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  1. Before I start, I prefer apprentice over squire tower for sentimental reasons. Although you have covered many issues between comparing fireball tower to harpoon, there are a few you missed, that are in favor of the harpoon. The harpoon is far more robust than the fireball tower. In a test with both towers on the same buff beam, with similiar apprentice and squire tower HP stats, both towers hit by the same ogre swipes, the harpoon took significantly less damage. The harpoon is actually a very capable 'tank'. The fireball tower is a 'glass cannon'. There are situations where this is very rele
  2. I have a mate who ever since he started keeps a folder in his player shop called 'The Box of Shame'. He keeps it regularly updated with the worst of the worst in each type of equipment. I know he has a giraffe in there. We play with the voice support through steam..never fails to get a laugh when I say 'so did you get a good one?' at the end of something like sky city campaign and there is an exasperated sigh followed by 'well there's a new exhibit for the box of shame' Edit: I have dared him to put together a set of the worst of the worst and show up in a public game (maybe a monster fe
  3. I have done sky city NM (no HC) campaign numerous times. My friend who plays a casual barbarian rarely got an ultimate steam saw in one of my games (very annoying - I've done the map many times, never seen an ultimate ever, he gets one first game) A few games later I got an ultimate steam saw as well. If the steam saw can spawn ultimate on a sky city campaign NM game (no HC) the monk wrench probably can as well.
  4. Greets Had to look up the slenderman reference there :) I use a summoner, mostly in overlord mode. All waves. No threat from hero. At the time of the referenced incident, I was far from the crystal in question. I've witnessed the same event at other crystals on sky city, and on Talay where an ogre has strolled past massed defenses under intense fire and focused directly on a crystal. I am really confused about the policies trendy indirectly promote. They devalued walls with the introduction of the sharken and summoner. Now they bring them back into focus with crystal-focused ogres. I rea
  5. Greets all Recently I posted how trendy made a silent change in Sky City where you could no longer build on the flat ground behind the park bench at north crystal. I have since found they also removed the ability to build in the nook south of south crystal (but not the nook north of north crystal). Some people agreed trendy should not disencourage incentive, some towed the trendy party line, and those trolling inclined claimed the use in the post of the word 'exploited' indicates cheating, obviously not having a dictionary understanding of the word 'exploit' in verb form, as compared to noun
  6. I was going to start a post on this same issue a few weeks ago when working on my Sky City and Talay builds. Both builds use minions, but not in a wall layout - they rely on aggro to draw ogres to the minions, and they work fine at this. However all too often on both maps an ogre has pathed to the minion in such a way that his back is directly facing to the crystal. He cleaves the minion, and even though he is an immense distance from the crystal, facing directly away from it - WHAM the crystal goes down. This tends to happen on later waves of survival (25+) where their cleave distance incre
  7. I have a policy with new trendy releases. Wait two weeks, then attempt the map after its been balanced properly, and avoid the rage that happens in-between. That being said the copter-ogres having higher HP than standard ones makes absolutely no sense. Any flying machine (such as copters) needs to balance fuel consumption against load weight; the more weight, the shorter the time in the air. Thus it makes sense for copter-ogres to be lightweight ogres; less weight means less muscle mass means less HP/damage. Of course its a fantasy setting, so 'magic' could explain the discrepency, except co
  8. Greets all I have been on break from Dungeon Defenders for a week or so. Since the new Jester update I thought it was a good idea to check the viability of the builds I posted in the guides section. My sky city build is here: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?71356-Gamblor-s-wall-less-Sky-City-NM-HC-mix-mode-Solo-build Imagine then my disgust to find that Trendy has silently amended the Sky City apparently for no other purpose than to break the extremely strong and innovative setup I had at north crystal, which exploited both terrain, minion behaviours, Line-of-sight factors of
  9. Greets all I have to agree with the OP. Campaign build times are farcical. I am an older gamer. 40, turning 41 this year. Generation X, I grew up on Atari, then NES and Sega titles and at the age I was then, timers were OK. But my X generation (the gamer pioneers) reflexes are not so great now; personally I've had carpal tunnel surgery in both hands, and I'm a bit clumsy reflex-wise. But my mind is as sharp as ever (I've posted Talay and Sky City builds in these forums). THATS where I want to be tested - in the mind. Gamers are getting older; the average age of gamers started at 18; its no
  10. Hi NoobBE 1 - I spend most of my time (after 3-starring everything) in overlord mode, and at later wave south does need frequent heals when many ogres are present. This is not abnormal, the healers get stunlocked. Early rounds though I don't know why you would get this problem 2 - This should only happen if you placed your minions too close to the crystal. Otherwise not sure why Your summoner stats seem OK, shouldn't be your problem there. Sorry I'm not more help. I tried something interesting last night - not sure if it would help others or hinder - I swapped one of the harpoons at so
  11. Hi NoobBe To address any issue you had, I will need some more information on your experience with the build. Please start with: 1 - What are your builder stats? 2 - Which section of the build did the wipe start at? (south, east, north) 3 - A basic description of what happened? Its important to note the v3 (alt) build does not match the screenshots presented. You need to adjust as per the ddplanner build. I will take proper screenshots when I can (probably this weekend) Looking at my build description, I can see there is some information I haven't posted I just take for granted (as an
  12. You really need EV for end-game NM survival builds, and not because the buff beams boost damage. More because you need something to tank ogres, whether it be walls, towers (like harpoons) or minions and they simply will melt to ogre onslaught without the dramatic increase in damage resistance frorm a buff beam. Strength drain alone is not enough. Watch the outcome of any minion wall (wall-less) build when the mage on it dies (its always the mage, they are fragile as hell). When the buff beam drops along with the mage, the remaining archers will be melted away in seconds, whereas before they wo
  13. Yeah ddplanner overwrote the original build. I did something stupid probably. I'll work it out. Edit: I further modified the alt build, its v3 now. No screenshots for it yet unfortunately. But what I changed is in the original post. Basically added two harpoons in the enclosed 'nook' at the rear of south (on a buff beam, protected by a reflect screen). Lots more firepower at south now. Lost inferno traps, 2 proton beams and a spare reflect behind north mages to pay for it. This should help address the south weakness issue. Be sure when setting up south to scoot your auras as close to the c
  14. Greets I have posted an alt build that makes east far more robust in case of a mage dying (likely in later waves "when ogres attack mages" - like "when animals attack magicians" - excuse me (intoxicated)). It also adds a few reflects around north crystal, some air unit (probably wyverns with firespits) was hitting it with ranged. Fixed with alt build. chown I have observed exactly the same mob behaviour you have. I had the entire east defense wiped out once by a total ogre zerg, and waited for the fatal crystal strike, it never happened... over 100 random monsters (including lots of ogres)
  15. I have completed sky city NM HC mix-mode survival several times now, as a summoner and have only seen 3-4 supreme armors the whole time - far less than on aqua - and no ultimates at all. I've not even seen an ultimate. I suspect its largely because they HAVE dropped, but tend to tumble over the edge into oblivion. Aqua has no such problem. Something to think about.
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