260k unboosted on my monk, vs 220k on my Squire, vs 170k on my Bounty Hunter). Hero boost basically triples the DPS of the monk, his pet, and any nearby heroes and their pets as well. Tower boost triples the DPS of any nearby towers. The monk's real damage potential is so far beyond what any other DPS character can possibly bring to the table currently. #2 - Squire & Countess tie. Circular slash is far better than joust, but CtA edges out Rage because it also affects nearby heroes. Overall I think they're a tie. The Squire has better personal DPS, whereas the Countess boosts the team. I put them both well ahead of the Barbarian because they can boost themselves and more importantly their pets, which unfortunately are the real DPS dealers in this game and heroes are just meatsacks to attach a pet to... anyway, I digress. Even without the pets, I find my Squire with rage on + spamming circular slice does more DPS than my Barbarian. Yes the barb does more when rage isn't on so his sustained DPS might be higher, but IMHO that isn't important. I prefer the higher peak DPS to drop Ogres as quickly as possible. In between ogres I only need to clear trash anyway, which circular slices deal with more than adequately. #3 - Initiate. She falls below the monk because Remote tower boost doesn't stack with buff beams or guardians like the Monks tower boost does. I put her below Squire & Countess because they all have 1 hero boost ability, but her survivability and personal DPS are lower. #4 - Everything else except Summoner (Barb, Huntress/Ranger, EV/Bounty Hunter, Apprentice/Adept) All the other classes are fairly meh as far as DPS goes, a big part of this is not having a self boost and/or special skills that don't measure up. Barbarian is the best outta these but not by enough to care, since hero DPS sucks in nightmare he's just not as useful as he ought to be. Huntress and Ranger just seem to lack any real punch with their weapons. It takes me so much longer to kill non-trash mobs with them. Apprentice/Adept actually do decent DPS with a good staff (my Mage does 2.5x the damage of my huntress vs a tavern dummy). Only problem is you generally need to be point blank to get the benefits of the fan of projectiles, which isn't a place the mage is designed to stand. EV&Bounty Hunter have the same problem as the Huntress&Ranger, low overall DPS. At least with the Huntress/Ranger you have piercing shot to add some damage. My Proton beam (even max charged) actually drops my dps compared to spam clicking my staff's primary attack. #5 - Summoner Right now his pets do abysmal DPS (they're supposed to be patching that however), and he doesn't have any weapons to attack with so he's basically not a DPS character.
  10. ^What he said + Strength drain auras now remove elemental affinity. So dropping a Snare + Strength Drain + Lighting aura nukes all the trash mobs that enter it, and they do a great job as wyvern defense because of 360 coverage and all wyverns being slowed. No more poison immune wyverns ruining your fun!
  11. I mostly agree with Markusoro, a good supreme weapon with +400 hero boost for the old Seahorse is the best DPS weapon. My Seahorse does roughly 15m (Nightmare) dps with hero boost on, whereas I do maybe 750k-1m under the same conditions. I still spend all my ups on a DPS weapon on weapon damage though, because I need to be able to kill the odd poison immune ninja or whatever.
  12. I tweaked the build a little bit last night. Swapped the Spider/AA Harpoon in South for a Magic Missile, didn't have any problems. Ended up putting a wall on the weak north side because the odd golden+poison immune kobold would get too close to the crystal before the towers killed it (didn't take full hits, but the little scratches can add up eventually). In mid I dropped the fireball for a second harpoon, and shifted both harpoons over to the left. Any ogres that do get pulled from the middle spawn now won't have any chance of swatting the crystal since the harpoons act as a wall at the expense of needing more repairs. Tested it with a wave 24 start last night (which I usually find pretty tough solo, fails are common). Beat wave 30 without taking any crystal damage so this is a pretty viable solo farming build. It's pretty smooth as long as you stay on top of ogres, I can't stress enough how you need to be constantly checking the map and getting every ogre killed before the next one spawns. Using the harpoons as tanks works fine when you're assisting them since the ogre spends it's few seconds of life in front of the harpoons doing the butthurt animation. Don't expect to be able to leave an ogre alone and let the build handle it, because your harpoon will die and start the chain reaction of failure.
  13. It's a legit weapon. It's an Aquanos specific drop, which get a big bonus to stat rolls. It's not at all uncommon to find Myth's with multiple 400's, as well as some really spectacular Trans/Supreme ones with near 500's.
  14. No, only NMHC. I'm not sure on how the wyverns path in Mixed, but as long as they don't head from the Northwest spawn to the North crystal (where there's only 1 harpoon covering that lane) it should be decent enough as long as you don't get unlucky with multiple goldfish heading to the same crystal simultaneously.
  15. DPS Monk: 2k hp/ 2.5k dmg, 1.5k boosts Builders: Countess: 1.5k/ 3k/ 1.5k/ 1.5k Monk: 1.5k/ 2.5k/ 1.5k/ 0.5k Apprentice: 1k/ 2k/ 1k/ 1k Huntress: 1.5k/ 2k/ 1k/ 1k
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