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  1. ...your name has an l... And please don't blame all French people the ones I know are really nice
  2. no he is one of the french people since in his stupidity has sent me a french message -_-
  3. :p its the SAME as me but a capital I as the L
  4. Dont trade with me unless you hear my voice because the name looks identical :(
  5. ensnare should slow them enough for defences to kill suggestions (alchemical labratory) or (mistymire on medium :P)
  6. Perhaps something like "self detonating" items. Ones that would start of OP but degrade over time until it's essentially worthless. Literally becomes a trophy after a few months. Pretty but useless. There would be no way to duplicate something like that because it will still have the "internal" clock ticking and all of those event items will lose their OP stats at the same time. This mechanic would also limit the comparison of new event items to old ones. It's always starting from scratch and you never have to worry about out-doing yourself in the future because the new event items will ALW
  7. We're a small team, and we had four times the amount of people sign up on PS3 than 360, so we had to adjust and coordinate our team accordingly. We'll try to grab some more hands for the next event. when is the next one? and would it be possible to do a modified map reward? that locks into your item box
  8. I just realized that locking the items wouldn't be possible. Our hosts wouldn't be able to drop the items. The event item would be like the Chicken. Well if you did trendy hosted events you could modify the reward of the map to be the event item no? therefore it could lock like the chicken
  9. non i said TRENDY in capitals meaning TRENDY not the regular hostss -_-
  10. what TRENDY could do is an event where they modify the reward of the map to be that pet so that you can get it and it can then act like a chicken
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