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  1. I could come, but i dont have really good stats.. Lets say tower 9xx 11xx 6xx 7xx or ~600 hero stats..
  2. People are talking about them a lot, so what are those?
  3. This happens me in every ****ing game. 1) Mana as a trap behind blockades 2) Try to get it 3) Ninja or spiders OR Repairing blockades and some jackie chan ninja does double backflip over blockades and kill me in seconds..
  4. It's sad if that is true, but i think its not.. And its even more sad if all your wanted is dungeon defenders at that situation.
  5. Verifying cache didnt work, but some logtitech programme was the problem :) Never caused any problems, but now it did with this mouse :o Turning it off helped, no idea why i didnt test it before :D
  6. Okay, i just tought that i had red something like that from somewhere..
  7. So my primary mouse got broken and i have to use other one. Mouse 3 is working well on windows, but in game action menu wont open so i can sell towers for example. Help?
  8. When i report player how do i know that did he got banned? I only got email where reads Thank you for your report!
  9. Yes i know but like i said i dont have good enough gear :( And mostly people kick me cause i havent got good hero gear yet, just tower..
  10. I dont have good enough gear for misty survival.. I can just make it to boss. My stats are 650 1191 654 762
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