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  1. These things are so bad on average, i'm wondering if anyone has a 100^ or 200^
  2. Mr Tank, A lethal squire that loves to scream, get hit, and give heart attacks on pvp
  3. Hi i'm vinaluna and ive had issues with my host for the past 2 events, heer29 has been witholding the event item from me after winning the event and has made me say some demeaning stuff for his pleasure in order to get the item, I dred further harassment so please keep the hosts in check, thanks.
  4. Do I sign up for the events? Are they in a weird unfindable sub forum again??
  5. Swagg so out of control
  6. Hey guys, lets try squire, hes the fastest, doesn't die and can hit harder than a huntress
  7. No thanks, i'll farm some 20^ luck gear
  8. 3 aquanos insane runs today 2 tritons, 1 depth charge, 1 arronax every time. And the highest i got was a 92^ triton. Help I think my rng is broken.
  9. well you should see xbox every game you join everyone has mods and hacked stats Well at least they can do crystalline dimension with those high stats
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