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  1. Totally agree... that is my same frustration. Worse that its completely illogical to think the XP rewards would be so much greater in freeplay than it is in endgame... took me a week of grinding, then I quit playing for a week, then I tried again, then I finally figured out I had to go back to freeplay to level my characters instead of endgame... it's a mess if you ask me.
  2. XP from endgame is so messed up. I have been playing endgame insane and endgame onslaught thinking the extra challenge should yield extra rewards in XP. WITH a 75% XP boost on my characters, in private games (so all building is my own, no one is boosting me) I played 2 insane maps and 10 rounds/30 waves of endgame onslaught and got from level 34 to level 34 1/2... very frustrating. Got 16k xp from one map, was getting maybe 10k per round in onslaught. Last night I decided to forget about leveling (since its deathly slow!!!!!!) and went back to playing maps that drop loot my characters are hi
  3. Yea. When you view the pet attack rate in your inventory it shows it as 2.5 seconds (1 attack every 2 and a half seconds) but in the stable the value reads as "250". So if you could reroll your pets attack rate to 175 your pet would be attacking every 1.75 seconds.
  4. Er... nevermind. Just happened to me again. Guess it's still an issue.
  5. Started for me last night... yep, still happening this morning.
  6. I think the way this works is a little deceptive... they should probably call it "attack delay" instead of attack rate. Think of the number as the time between attacks... the greater the number the longer the delay between attacks. So, for a faster attack rate and an overall pet-DPS increase you want a small number here.
  7. I agree. I saw the same error multiple times last night, today no problems yet.
  8. Happens to me tooI've had this happen to me on 2 different computers (one running Vista, one Windows 7). It's not a system-wide freeze, just freezes at the loading screen that displays before taking me back to the list of available games. Can always alt-tab out and force it to close, but it's a pain since it happens so often.
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