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  1. Hi! Can someone link me a build for Talay Mining Complex Nightmare Survival? Mix or non-mix doesn't matter. I want a solo build (can have 1 afk if needed) that can get me to rockpet-wave. I have all chars with most stats over 2k Thanks! :)
  2. I agree that a better system for EV towers would be nice. when moving beams it is a gamble which node will be placed at the cursor. It would be nice if the previews displayed properly. Hmm I can't move buffbeams at all?!
  3. I need some explanation to how its supposed to be? I can move towers and traps but not auras and buffbeams? :S Half the nice thing about Jester would be to be able to modify your setup between waves when you notice something isnt good enough? But by not being able to move buffbeams and auras thats kind of impossible still and you have to sell a 3-star buffbeam to move it >.< Another thing that annoys me a bit by Jester is that I can only choose stuff to move close to where my char is standing? Since its more or less a copy of summoners overlord-ability, why can't Jester move stu
  4. Why don't that new map also drop Stone Thrower pet? I thought that was supposed to be the "new" giraffe?
  5. Would love to give a copy of the best game ever, to my son who is 11 years old. :)
  6. 1 wave to go on new map, and disconnected from steam...typical :S
  7. First the Buyback-function I took up in another post. Would be really nice for those times when you sell something by mistake. Should be really easy to implement? Secondly, the ability to "hide" all defenses on map during buildphase. To be able to assign that to a button, show/hide. Would make it alot easier to see loot laying around minions etc. Don't know, but I think this is quite easy to implement also? Would also be nice if defenses also got hidden on the map with this function. ^^ And third a request I made a long time ago. The ability to sort shop/itembox so that ultimate, supreme
  8. There are two possible scenarios. People get demoralized by low droprates and quit, or people obtain all the best gear within 2 weeks of getting into Nightmare and quit because there's nothing left to play for. Either way, people quit playing at some point. Well, I'm not exactly saying they should drop too easy? But since there is also Ultimate now, supreme should be a little more common! And CitC wave 25-30 is pretty hard work and should maybe give something that feels rewarding? The % to get supreme should at least be raised, and also trans maybe?
  9. Just did City in the Cliffs Survival Nightmare Hardcore wave 18-30 with summoner active. I got a few trans armors but not ONE SINGLE supreme or ultimate?! With the droprates as is, people get annoyed and quit, I hope you understand that? It doesn't feel rewarding to spend around 3-4 hrs and not get a single item that you can use yourself! :(
  10. I got Vjoy working and the Xinput picks up the remote for the keys i bound, But when i press start at selection screen [num8] nothing happens im sure its a config problem do i have to use the : Options] UseInitBeep=1 Log=0 BackgroundMode=1 PadCount=1 [PAD1] A=num1 B=num2 X=num4 Y=num5 Left Shoulder=num7 Right Shoulder=num8 D-Pad Up=up D-Pad Down=down D-Pad Left=left D-Pad Right=right Start=num0 For it to work ? and what ini do i add this to ? Thanks :) As far as I know, Activate Crystal don't work with this solution yet? Guessing that's what you m
  11. +1, would be really nice to choose between 8 or 12 heroes in same side!
  12. I agree with this fully! The current dropsystem isnt fun anymore. Yesterday I did Sky City wave 16-26 NMHCMM Survival, and I didn't get ONE SINGLE supreme or ultimate. Also none trans armor, only trans weapons. So I made that survival run totally in vain, didn't find a single item I needed for myself. :( There should really be a minimum on every item that fit with the current difficulty level, wave number etc?? I mean, wave 25 NMHCMMSV and you can still get mostly godly and similar "****" sometimes?! This problem will cause people to quit the game sooner or later if it's not fixed
  13. +1, agree with this fully! Also stuff with highest value should stick on map until end of wave. Doesn't seem like its doing that now since stuff thats "green" disappear during waves...
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