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  1. I think the disconnects come from somewhere, usually when the ogre is out, bam dc. Cause thats the only thing different that happens in the final wave (of FoF level) Also lagging practically makes it unplayable, I don't mind have delays in actions, but when I tried to move around while lagging, I slide ALL OVER THE PLACE making it so I can't reach a safe spot to at least apply some damage from safety rather than just oh look, I'm dead, cause I can't go where I need to. "the disconnect has arrived!"
  2. Heck seeing the recipe behind it makes it sound yummy but like you said the picture hides all of that. I would have had a second picture with the burrito open showing all the inside delectables I actually did submit an opened version of it, but with the quality of my camera *cough* phone *cough* it also wouldn't have done it justice and even make it unappealing (trust me I was there). And Wrapped version doesn't really offer much and seeing whats inside, it was lose lose situation for me. So Presentation for me was pretty much not gonna tide over well for me. Its also Unfortunate for me, that very same phone is my only mobile device and it is definitely not capable of running DD and the prize doesn't do much for me, though would be amazing to have cause 1 hour work break with nothing to do, this would do wonders but I won't be getting anything that can run it for a while since what I got is sufficient for what I need it for.
  3. My is really simple, and interesting. Pretty much just gonna follow the outline the others have. Name: Hyper Burrito Ingredients: A Pancake (Flour, baking powder, sugar, eggs and milk) Butter Peanut Butter Maple Syrup 2 Oreo Cookies (per burrito) Chocolate Chips Sugar (which ever tickles your fancy) One note with the ingredients you can work around with your personal taste, this example is mine. Chocolate Syrup, Marshmallows, sweet fruits, etc for the burrito. Also if you haven't tried a pancake/waffle with just peanut butter and syrup, you need too soooooo good. Creation: Make the pancake batter out of all the ingredients, make a batch enough for you and you're Defending buddies. Add some butter before you put in the pancake batter, and cook it to its a nice light brown color. First add the peanut butter and spread it around nicely, followed by the syrup. This helps to keep the rest of the ingredients from going anywhere. SMASH THOSE COOKIES LIKE YOU WOULD THE ENEMIES THAT COME IN WAVES. Spread those cookie crumbles, chocolate chips and sugar on top and in a nice line in the center of the pancake. Roll up your pancake into the form of a burrito. Once consumed you'll have the energy needed to take on many waves of enemies! I was far more elaborate on this post then i did in the contest entry, it was rushed. But anyways I don't recommend many of these at one time for reasons that should be obvious. Anyways enjoy!
  4. Congrats to all who won! Also makes me want to ask why not just share whats been put out, kinda want to possibly try these myself haha.
  5. I sadly forgot to put that it was me who put in the "Hyper Burrito" and which platform I'd like it on but I guess those details can be ironed out if I am the victor. Anyways Good luck to all.
  6. 1) A Dish can be Fatally Unhealthy. 2) You gotta make it :D cuz you have to have a Picture/video of it authenticating your creation 3) Evil, you can still attempt this!!! It's not ALL about talent. 4) While I am Southern... I do not call it white sauce... And I believe he is probably a Syrup fan. You want people to cook and send a picture of something lethal?! this is interesting, oh well. If I remember and suddenly unlazy myself enough I'll make it, cause damn I kinda really want to eat one anyways so yeah.
  7. Do I really have to supply a picture, cause when it comes to making food I'm just downright terrible and/or lazy. Though I'm willing to give an awesome and legit edible idea to enter in this.
  8. Salforis


    Well I should have seen that coming, and now its free, but now with the same limitations LoL has. Well for anyone who starts playing now anyways. The forums should now be amusing to read since I'm sure people are angry and can almost ***** at will. Either way I remain content cause it didn't effect me at all, now to look forward for Diablo 3 Dota 2 (lets see if Valve can compete with LoL and HoN which I'm sure it won't have much problem considering the man power it will have behind it), and Dungeon Defenders. Really looking forward to this game and have been since last year, hope the publishing and stuff goes smooth so people can finally play it, and me to successfully talk friends into this again as well since it seems they lost interest. Anyways if anyone wants to play a few matches I'm usually on Salforis on HoN.
  9. Salforis


    I played HoN since closed beta and havnt played in nearly 6 months, but some of the guys here bought it so I may give it a few games on the weekend. Sounds like a challenge, we'll see who gets stomped! :O
  10. Salforis


