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  1. I'm not making a claim. YOU are making a claim, that it is possible to get a daily that doesn't offer any option better than 1-3. You are furthermore using this claim as the foundation of your argument. Your claim disagrees with my experience (which indicate that such a safeguard does indeed exist). Several other posters on this thread have indicated that their experiences matches mine. The burden of proof falls upon you to justify your claim and the argument that relies upon your claim. And yes, I've read complaints about Onslaught. Onslaught currently awards pets / weapons in a consistent manner. It does not appear to award currency in a consistent manner, compounded with the fact that counters in this game do not always update correctly in the UI (meaning that even if it DOES award the player correctly, it might not appear to be doing so, or vice versa). This is a bug, and not a valid point to argue balance based upon. Hypothetically, if a Squire suddenly started dealing 50,000x as much damage with his attacks as he does now, the correct answer is to fix whatever bug is causing it, not change the Hero Damage daily to be 50,000x higher.
  2. Can you send me a screenshot of your quest reroll with no options better than 1-3? I have never seen such a thing before. Obviously, short of stealing Trendy's code, I can't prove that getting a set of 1-3s or worse isn't possible, but proving that it is possible should be a trivial matter. Onslaught is also not supposed to be an RNG mechanism. From what I've heard, you're supposed to be guaranteed a token for reaching wave 35. If there's a bug entailed, that's a different issue altogether.
  3. 1) Is your vacation taking up most of the month? I've been playing since DD2 went open alpha, and I've never once had a daily quest that couldn't be rerolled into at least a 3-6 or 4-5 option. That's a minimum of 3 tokens per day, plus the ability to save up to 3 daily quests and potentially do multiple daily quests at once. The worst case scenario (if you roll 3 on 3-6 for every daily quest) is 17 missions, which can be done in 6 days of gameplay spread out over 18 days if you time it well. I guess if you go on a two-week vacation, you can potentially fall a little bit short due to RNG, but only by a little. Onslaught can bridge that gap, however tedious it may be. 2) Not true. Onslaught exists. Unreasonably tedious, I agree, but there is enough time in a month to win 50 tokens from Onslaught, so even if you get RNG-screwed as badly as possible, as long as you are willing and able to invest the playtime required, you can complete it. 3) Neither of us have Trendy's code. However, I can attest that between myself and three other friends through about a month of gameplay, none of us have ever seen a daily reroll that didn't offer at least a minimum of 3 tokens. Now, it might be possible, but that's like saying it might be possible for you to not get any item drops from a map except from special enemies and chests. It's possible but so improbable that it hasn't happened to anyone and doesn't merit Trendy designing the game around the possibility of it happening multiple times in a row.
  4. Breaking this into a second post, since it touches upon something very distinct. If you've followed my explanation this far, you'll probably agree when I say that this isn't an easy problem to solve. TC's solution addresses ONE problem, where every class can potentially solo and there's a reason to hybrid between offense/defense and hero/defenses. However, it doesn't touch upon solo vs group play and cross-hero synergies. Balance can be fixed, but it does mean your single-player experience is very limited if you can never see abilities from multiple classes interact with each other. The point I'm going to make now is that simply removing the hero deck makes this problem far worse. From my experience so far, NM4 is fairly easy with a group, and very challenging solo. That's very annoying for players who are stuck playing alone, but it's far from being the worst thing that can happen. If you remove the hero deck, the immediate result is that the game remains easy for group players and becomes easy for solo players willing to buy more hero slots. That doesn't seem very appealing, TBH. Even though I've put money into this game and bought hero slots myself, given the game's ideology, I don't think singleplayer balance should hinge upon whether the player bought hero slots. Let's say you then give everyone a free hero slot, so you can get the DPS - Walls - Auras - Traps - Frosts combo that's currently the meta. This is an incredibly shortsighted solution, because it assumes the meta will always stay the same. Hypothetically, if next patch brings Flamethrowers up so they're on par with Elemental Chaos, the "best" builds won't use one or the other, they'll use whichever one better fits the lane. Now you need six heroes and only have five slots, and we're right back where we started. Ideally, EVERY tower will have its use, and if the game follows the current model where you maximize every tower on a different hero, you'll just need more and more heroes as the game grows more balanced. Does the idea of leveling four of each class really appeal to you? Because it doesn't appeal to me. Let's say you balance the game around a low number of heroes. You can rephrase this as "make the game easier", since that's ultimately what has to happen. Unless you actually limit players to using X amount of heroes, using more than X will always make the game easier. It's an awkward and unwieldy problem. Ultimately, I feel like the right solution is to readdress the builder's bonus from DD1, where builders received a nice damage bonus to their defenses if they remained active. Maybe the right thing to do is to make towers, say, 50% better if the builder is active, and X% worse when the builder is inactive, where X is proportionate to the number of inactive builders used. Then adjust both sets of values for MP to account for 4 active players. Even that seems clunky and potentially unwieldy, but at least it moves away from the "make as many characters as there are build options" philosophy.
