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  1. So I haven't played in a few months and decided to hop in and take a look at the Anniversary and Halloween stuff, but unfortunately I cannot seem to connect to TrendyNet. When I click on Ranked it will try to connect for a moment and then tell me that it failed to connect to TrendyNet. I have no Steam bans on record or anything, and not for DD anyway since I haven't played it in quite some time. Doing the -dowritelog in the launcher isn't helping either, all the Launch.log file produces is: (13:37:14:654)Log: Log file open, 11/01/12 13:37:14 (13:37:14:654)Log: Closing by request (13:37:15:334)Log: Log file closed, 11/01/12 13:37:15 Verifying Integrity of Game Cache did not help with anything either. Is there any reason why I shouldn't be able to connect to TrendyNet that Im not aware of?
  2. Support is not being dropped. We will have another DLC as well as additional patches. The scope of our patches will be smaller. Major overhaul changes (like those necessary to rework the RNG) are not possible due to the amount of resources we currently have available for the game. I know that's not the best news to hear. Trust me, I would love to have the RNG reworked. It's a primary source of frustration for our fans. But at a certain point, we need to look ahead to other projects. We love our baby. We will continue to nurture her. But major-scale revisions are currently out of scope, so we can work on new and exciting projects for you to enjoy. Good luck with that one, since I sure don't plan on buying anything else from you guys if your line of thinking is "Yeah, its broke and we ain't fixing it. Here, have some more DLC for a game that already has so much DLC that it out prices the actual game." While its nice that you guys did put in a lot of work on the game, its beyond infuriating to hear you say that the biggest part of it is broken, making the game unfun, and isn't going to be fixed.
  3. If you worked your *** off to get 4k+ builders and the last thing trendy releases is a stepping stone map, you'd pretty pissed you just spent over 500 hours to see them only cater to casuals too. Being pissed is one thing, which I probably would be, but trying to get Trendy to change stuff so those below me couldn't have a decent shot at stuff is another. I wouldn't do that since Im not a douche. I've already dumped 556 hours into DD, and my characters other than my wall builder have at best like 1.5K stats, let alone 4K. This is the type of game where you get what you put in. If you don't put in the same effort I very much feel you do NOT deserve the same quality of gear. Period. Except not since you are at the mercy of the RNG.
  4. Valve's rules, Trendy's rules might differ, in fact, they do http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?74508-Item-Check-Thread&p=602229&viewfull=1[[1635,hashtags]] I'm not taking sides here mind you, just trying to keep all facts in sight. Well, that is pretty dumb since trading stuff b/w games / for games is something that Steam supports. If the guy is new to the game he wouldn't know that unless he came here and saw that thread since there's no kind of EULA to read when you start DD up, is there? Not like anyone would read a EULA though.
  5. From that link: Correct if I'm wrong, I don't see DD in that list of games, so, there are restrictions after all. Only that DD doesn't use the inventory system to do the trades directly. There's nothing in those rules saying I can't trade something for an item in a different game that isn't directly supported by Steam's trading system.
  6. Forgive my ignorance on this, does Steam allow trading between games in certain cases? Yes, it does, there's no restrictions within Steam's rules about trading items / games for other games / items in other games. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=6748-ETSG-5417 Steam games earned through stuff like last year's Summer (I think it was summer) sales, bought as gifts, or extra copies acquired go to your inventory where you can trade them / gift them to other people, the inventory system also supports the trading of items for TF2, Portal 2, and Spiral Knights. I don't know if Trendy actually bans game accounts for trading DD items for other Steam stuff, if they do then thats just outright stupid, but I know that people aren't supposed to talk about doing it on these forums.
  7. No we don't! AH ruined Diablo 3. AH takes away the whole item hunt of a game. AFK still has an item hunt aspect, because you have to go to all the shops to see whats what. AH removes that aspect. AFK shops, even gives you and incentive to go find gear, AH will just make this game turn into a farm for mana to buy stuff instead of trying to get that reward wep from Volcanic Eruption. AH will kill any item hunt game. If Trendy adds an AH in DD2, I will not be buying it. While the AH has problems in D3, I would gladly take it over the stupid AFK shop BS. At least with the AH in D3 I can find stuff Im actually looking for quickly instead of having to go into shops based on their name only to find out that the person doesn't have the crap they say they do or its absolutely terrible and overpriced to hell and back. This game is already a "Farm Money to Buy Upgrade" game for people hoping to break into nightmare or those stuck and not getting any upgrades from the drops they get.
  8. Huh, guess I should have been playing this after the first jester update. Sucks to have missed out on some easy loot that might have actually let me progress some again.
