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  1. I would say instead of more mobs make harder mobs. Edit: just saw the patch notes. This is awesome.
  2. Only if the "class" change costs a lot... no, to be serious I think that it could be nice, but would hinder many "noob" players since they may not remember to swap "class", or choose the wrong one and freak out because they may not have enough mana. (That does not mean anything does it?) That's exactly why I would want it only to apply once you hit 74. By then most people should have some idea how to play. Also, you can only do this at the tavernkeep, so you wouldn't have to worry about it inside a map. You would prepare your characters beforehand like you do now.
  3. It's probably a good thing I never applied for the beta testing team... I'd probably tell them 90% of their ideas suck balls and are retarded and need to be nerfed :P With that attitude i'm sure everyone is happy you aren't on the beta testing team
  4. My bad, thought I was posting in a diff thread. Still support this idea though
  5. +1 to this! Seriously, last few maps have been massive. Although they encourage you to play with others, I really enjoyed my first 50 levels in this game on the small maps with my friends. They're a lot of fun, and lately are being completely neglected. I mean, not one of us doubt that Aquanos or Shards 4 will be HUGE! So why not throw in a couple random small maps as well? Jungle and City are nice bonuses of course, but how are they different from Moraggo or the upcoming shards maps? They're still big. Let's get some variety in here!
  6. I love the first idea. At the very least multiple forges are needed on the bigger maps (come on, we can have multiple crystals to defend but only one forge?) If devs think hitting a button to swap characters would make it too easy, we could even add a small time penalty to doing a character swap outside of the forge. I remember my earlier runs on Moraggo where I would have my huntress out summoning gas traps. I had her summon a prox trap as well at each spot in case I wouldn't have time to build my main atk towers before the wave started. This was a nightmare when I tried to sell the prox traps next wave only to accidentally sell a gas trap. Having to run all the way back to the forge to summon one gas trap, then run back and switch builders again is a MASSIVE timesink. Edit: Karathiki: they added tons more time. City: They added tons more time. Implement this one feature, and you'll never have to add more time to a map again.
  7. Here's an idea I've been toying with in my head that I thought might be interesting. For starters, this only effects characters once they hit level 74 (no bearing on 1-73, game stays as is for those levels). Once you hit level 74, you are forced to choose a sub-class for your character: Tower, DPS, or Hybrid. If you choose to make your character Tower: You get a 10% bonus to all tower stats, 5% bonus to abilities, and -5% penalty to hero stats. If you choose to make your character DPS: You get a 10% bonus to all hero stats, 5% bonus to abilities, and a -5% penalty to tower stats. If you choose to make your character Hybrid: You get a 5% bonus to all hero stats, 5% bonus to abilities, and 5% bonus to all tower stats. Regardless of the class, you get only a total of 50 points to spend as you please (instead of the 375 currently). This effect stacks with set bonuses. You can pay tavernkeep to respec those 50 points, or to change class (which will automatically allow you to respec the 50 points). Or maybe instead of giving the % bonuses to the stats, instead we mess with the multipliers (a DPS char will get a higher multiplier for hero damage than a tower builder, who would get a higher multiplier on tower damage). I'm not too sure how this would effect the balance of the game, or how well the community will receive it, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless.
  8. I have to address the comments about piercing DSTs just being another harpoon. The key is to ensure the damage they Deal is excessive against trash mobs and its fire rate is set to give it better DPS on big targets than harpoons but the huge wasted damage + low RoF makes it ineffective against masses of weak mobs. I will retun to my comment about damage and RoF changes not being a good idea. Say you double the damage, that might make them effective at taking down 1 or 2 ogres but when half a dozen come knocking at your walls the harpoon will still outclass them. If you multiply the damage by 10 or 15 you might be able to deal with a big group of ogres nicely but if you then go to a map or path with few ogres or well spaced ogres it will trivialize the ogres by easily destroying them, and have a similar effect on bosses. With the possible exception of one shotting Djinn in the second case this damage buff has little affect on the DST being worthless as a general enemy clearance. If you go the other way and buff the RoF to achieve similar DPS numbers you are making a big magic missile and turing the DST into a clearance tower and not a specialized one. Either way to be effective at dealing with any ground based threat except spiders you need to be able to hit multiple enemies in NM so If you want it to be useful in ogre clearance that is what it needs,. You then keep its RoF low and damage excessive and it can't compete with Harpoons for gerneral mob clearance but its range, projectile speed and wall pierce give it value in cleaning up still. So, again, give piercing to MM.
