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  1. If anyone wants to help please can you friend me on steam as I cannot access it from this computer until tomorrow noon My name is in my sig. If it is wrong The I and the P are not capitals. Thanks again!
  2. Yesterday I converted to the PC for Dungeon Defenders from the Xbox, I run it on Low setting and it runs fine with no FPS drops (so far). I have all the heroes and only the City in the Cliffs map pack. I was wondering whether anyone would like to help me get started and get the hang of PC gaming as this is my first PC game. I am available after Noon GMT upto 10PM GMT. I hope some can answer my call. Thank you!!! :)
  3. Why isnt xbox up to 83? PS3 had a bug in it after a PS3 and Xbox patch. Trendy then had to fix this with another PS3 patch which also included level 83. Xbox people don't really mind as we can play morrago with 4 people :D (PS3 can't because it has alot of freezing issues)
  4. This is my opinion! -Mobs need to be faster! -Mobs need for health! -Mobs need to hit harder!!! If hit was good enough at Dungeon Defenders I bet he could have found a strategy with the stats he had! I DON'T want that! I want a difficulty that requires armor that is good! If your not good in stats or the game there's no way to win! That's the kind of difficulty I want!!! Edit: I also want ogres to spawn just as much as they do on Nightmare! At least 8 ogres spawn on Nightmare every round! I completely agree with you, but I think they should balance it for PS otherwise it will be impos
  5. That the challenge I want It's not really the challenge we want, it's the challenge we NEED to keep playing. I'm just sure that missing an ogre is the only way that you can fail as so many people have OP DPS.
  6. In short: Easy for hero DPS in small maps but any missed Ogres will pretty much end you Near impossible for Pure Strategy on Ogre infested maps Thank You :)
  7. Y U NO WORK RIGHT XP? "Foo, you are my favorite forum poster. That is all." - Classic22 Foo had to sit on the naught step!!! ;) I also hope that they wrote down the massive list of improvements that we mentioned and have been mentioning for the last few months.
  8. Meh, it is way over powered if you spam it and have good enough stats. Maybe do what they did on PC and add a cooldown or something. It is pretty useful though, especially against bosses :D
  9. Hopefully now Trendy can give us awesome App towers :D also for vid 3 \m/ Metallica \m/ Edit: Forgot to say how nice is is for someone to take the time to make these videos, nice one GoW!!!
  10. That other huntress is a douche bag. Even if it was your tavern he had no right to steal someone else's possessions, I wouldn't blame yourself
  11. So I decided to start playing again after a long break, this morning I turn on my xbox and theres a systems update.. After its finished I go to load up DD and for some reason I have a corrupt save.. Ive not played since February/March so while I didnt loose much it was enough to make me wonder.. I know the community has had issues with mods but I choose to work for mine.. If anyone has any old gear I would be greatful for any assistance.. Ill be starting once again to level my tower characters.. Thanks to all who offer help.. I got a corrupt about a week ago, we could level up toge
  12. What about 4k games??? Vicious uploads all his live streams onto youtube. But if it's tutorials you need then go to his old channel ViciousXUSMC Hope you have fun with that
  13. You know you've played dungeon defenders too much when you buy it for PC just in case you ever get one good enough to play it (summoner too)
  14. I must admit, I am a little jealous. Please can you post it's new stats up :)
  15. Delete your data and restart. May seem strange but after my corruption the other day my friend deleted his data and we've had a blast together on DD. Then again the thought of loosing all your stuff may bee too much to handle. I only miss my trendy weapons so maybe you could put it on your other save.
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