  9. I know what you mean. Seeing epic gear with +8 stats dropping from chests in Aquanos nm hc mm wave 30 is quite ridiculous... It seems wrong that I can run end game maps for hours and still be left with nothing to show for it. Hell, I saw Mythics last night in the Throne Room with +8 and +1 to stats, and the stupid game considered those to be "upgrades." Wish Trendy would release a loot filter / that guy that made one would come back to the game and release it.
  10. Well of course that's not gonna bring new people to the game the way you stated it. It's only really that way for mid/endgame NM players and people trying to break in to NM. The only real reason people are stuck in mid-NM and pre-NM are because they're too lazy to do a NM survival (the original campaign maps on survival ccan drop trans!) and try to do shards maps with 1k stats, and go on to complain how they can't do anything. And thats probably because they can't do it because they lack the stats to do so. It doesn't matter if they can drop Trans armor, getting to the waves where those can actually drop is next to impossible with the gear someone will have when they enter Nightmare. FFS, even mythical armor barely drops in Deeper Wells until you hit the later waves, and even then those drops suck.
  11. I don't know why but I can't click the Play Online Button it is greyed out :dragon: (is greyed out a real word?) And according to my BEST friend on Steam AND IRL I have no VAC bans or any bans at all. so I want to Know.... WHY CAN'T I PLAY ONLINE?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?! PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME Well, if you go by the same name on Steam, since there is someone with the exact spelling of your name who also happens to play Dungeon Defenders, yeah you do.
  12. Yup. Mostly private matches for me too. Seems like every game nowadays is "help me need builder" or something similar. If I ever play pub it's so I don't have to think and just want to hack-n-slash. It makes pub play really undesirable when everyone just wants you to carry them. What's worse are the ones who expect you to and get mad when you won't. Well, thats what the game's gonna get when people can't make any real progress on their own because the difficulty of nightmare has shot through the roof and loot sucks at low end maps / early waves and people can't get to the later waves. While it is kinda for people to beg like that, I can't fault all of them if they truly can't make any kind of progress.
  13. Hello fellow defenders! I have been noticing a recent Trend on the forums: to bash Trendy for making things harder. The games has been out for Pc for, waht? Almost a year? You you haven been playing ever since. You got the Myths when they started dropping. Thn Trans, Supreme and now Ultimate.. You are what people call out "Pr0s". You have around 2.5k+ stats or even more. And YET you complain when Trendy gives you more challenges, most of them for free. For me, it seems a little uncalled for. It's great that Trendy keep releasing patches and giving us more fun! Why are you complaining? Isn't it boring to have EVERYTHING, everything maxed out and survie the thoughest challenges? I would like to hear why, really. Bcuase I don't understad people who complain about the game getting harder. My opinion? Just enjoy the game. The copters will get fixed, Ogres will stop reproducing in respawn and you will still be one of the pr0s. Enjoy the game. I only started playing earlier this year, I only got myths and low grade ones at that since I didn't want to waste 6++ hours of my life playing in Survival. I didn't get any Transcendent armor to drop because I stopped playing not long after Sharken came out because it crapped on what progress I could now possibly make with Survival not having a soul crushing length. I don't have anywhere near 2.5K stats on any of my characters, the only one that comes close is my EV Wall builder and thats only for walls, and I think she only has 2K ish health if she even has that much. I don't want more challenge, I want to be able to actually progress in the game. I don't want more challenge without more reward, doing something harder and getting the same crap you got before isn't fun or logical in any way. No, I would still have fun if I had great gear since I could actually do more content, being overpowered is fun as long as you still get some kind of real reward. Im not going to enjoy the game if Im not making any kind of real progress. @wally I know that the copters are a bit...op. And tend to ruin what you previosuly used to win. What I meant was that they provide a new challege. If you can counter them with better gear, well, try to get better or spend mana upgrading. It sounds silly, I know. I found a great way to counter the ogre popilation, and it is to spawn 2 siders or so and a Ogre in their way. That way, you ogre will distract other Ogres while your poons do all the work. This mostly works on chokepoints though. These two things don't add up, you can only get better gear by beating harder waves of stuff, and if you can't do that because of he copters you are SOL.
  14. Wait, what the OP said actually happened? Ahahahahah, thats hilarious.
  15. I REALLY wish that guy who made an application that filtered loot for you based on what you wanted would have released it. Guy decided against releasing it since no Trendy devs told him it was OK or something and he went back to some Minecraft project that he was working on, and according to another thread it seems like he's quit DD altogether now.
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