  9. Actually none of this is actually an issue with the system proposed. For example, it is not limited to one target type. If you'll notice, you select a primary target type based on monster positioning, then you can CHECK strong and/or air on top of that, inflating the options further. If you have Air checked but there are no air targets nearby? It will see if you have 'strong' checked. If so, it will attack the strongest enemy in range based on the attack type selected. I.e. if you have Close as your main selection, air checked, strong checked.. No air targets nearby? it checks for strong. Two ogres are the strongest mobs in range? It will attack the one closest to a crystal, seeing as you have 'close' as your pattern selection. What I proposed was not at all a 'select one type' system. Please give it another look over. Djinn desummoning would be considered the 'strongest' possibility coming at you, so any towers set with 'strong' (Which should be most of them) will target the djinn that is desummoning over anything else, including djinns or ogres even if you don't have 'air' set. A numbering system would only complicate things. It could be added in as an 'advanced' feature to it, but with 4 positioning selections and 3 blanket choices that can be combined in many different combinations, there will be very little you would have to do manual numbering for. I guess I was too tired to understand your OP. I'll re-read it in the morning (afternoon, whatever :P ) I've liked the prioritizing system idea for quite some time, but I just have this feeling that it will never be implemented in this game (just as tavernkeep selling tokens).
  10. [c3;432133']mage towers, point for point, do more damage than squire towers because of their higher attack speed. the difference comes from the fact that squire towers do piercing damage, and their piercing damage is far superior to the AE/chain damage that apprentices have, because they are elemental. if an ogre comes knocking on your door, yeah, magic missile towers could take him down, relatively well, at that. but its all the other guys behind him that cause problems. with a harpoon, evertything behind the ogres are taking damage at the same time, so there is no reason to use magic missile towers instead of them, especially in a map like karathiki or moraggo or city in the cliffs. there are just too many mobs coming at one time for a few MM towers to handle. and they arent good against wyverns because while they are busy taking down one wyvern, all his wyvern buddies behind him are inching towards the crystal, and eventually they just get too close to where they are on the crystal before the MM towers are taking them out. for single targets and small groups, mage towers excel, but for large masses, they just cannot keep up with squire towers. huntress traps honestly are better to use in a build than mage towers. lower DU cost and better damage coverage. So maybe give MM pierce or AoE (pierce being preferred)?
  11. I like the idea, but it is limited by one target type it seems. Instead of checkboxes, I would prefer numbering. For example, you have Air checked for a harpoon. What if no air target is nearby? Will it shoot the ogre, the kobold, the sharken, or whatever now that there is no air? I would like to see this implemented with a number system. Although I think this is something that should have been implemented from the beginning, it seems like it would be a huge pain to Trendy to figure out how to implement this now and keep it from getting unnecessarily sophisticated. Maybe in Shards 4, instead of new loot we get priority targeting (wouldn't that be the dream). Edit: There would still be the issue of more complex commands. For example, I like that when a Djinn tries to unsummon a tower, all towers nearby will target it. So maybe certain events would still be hard-coded to take priority over anything you could personally configure?
  12. Well, the way I see it mages should be what you would expect a mage to be. In most media, mages tend to be more frail (low HP, low resists, weak armor, etc...). Trendy got this down. Mages have a joke amount of HP, and their towers also have a laughable amount of HP. In most media, mages are known to have nuke spells. They can do massive amounts of damage, far out dpsing any other class, but at the cost of being frail. Trendy did not get this part down. Squire towers can out DPS mage towers. I think mage towers should deal massive damage, but should be much easier to destroy. The change I'm recommending is just to put mages in character. Right now biggest issue with them (and why they are inferior to squire) is because they are so squishy, and their towers aren't better enough to balance for this. Also, Squires have been given much love (look how many patches were done to try to fix tracking), whereas mages were ignored in this respect. I recently made a post about how I had 3 MM around a crystal, and one wyvern swooped in and nearly destroyed it. 3 MM shooting at it from close range and all missing.
  13. Sadly, this is what most people want out of the game. I don't think that's what most people want. I think they just are just thinking one step ahead and not two steps ahead. I don't think they realize how bored they would be if end-game trans were given in wave 1 chests. It would be exciting for all of 2 hours. You would then use your uber characters to play a map like Misty to wave 30, only to realize you can't find an upgrade because one doesn't exist.
  14. Look at this alternative scenario: Shards 3 comes out. On release day, maxed out gear appears in your box, with all upgrades applied. You put it on. You already have best everything. What would you be playing for? Trans should be rare. It keeps you playing. With the ability to start on any wave, your chances of getting trans gear is even higher. Also, later maps like moraggo and Jungle have significantly higher drop rate of high end gear. Jungle campaign was dropping items that were in my misty wave 20+ games. If you don't get the item you want, trade it. It's a social game. All the trans I am wearing was traded for with trans I didn't want. I'm not wearing a single piece that was dropped in my own game.
  15. I love the counter idea. I was also thinking (later on when Trendy has time) to add an item counter into waves. That way you know how close you are to the item limit before things start to despawn.
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