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  1. think i can speak for a vast part of the community and say a lot are taking a break from the game till episode 2 drops i was finished with episode 1 after a week or 2 of grinding haven't got the best stats but grinding 20+ hours before i found a single upgrade was enough for me to say im done for now im all for drops not being easy to find perfect ones but never even saw a 105 drop apart from ones posted on discord and was laying 8+ hours a day grinding for the 2 weeks i gave episode 1. my best giraffe as an example came from someone asking for help clearing summit wave 25 jumped into there
  2. any map can drop 105 gear as long as ur doing lycen king bonus wave ive got loads of normal 105 bits from alsorts of maps yet to get a fusion peace of 105 closest ive got are some 440 up boots with all 4 stats over 1k
  3. its a tooltip error the top 2 should be dealing way more than the bottom one dps wise
  4. the top2 are buffed hence the 50% rift armour the 3rd one is to far away from the buff beam gota build fairly close to the buff beam or have it touching to get the buff.
  5. have to 100% agree stuff like the huntress traps and squire still needing a big old buff ( u cant reach the trap reset time on any trap even if u stack d rate and stick it ona buff beam) the squire buff thats needed im going to say isnt ever going to happen the way we would like it to as well blossoms are the reason for it im 99% sure there cheeper than harpoons they do exsactly the same job as harpoons and they are faster than harpoons to make harpoons a viable choice they will need to hit about twice as hard as the blossoms ( 100% up time on wardens ability is farly esay to obtain
  6. was proberly some archers on the map wisps will target everything but the tiny goblins before targeting an oger then when u get to the boss they will target boss over everything so u gota watch carefully during boss phase when to attack him or ull lose due to mobs killing core with wisps tied up on boss
  7. builds still work u just gota change them slightly to make them work some maps ae esayer now with the nerf take summit for exsample my wisps no longer target the dragon so i now have 100% wins on summit no random cores blowing up warden for dps is a pet dps guy keep curruption up 100% of the time and watch pets like the monkey do huge hits. the one part of the nerfs that was the worst was the changes to the lycen king itself made it so you now have to use rouge or squire to beat him which to me isnt fun and isnt balanced to be balanced any hero should be able to do any content some wo
  8. traps are well i would say bugged cuz even with 13k rate and a buff beam u cant cap the attack rate out in massacure while any other tower u hit cap really esay...
  9. siren imunity cant be striped which is why rifted mode is superior once u get into it
  10. i wasnt a fan of it till i got some rift gear now i see no reason to never not run rift mode yea ur towers lose stats like alot of stats but the damage goes sky high my ele auras for exsample from 7k power and hiting around 13k maxed ona maxed buff beam even on normal mobs with 3k ish power hit for over dubble the damage im still anoyed at how the drops are done aka everything that drops from mobs is basicly gold and useless anything u want comes from a chest on wave 15 or 25. my only other gripe is well kinda pointless as sirens are 100% ignoreable once u have fusion gear but would sti
  11. ive given rift another go mainly due and not had to much issues ive gone solo this morning after playingall night and still finding it super esay once i got fusion dsts and ele auras ( had to dive into nm for odd bits then go after the mass replacemets ) but the only other fusion things i can see being usefull is maybe the buff beams if ur buffing walls alot and possibly getting inferno traps fused for even more damage. ensnare ill get fusion on my boost munk and posion traps will be on dps huntress that i very very rarly use so there not priority for me really. fusion walls dont really sea
  12. have to agree i was exsited for something new but after a cupple of hours playing i find myself strugling to want to carry on griding through to get the new gear managed 4 peaces from 2 maps to 15 ( died stupidly mid wave on way to 25 and was gg from there solo) all 4 peaces ive found so far are worthless as missing a stat for what id be using them on ( no power on munk/fireball app pieces and again no power on my dst app drops). targeted grinding can be fun i did it for years on lotro but they did it the better way with it having several locations u could get bits from this could be done her
  13. yea im not playing till tommorrow but some peaces being act1 or 2 quality isnt a great feeling will hold full feelings till ive given it ago towers being able to hit every single mob in game again is a possitive and means fully afk mode should become a thing again like in dd1 ( yes u could afk end game maps after farming like a crazy guy).
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