    Haha... that is a bad example for the new players =p Still, lol is free... I like having to buy toons and not have access to them all at once...it forces me to try new characters and only buy the ones I really like (singe/vlad, nunu)... but I did originally start on HoN in the beta... LoL is more about teamwork, and skill and.HoN was all about the carry =\ I like.how in LoL, a good build.can pull you back from.a.loss and good teamwork wins the day >=] The exact same thing can be said for HoN, No teamwork no victory. Lower MMR a really good player can usually slip by with being a carry cause well the other team isn't doing whats necessary to keep the carry down, in the higher tiers of play, if the carry doesn't get the teamwork and support he needs, hes as good as useless. You'll see that immediately the difference just like you would probably see in LoL. I haven't played high tier in LoL at all, but from what I played, I can easily carry pretty much by myself (unless there are too many high health heroes to deal with). Dunno why you'd like to be able to unlock a character, if your team needs a certain type champion but you haven't unlocked it and all the ones you like are not available, well it kinda hampers your ability to adapt. Even if I liked that idea, I'd like to play the hero and not have to possibly wait forever to see if I like it. I don't want to send my points on something I could possibly not like at all or suit my playstyle. Bad limitations. While in HoN I can be well I need to play support hm... I like between these three, one can disable a carry for a while, one can stun and do high damage and one can really help kill someone when needed. If I want a hero right now, I have to spend possibly just as much to just play HoN. You get what you pay for and quality is always better. Also, HoN has had about a 95% uptime, rarely does it need to go down, occasional maintenence and that's it. Though it did get the DDos attack a while back and they crippled them really badly for a month, but that problem shouldn't arise again, while in LoL I saw it be down often during my phase of the game.
  11. Salforis


    That link I have up there is my referal link and much <3 love if you get it that route, and as I said I'm willing to get another account to assist and show you the ropes, but the thing is nothing helps more than experience. Also can get into all the differences between HoN and LoL. Once you get the hang of it you'll want more, LoL did that for me to and I played HoN first, and I had to come back, looks a lot better and plays so much faster. Also some great humor on some of the alternate avaters. Which are can be bought with in game currency that you earn. I will note that there is no summoner system in which you level up, get runes, and pick talents. I will recommend to try out public games no stats for a while til you get adjusted to the changes in the game and figure out all the items. If you get the game, I am also Salforis in HoN, and when I get home I'll get my other account name when I make it.
  12. Salforis


    Is it available on STEAM???? Unfortunately It is not available on STEAM It is worth giving it a shot for 10 bucks specially if you really enjoy LoL, I think I might get another account just to play with any friends that are new to the game or even you guys if you really want to try it out can try to answer questions on what heroes do what and what items are good for who. One thing is certain you can play any hero you want whenever you want and even the new ones. The only time I see you can't play a hero you want if someone picks him first, there is no 2 of the same heroes (and even that can be changed if you really want on a public match).
  13. Salforis


    funny you say free, but you're EXTREMELY limited unless you pay hundreds of dollars, or HOURS AND HOURS just to make sure you can play a champion you really like. If you focus on the heroes, you gimp yourself on runes needed to keep up with everyone. While for RIGHT NOW for a small 10 dollars, you get full access to all "champions" every game (unless you play certain game modes) permanently and its updated as frequently as League of Legends. I have played and enjoyed League of Legends myself, but I see it as a less intense and harder on the eyes then Heroes of Newerth. If you enjoy League of Legends, you should really give this a shot while its price is very small. oh and all the cosmetics in the game (or almost all) are reasonably priced to not take ages to get if you really like it. Oh and btw, I'm pretty sure both communities have AWFUL "NABZ L2P, GTFO PLZKTHX" there is no getting away from that.
  14. Salforis


    Heroes of Newerth is a great game with almost infinite re playability. A new genre of game that is RAPIDLY increasing in popularity to where their are even tournaments involved. Choose between 80 different heroes (and more being put out every 2 week) and fight to destroy the enemy team and their shrine in this intense RTS styled gameplay, no two matches are ever the same. The price is normally $30 but they are now selling for $10 for a short time period! don't miss out on a chance to play one the most exciting games. The wait for Dungeon Defenders is dragging, lets make it seem like a pleasant wait instead. Hope to see you in Heroes of Newerth and Dungeon Defenders and good luck! Dont post referral links. - Tsuda
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