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  1. think theres a fair few in the same boat as me got all the gear needed from act1 ( minus a few peaces that are refusing to drop with the stats im after) but are fed up of playing for hours upon hours upon hours in act 3 for maybe one peace of gear to drop at over 400 upgrades. the funs gone theres nothing rewarding in the maps after act1 yea ive got some ok geraffis with 900+ base stats but gear wise ive had 3 drops in silly amount of hours that id consider upgrades. theres no fun in playing for hours and getting no reward for doing so, for now im going through steam libary and playing some classic games ive not played in ages playing new games thats just come out or had dlc ive not played yet ( tony hawks 1-2 nostalga as i played the origanals when they came out ) borderlands 3 dlc i havent touched etc
  2. im enjoying part of the grind the rewards though are not there yet for me gear is fairly hard to find upgrades once u get outa the first few maps understandable but an sometimes go 12 runs without seeing something worth while ( none of my chars are anywhere near fully end game geared my munk being the closest at 2 400 up peaces and a nice 7.5k power ). boss loot theres a whole new issue there with the quality the range is waaay to big exsample below of a wave 25 pet reward from a boss that shouldnt even be a thing id be anoyed getting it at wave 15 let alone wave 25 of mass survival
  3. block and a mass survival robot pet from alch labs wave 25 the dragon is really bad compared to this
  4. squire is still viable as dps his towers are also ive used them effectivly in all act1 maps and royal gardens now in massacure they maybe pysical but they shred things due to pierce only issue being pyisical siren all the others u can ignore unless u want there loot
  5. does seam to of decreased was told nothings changed but seeing a distinct lack of godlys now compaired to before patch still getting odd ones on alchem labs ( 1-3 a wave after 20) but nothing like it was before (5-8 a wave for the same waves) early drops gone from regualrly seeing them from wave 11 onwards to half the loot being mythic still till after wave 15 small update havent even found an upgrade since patch which in itself is off putting as odd bit of gear are below 300 upgrade peaces still
  6. keep moving jump and dodge ull heal up fine in it now but that could be just my munk stats 5.5k power 3.6k rate
  7. far from alone in hating them a mob that cant be damaged by towers ina tower defence game just isnt right
  8. my biggest dislike for sirens is the rng of them and the ability they have to make u lose games one pysical resist theres ur towers locked up tickling mobs one poision theres half ur cc doing nothing lightning and fire i have no issues with literaly the only thing stoping me from beating maps is the sirens all my builders are 5.5k atleast in mainstat and a cupple are at 3k in secondary stats so i have the stats just rng sirens really have to bite my tounge when i talk about them as the amount of swear words that come out when they ruin me is nuts RNG should never cost u a game thats just not cool
  9. tripple threat got replaced by a different wepon the demon horn its a single target wepon that does 3x the damage so theres still a good huntress wepon every thing else i 100% agree on i did finaly find a few upgrades tonight in alch labs at wave 20+ but then my crystal got blown up by skellys and lost ( thought they fixed them hitting the crystal)
  10. 100% agree i play solo mainly i grinded hard in gliterhelm challenge with people once i had unlocked it solo so im sat on decent end game campaign gear with 280 upgrades i cant get far enough anywhere solo to get anything remotly near the stats i currently have it feel like the games balanced around group play and buffing everything u can rather than solo play. with ur group play with family the things missing is also effecting u lets take nm as an exsample u do the campaign gear up in campaign go into survival by wave 13-18 u see gear miles better than what ur using so you can upgrade ur gear then again at wave 20-25 theres another tier of upgrades u can farm that are way better than what ur using again. then u move onto another survival map and rince repeat till ur into the final maps where loot should be harder to find as thats the end game loot. This whole progression is missing from massacure there nothing between what we got in campaign to give us 4k main stats some times 5k and what is the new endgame gear making it about as much fun to play as banging ur head against a brick wall. id prefer tosee the game balanced around solo play then a difficulty multiplyer per exstra person added to the game (as u get better loot with more people due to more mobs) it shouldnt be esayer to play ina group it should be as hard as it is solo with a group and require u to work together to get it done
  11. as a mainly solo player i new this update wasn't going to be an easy one to ajust to but im sorta happy with it minus a few bits accent mines is now insanly hard the copters will ruin u if u dont dps them down ( very rarly play dps as i prefer to play this as a tower defence game where ill sit on my towers and buff whilst watching streamers and interacting with them) on the other side of the coin alchemical labs i was able to play exactly how i like to sit on my towers buffing whilst interacting with streamers till wave 20 when a poison immune siren ruined me loot and this is the BIG one for me we are running campaign quality loot finding upgrades yes it was to easy before patch but after patch its gone way off the other end of the scale getting to wave 20 should provide me with a handful of upgrades to help me get further and improve instead of finding nothing worth using on any of my 13 chars ( all but 3ev's are prity much fully geared in gliterhelm mass campagne gear). not being able to find upgrades is off putting and instead of making me want to grind more to find them it makes me want to play less because whats the point wasting a cupple of hours for nothing worth while even the cat was 55% worse than the one im using with 40 less upgrades. balance wise sirens probably need a slight tone down in numbers had 6 on my walls at the same time as 6 ogers on alchem labs impossible to deal with even if i was playing dps copters again the number of them on mines is insane maybe not reduce them but spread them out wave 14 has 6 of them 5 spawn in the first 10 seconds would be alot essayer to handle with them coming out more spread out. the new improved boss weapons are great and are actually worth farming now so that is a great plus ( demon lord needs fixing which should happen tomorrow as i write this) pets as a whole seam weaker so far from what ive seen than any of my nightmare pets such as my 139% cat or 480 stats geraffi's
  12. serise ev is not DLC its a free update everyone gets with massacure survival DLC 1 that we are getting for free is still to come down the line. I am all fort he ev im not somene who activly plays if i can help it id rather play it as a pure tower defence game even massacure campagne i got to semi afk kill copters sirens traps and auras delt with everything else fine the only real challenge of massacure campaigne being summit
  13. they anounced during there dev stream on twitch last night coming soon there will be a road map of everything coming in the next 6 months something worth watching once a week when they do there dev stream they have a 24 hour on coming next week with fun and community games so that is defo worth taking part in they are fairly open with us but there is still room for improvements. I am one of the 1.4% of the community that has completed massacure campaign ( acording to steam achievements) dunno how acurate that is but id say fairly and waiting for something new to sink my time into only real challenge with massacure is summit ( maybe throne room with the ogers spawning ontop of the crystal if ur not using squire cheese mode). i am at the stage where every peace of gear is eather 250 ups or better pets are about as good as they can get can take a few hours of playing to find one upgrade at this point so the fun factor starts to drop off fast. how ever with other games i play on steam having nice updates dropping whilst i await for survival i dont mind the wait as it gives me time to go play and grind out the other games back to top tier again.
  14. unsure if there is any ayum did it live on twitch a few days after massacure dropped
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