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  1. Ok it worked thank you SO much
  2. should i re-install the game?
  3. I click on the play button and then it loads for 2 seconds then says"this game is currently unavailibale(corrupt game files)".What should i do?
  4. ^WOW!thats AMAZING raknar!My tower squire is only 74 about to hit 500 tower attack 190 tower health 483 tower attack 58 tower range 130ish tower attack rate.Just need good giraffe/kairi with decent tower stats atleast 18 health and atleast 76 tower attack and ill hit 500 at 74!
  5. Just wondering if you know when it comes out. I just can't wait :p.
  6. My friend was invited but he is not on that list.
  7. I think you did it right because the chickens dont even do much damage 3500 Base and 2800 attack?(mine).Somethings messed up with it.Infat i would have actually gone ALL hero AT.
  8. If monsters strarted dropping super loot we wouldnt have to farm. Only making the game easier. I say keep it in the chests. I agree.
  9. Kindof but im thinking it should be easier once the new difficulty comes out.
  10. k Ace Ill talk to Lemur and oj.
  11. Ya we play and I believe the initiation was 10 kills in 3:00. I don't really get the initiation though.
  12. But the trendy event should be awesome
  13. Ohhhhh ok thanks I get it now.
  14. "it never should of started dont say retarded" Hahaha. But I STILL don't get what you mean when you say "not everybody has the same schedule every week"
  15. I still don't know why it was nesscesary to make a whole new thread for a whole new sign up when you can just edit the first thread to say 25-27.
  16. I only usually come on here every week to sign up for the events. And why would you need to Re-Sign Up anyways, why can't they Just use the old Sign Up list.
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