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  1. the broken aqueduct on forest crossroads drenches enemies who walk under it; though the feature is woefully underutilised
  2. not like having two dps characters and hyper shard dupes more than makes up for that already
  3. as a solo player i really hate the changes hinted at id also like to point out that dd1 did the more players=more loot thing and it just resulted in people solo 'playing' 4 games at once i sincerely doubt rewards are why people dont play multiplayer; the lobby system is a poor fit for a start, we need a dd1 style lobby listing all available games instead of having to search only for games in a specific map/game mode one at a time (and -maybe; because im not a multiplayer person- have a shared green mana pool across all players in a session so you dont have to wait on randoms to finally drop yo
  4. incredibly frustrating to have two options to return to lobby but none to replay map when doing dailies, especially egregious for the 3 forest/ruin quests because theres only a chain of 2
  5. i disagree with it working fine back in NM, the interaction with premium pets was, and still is, pathetic... the obvious solution to the biggest problem would be giving pet eggs set rarities perhaps im the minority, but im very happy that pet stats (and damage) are marginalised, makes choosing which one you use less of a statistical impact and more of an aesthetic one, it also makes the difference between hybrid characters and a dedicated combat/builder character less than if they had good lategame stats
  6. on 5, quick cast would be amazing (shouldve been in the game since abyss lord release), but not just on dryad, making it toggleable in settings would greatly help abyss lord and possibly future heroes
  7. chiming in to say that the janky hex thrower aiming is also true for normal javelin throwers, sometimes they be aiming at a wall and their aiming will be off potentially hitting a core behind them, seemed like this was exacerbated by dryad trees also whats up with this?
  8. i disagree with the easier assessment, its not hard but it definitely puts more pressure on players and build diversity than any other map i can think of the distinction between forest biome and the first halloween one is that halloween doesnt have w1 fliers, so your build doesnt have that incomplete feel that forest biome does, its inconsistent and personally i find it very obnoxious (its a great reminder to stop playing when it comes up though)
  9. getting this map in trials consistently makes me groan just because of how awkward building it is... why do we only get 1000 mana for a 1250 du map on wave 1? can it please be either upped to 1250 base or have flying lanes disabled for the first wave?
  10. i think c2 is hardest part of chaos progression (though i havent jumped to c7 yet, still farming c6), cyborks are so disruptive to traditional building strategies, having to rely on flamethrowers (or ramsters if you have AL) for aoe is very difficult as they are on their own very very weak towers; a problem thats only compounded by lack of key later chaos shards... really to have a chance of solo progression i felt like i had to farm c1 like crazy for enroaching flames, stunfire and destruction shards (especially destruction, getting even a single drop took a disgusting amount of time, i would
  11. c6, not sure if it goes up in c7 (i only started c6 a day or two ago, did a lot of progressing whilst watching the international) but the drop speed of eggs is horrendous, it seems like it averages out at one per map run and 66% of those (assuming no weighting) are useless for me i have every other pet i want (evilwick and shinobi kitten arent legendary as id ideally want, but i refuse to wrestle with the ***ty premium system any more), but i wasnt bothered about jaderagon when it was added to the eggs and now that i want it ive only hatched one in a month or two and its been elemental-less
  12. disappointed they didnt learn from dd1 with the gender swap skill differences
  13. really want an earth damage jaderagon, completing maps as normal is such a slow income of eggs (most of which arent the ones im looking for even before they get incubated)... with the removal of onslaught is there some other fast and easy way to farm pet eggs?
  14. can you tone down the visual noise? the art team has done a fantastic job making everything look beautiful, the auras and hero boost/provoke were bad enough at destroying that but now we have the obnoxious constant provoke effect on flamethrower sword/halberd staff along with a constant green tinge on the latter
  15. new hero != expansion quality those CD expansions you reference were so much more, take for example age of mythologys titan expansion (i forget the actual name) adding a new pantheon (terminology? its been so long) of gods (iirc there were three? ouranas, gaia and...? something else? chronos?) along with a full fledged single player campaign and new units, structures etc all added to the campaign creator also you have to consider that the game is in alpha (expansion as a comparison doesnt quite fit when the game isnt even fully released yet) and other aspects of the game (costumes, bags, p
  16. what happened to the dark elves? dark elf mages, archers and warriors made up a substantial part of the dd1 enemy roster... are DD2 floaty book mages dark elves? if not then it seems like it could make an interesting story looking at betsys offspring; wyverns arent necessarily destined to fight with the old ones? so what are betsy's motives for fighting with the green horde? or is itsy betsy just one of those non-canon fun things that really has no weight in a story? lightning round is horrible
  17. this months is pretty nice imo, just sucks that it came so long after the carnival that anyone who wanted all the skins will already have bought all their carnival passes (wouldve been perfect if it came along with the start of the carnival) last months was easily missable, and i did; because aside from wyvern tokens (which are only incentive so long as i have interesting lockboxes to open) i had little reason too the obvious things id like to see - unique pets (but without the unique ability) - unique accessories (maybe just reskins, or maybe current items with particle effects) - un
  18. I thought you had to get it in the mail? If it just magically spawned in my inventory, then by the time I will be able to play next, it will be shellium shards. Hopefully completing the monthly will give me a new one. monthly eggs are unrottable
  19. Great list, but Stickynades is physical. Monk's Pole Smash (Ability 1) deals physical damage. There are also some things missing too. A more accurate list would be the following: Monk Chi blastMonk secondary attackHuntress Oil FlaskHuntress Piercing ShotApprentice primary attackApprentice secondary attackApprentice TornadoApprentice Arcane VolleyApprentice Mana bombSquire Seismic SlamAlso note that the following used to deal magic damage, but now they deal physical damage: Huntress secondary attackSquire Sword Beamseismic slam deals physical damage now, making squire locked into physical dama
  20. passive unique to a specific legendary weapon (i think its called the impaling cutter or something?), makes each harpoon hit cause an explosion around the hit enemy dealing x% of defense health as damage i dont have a geared out harpoon squire at the moment, but its a much harder tower to utilise effectively than cannons due to its high DU cost and the way some maps are designed (some, like lifeoort, are fantastic for harpoons though)
  21. i dont give much of a crap about gear trading, does sort of invalidate progression but i dont play with friends so i dont get those annoying 'hey this piece of loot is perfect for you' moments i would like to see pet trading though
  22. afaik the dummies dont give accurate dps numbers because they start the dps timer (2 seconds?) when hit so they can easily drop partial seconds between attacks giving higher dps readings (most notable with slow towers, like harpoons/LSAs)
  23. might not be the cause, but the graphic states freeplay normal and freeplay hard onslaught/incursion, so id guess endgame onslaught/endgame incursions wouldnt count
  24. as gigazelle linked, abilities are most important (dependant on pet family -gato/creeper/dragon- and element) imo ranged dps - gato fireworks (any cat) for most damage or lil betsy projectile (itsy betsy, less damage but near 100% curse uptime)) tank squire - curse aura , gives almost 100% curse uptime on all enemies around you, reducing their damage and a short duration speed buff when first activated (maybe elemental shields would be good depending on how they work) builders - doesnt matter much, any utility is good because pet ability damage scales off hero damage... if you dont plan on usi
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