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  1. i wasnt a fan of it till i got some rift gear now i see no reason to never not run rift mode yea ur towers lose stats like alot of stats but the damage goes sky high my ele auras for exsample from 7k power and hiting around 13k maxed ona maxed buff beam even on normal mobs with 3k ish power hit for over dubble the damage im still anoyed at how the drops are done aka everything that drops from mobs is basicly gold and useless anything u want comes from a chest on wave 15 or 25. my only other gripe is well kinda pointless as sirens are 100% ignoreable once u have fusion gear but would still be nice as there a rifted enermy if rifted towers could kill them u can nerf the loot they drop through the floor if needed as the loot is pointless now
  2. ive given rift another go mainly due and not had to much issues ive gone solo this morning after playingall night and still finding it super esay once i got fusion dsts and ele auras ( had to dive into nm for odd bits then go after the mass replacemets ) but the only other fusion things i can see being usefull is maybe the buff beams if ur buffing walls alot and possibly getting inferno traps fused for even more damage. ensnare ill get fusion on my boost munk and posion traps will be on dps huntress that i very very rarly use so there not priority for me really. fusion walls dont really seam logical for me with the way they have made the gear drops yes they will take less damage from rifted mobs but with the way the gears found my walls will lose so much hp i dunno if thats worth the change
  3. have to agree i was exsited for something new but after a cupple of hours playing i find myself strugling to want to carry on griding through to get the new gear managed 4 peaces from 2 maps to 15 ( died stupidly mid wave on way to 25 and was gg from there solo) all 4 peaces ive found so far are worthless as missing a stat for what id be using them on ( no power on munk/fireball app pieces and again no power on my dst app drops). targeted grinding can be fun i did it for years on lotro but they did it the better way with it having several locations u could get bits from this could be done here open up all the drops that can drop on act1 to be able to drop on all act1 maps etc also alowing them to drop from mobs and not just the chests would be a huge improvement ( they may drop from mobs but yet to see that just seam to get 2 peaces from loot chest 4-5 accessorys and the pet). for now i guess im going bk to playing random games untill something worth playing comes to dda
  4. yea im not playing till tommorrow but some peaces being act1 or 2 quality isnt a great feeling will hold full feelings till ive given it ago towers being able to hit every single mob in game again is a possitive and means fully afk mode should become a thing again like in dd1 ( yes u could afk end game maps after farming like a crazy guy).
  5. to me its to little to late ive seen the rift anouncement and holds little to no intrest to me i like to work hard to get the stats to afk the content for even better stats this whole stratergy that lots like to do is kinda out the window. if the siren is the first rift enermy we have seen does that now mean we can get ogers choppers dinjins that are rift enermys now that cant be damaged by towers and throw more balance out the window? ill hold judgement on that till its out but everything should be damageable by towers after all it is a tower defence game... leveling has always been a tricky one to get right in dd games dd1 was slow as anything unless u had controlers etc to speed things up ( mainly solo played dd1 with 3k+ hours in it) . DDE the leveling didnt really effect the game as much as it was more about item power to unlock content ( if i remeber right). dd2 was fast lvling u just sailed through to level cap before ud even new it by doing the campagne. DDA the lvling is still proberly abit to fast could be slowed down a fair bit with how long it takes to find upgradeable gear after act1 of massacure survival. Im not asking for there to be upgrades after ever map u run but a way to improve after every map to make it feel like ur getting somewhere would be nice in its current state running act3 maps feels more like banging ur head on a brick wall hoping to knock one brick out which might be an upgrade. DD1 be it unbalanced a fair bit had a good progression through the content going from map to map and finding upgrades as u moved through them. i came back to dd1 a month before open beta started with 3k stats and worked my way up to 8k stats without buying anything in shops just soloing my way through survivals working through the content with 3 xbox controlers to hel get the loot going ( dd1 had limits on how meny of a certain type could drop per char on the map so with one u could only have 2 ultimate++ drops on the map at any time if another droped one would vanish adding the controllers in enabled more drops to happen and stay on the ground.
  6. id proberly still be playing maybe if loot was changed in the final act i just have no will to grind endlessly for a chance of finding something better than i got from alch labs thats what stoped me grinding more once u got alch labs gear u can clear everything but finding better gear ull be grinding for weeks to find a cupple of peaces if ur lucky
  7. think theres a fair few in the same boat as me got all the gear needed from act1 ( minus a few peaces that are refusing to drop with the stats im after) but are fed up of playing for hours upon hours upon hours in act 3 for maybe one peace of gear to drop at over 400 upgrades. the funs gone theres nothing rewarding in the maps after act1 yea ive got some ok geraffis with 900+ base stats but gear wise ive had 3 drops in silly amount of hours that id consider upgrades. theres no fun in playing for hours and getting no reward for doing so, for now im going through steam libary and playing some classic games ive not played in ages playing new games thats just come out or had dlc ive not played yet ( tony hawks 1-2 nostalga as i played the origanals when they came out ) borderlands 3 dlc i havent touched etc
  8. im enjoying part of the grind the rewards though are not there yet for me gear is fairly hard to find upgrades once u get outa the first few maps understandable but an sometimes go 12 runs without seeing something worth while ( none of my chars are anywhere near fully end game geared my munk being the closest at 2 400 up peaces and a nice 7.5k power ). boss loot theres a whole new issue there with the quality the range is waaay to big exsample below of a wave 25 pet reward from a boss that shouldnt even be a thing id be anoyed getting it at wave 15 let alone wave 25 of mass survival
  9. block and a mass survival robot pet from alch labs wave 25 the dragon is really bad compared to this
  10. squire is still viable as dps his towers are also ive used them effectivly in all act1 maps and royal gardens now in massacure they maybe pysical but they shred things due to pierce only issue being pyisical siren all the others u can ignore unless u want there loot
  11. does seam to of decreased was told nothings changed but seeing a distinct lack of godlys now compaired to before patch still getting odd ones on alchem labs ( 1-3 a wave after 20) but nothing like it was before (5-8 a wave for the same waves) early drops gone from regualrly seeing them from wave 11 onwards to half the loot being mythic still till after wave 15 small update havent even found an upgrade since patch which in itself is off putting as odd bit of gear are below 300 upgrade peaces still
  12. keep moving jump and dodge ull heal up fine in it now but that could be just my munk stats 5.5k power 3.6k rate
  13. far from alone in hating them a mob that cant be damaged by towers ina tower defence game just isnt right
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