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  1. IGN is winner. As stated from the beginning it was to end 60 hours from my original post, unless last bid was within 1 hour of that deadline. Since we are all spread out in many timezones, I find it easiest to state number of days (and/or hours) the auction will run (or end) rather than trying to calculate the time differences. I do appreciate the bids MrMacGoo and (of course) would rather have 8 cubes, but I can't change the terms.
  2. This is what I generally use. http://forums.dungeondefenders2.com/showthread.php?104164-GUIDE-Kings-Game-NMHC-Campaign-DU-Only-Build&highlight=kings Quick & Easy if you have high enough stats, which I'm sure you to. You do have to get the tiles during combat phase. Easiest way is to use a phase shifted summoner. Edit: I missed the 'survival' part of your request. Likely wouldn't hold up in later waves of survival.
  3. cube each on the 4 acc's edit: didnt' see the bids on the beard, so just ignore my bid on that one.
  4. Thanks! updated. less than 12 hrs left
  5. Bump...basically a capping ult with that awesome '+' tag !
  6. **Auction Over** Auctioning this Ult+ piece. This will end 60 hours from this post, but any bid in last hour will extend it another 24 hours. Min/Reserve is 5 cubes b/o: 15 cubes Coal/Cubes only please c/o: 6 cubes (IGN)
  7. 3 on the turkey mask
  8. I'll go ahead and b/o U18 and S3
  9. Finally made it back in this morning. Hope things are back to working as intended.
  10. 2 cubes on the ult 3 if that meets any reserve you may have
  11. .....when you drop some gear to get that aura stack closer to the crystal and you then see the timer go 3..2..1 CRAP !!! This happened just once, many moons ago, when I had the sound muted and got distracted. Lesson learned - only take off gear by moving it to your item box and stay focused or you may lose some special armor/weapon/pet.
  12. .......when a Djinn (apparently wearing a gas mask) desummons your 3 star buff beam in the middle of a gas trapped aura stack on the other side of the map, collapsing the build before you can get there to defend.
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