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  1. Don't know why only that posted... But I said, "Trading items should come back along with seeing others stats and armor for bigger maps." Along with finding games... Sick of joining Social Tavern...
  2. That YouSuck-ith guy should come back too... Along with the Wolf Pack ;)
  3. It's been far to long... I see the game everyday and I'm like... "Man if only I could go back!" I miss helping Trendys events in the old school days the most. So I just thought I'd share a piece of my mind on letting the old community know that I miss them and it was a good run. :)
  4. Looking for Mail, Pristine and Leather, all 115+ and mostly for towers. I have a lot to trade so not really wanting to post it all. Also any Chain with 15's and 17's on resistance stats I would love to look at as well! Thanks!
  5. Team Wolf Pack always uses the choice matter. Let them decide and guide them in the way of dungeon defending. We have grown many defenders today!
  6. Its also no surprise that Scoot, nortorious and OMM were mostly on the campaign top leaderboard scores :) Today, that means nothing to me anymore. Try insane with level 70 players and try to get top score! Thoughs where the days. :D
  7. Yousuck-ith, he's the original builder! Thanks Ez! We old defenders and are builds are what we see still today.
  8. My first run for them when levels where increased to 83 I got a 77 and 80 for 83.
  9. I like this idea as a weapons collection theme named after valuable contributors to the community. "The Tito-nator" or "Dredd." Maybe for some future events. That definitely would create a legacy. Yes it would! I wanted this community to know what I did and give it items. Now I'm just an old defender and no legacy
  10. I think its dumb that people on here are complaining about Dredd having too OP of a weapon and that we deserve a chance at that kind of loot too. well here's what i say to that. Hell no. I don't want that OP weapon out there for everyone for one reason. Exploitation of duplication. I'm glad he has the One and Only. Makes me feel as if he really deserved that for everything he's done. And if you're going to B&C about the unfairness of it, then ask yourself a question. What the hell did you do to deserve such a priceless item? What good have you done for the community? Where's your inside connection?!? Dredd that weapon is amazing and no one else deserves it but you buddy. I know one day something of that sort will be avail but never the same. we will have chances to earn a fair weapon that many will consider OP, but have rightfully earned either in reward or persistent hard work and dedication to the community such as yourself. One day we finally get what we deserve.....A DAMN PATCH(yeah right) Yeah, I offered trendy my help in bringing back the events and they said they'd get back to me. Later I find that Dredd and Tito were then starting it up and herd nothing from trendy so I declined that offer in helping the community. Before that I helped many defenders up on there feet with mass morrago runs (back then morrago was nearly unbeatable with 4 player count freezing and what not as well as you see most builds for it are originated from team wolf pack) and my favor was to host events with particular items but no at that time wasn't accepted and then asked for weapon my self and sooooo got shut down. Now I come to hear Dredd asked same in his favor and got his weapon, an Arronax at that! I'm just saying I would of rather my name on an item like that but for the community anyways.
  11. In my defense I have helped and offered help from day 1 witch was 2, 3 years ago messaging trendy and they owed me a favor. I asked for a personal weapon and got told that no one should have an over powered item unless the community could as well have the chance to get one. So instead I had a Giraffe fixed from going negative... Dredd you have done a lot for the community and respect that... But I believe everyone should have the chance to get the Dredd staff that symbolizes your hard work for everyone and not just you.
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