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  1. Heard earlier that physical items are ramping up next week. Some issues in Europe with covid, stuff takes longer to be sent when not critical.
  2. I did this run 5 times last night in nm and kept getting Soul Focuser. edit: missed that its MASS only
  3. To Devs, So we've found the dolls hidden in each map. Anyway to make them reactive somehow? Quests with them. Use them. A storyline?
  4. I would much rather enjoy the game now as it is for whatever price they decide than to wait another year or two, possible even 30 months. Then be along the ride as it develops and have a chance to be apart of that development. I greatly appreciate being able to play and be apart of the development of the game than to hear rumors that the game is being made in 2019, then not be able to play until 2021. Then be forced to play a game that is finished by is way off track from what everyone was expecting. For instance think of Blizzard, they do this time and time again.
  5. Checked out the filtering issue again. If i select upgrades only then filter them I get what i want. Then if i use hotkey to change character it only shows upgrades from what was previously shown, vs my whole inventory. Cool, thanks for update on Stats Panel.
  6. By all means, I am not complaining. Love the game and can't and wait to see where it will be. Thank you for no Microtransactions, willing to purchase any future content/packs etc. When I have the stats table open, then add or remove points to a skill. Nothing happens. If i close the table then open it back up, still nothing changes. I either have to switch characters or exit inventory then re-enter inventory to view the changes to stats made. Same goes to adding, removing, or changing gear. While filtering, I am not sure if it was intended this way, or I am viewing it
  7. Did you share any of that with anyone of your hardworking peers tsuda?
  8. Any tips for posting up pics on android phone? What if first prize winner wants huntress animus?
  9. Computer where my skill is at. Although this is more of a strategy game rather than a hardcore pvp game like D2
  10. Solo any of those on insane really.just depends on what I'm looking for. All of them got boring. Havnt played since Sunday
  11. Same here on the "something happened" idea
  12. I heard from some ppl they are and from others they aren't
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