  5. I think we can argue on the subjective matter of "fun" all day - Yes. That's my point. Everyone has their own definition of fun in a game. So limiting a game unnecessarily can also limit the fun to be had by all. If you want to self impose limits to make it more challenging, then do so. Stop using traps. Stop using frosties. Pick one hero for your deck. etc. Except that the game is designed around using the hero deck freely. NM4 is literally unplayable solo with a single hero. No hero can suppress the lanes and deal the damage necessary to clear it. The problem that TC is addressing is that heroes do not feel like heroes. Builds are not truly "builds", and there's no min-maxing, only max-maxing. Dungeon Defenders II has very little depth right now, since there's no decision-making involved in character builds. The game presents us with choices that have no consequence in practice. Take the Apprentice, for example. Flameburst Towers are relatively weak, but say for the sake of argument, they become competitive in the next patch. As a result, Pyromania is no longer a wasted modifier on relics. You find a good medallion with Frosty Power and Snowstorm, and another good medallion with Pyromania. Guess what? There's no choice to be made here. You use the Frosty Power and Snowstorm medallion on your Frost Tower Apprentice, and you use the Pyromania medallion on your Flameburst Tower Apprentice. Your Frost Tower Apprentice might as well not be an Apprentice, since he doesn't actually use any of his abilities other than creating Frost Towers. In fact, he would be a better character if he could ONLY build Frost Towers, because you wouldn't accidentally build the wrong tower. There's no sense of a trade-off happening, and therefore no depth to character building. Comparing DD2 to most RPGs illustrates the problem pretty clearly. Most games let you invest in both offensive and defensive options. Some players invest heavily in offense and use other techniques to compensate for low survivability. Some players invest heavily in defense and wear down enemies slowly, or play in groups where they serve as a tank. Some games allow you to use supportive abilities, too. Then there's players who go in-between with a hybrid. Depending on the game, certain playstyles are better than others, but the point is that they EXIST, and that balance is on a spectrum. Now take DD2. Using the Squire as an example, let's say you go glass cannon builder and put everything into Defense Power / Defense Crit, with armor mods that benefit Harpoons / Cannonballs. Your towers still don't do quite enough damage to kill monsters before they reach and kill your towers / objectives. Oops. Okay, let's go full tank with Defense Health / Hero Health / Hearty Blockade / Automation. Now your Spiked Blockades last a very long time, but the monsters last longer. Oops again. Okay, so let's go with a balanced build... where your towers still don't do enough damage, and your walls are now squishier and die. These options all fail because the game isn't designed for the Squire to be a full hero. He's a source of towers, and since you can use multiple such sources there's no REASON to make a trade-off. Why compromise between offense and defense, or choose one over the other, when you can simply make a Squire for each? On top of this, people who like making meaningful build choices are out of luck, because their compromised character DOESN'T WORK. The game can't be doable for a min-maxed char and yet challenging to a max-maxed set of characters. This is why the hero deck is even a problem at all. The game methodology ignores "heroes have a variety of abilities that you can build towards" in favor of "build a hero for each ability you want to use." Then the hero deck limits you to four heroes... but only for solo play. This was a fundamental problem in DD1 that eventually wore me out of the game, and it's a fundamental problem in DD2 as well. For an RPG, remarkably little thought goes into character builds. People complain about cookie-cutter builds in other RPGs because those games get "solved" and eventually there are optimized solutions, but in DD2, these solutions are blatantly obvious and one dimensional to boot.
  6. "This isn't quite what I meant when I wished for more wishes."
  7. I agree. I still love my huntress mainly because of all the cool skins to choose from and her abilities are still pretty damn good. I think the only reason she isn't played much any more is because of her bad scaling with stats. A very low HP pool and with the Jester being able to out-speed and out-DPS a huntress, you can see why. I have a Lv99 huntress in my arsenal but I don't use her too much now I have a decent monk to use. Also, bleh. Her legendary skins look horrible imo. I was under the impression that after the DPS scaling buff on the Hunter / Huntress, they deal more damage with Hunter / Huntress weapons than Jester or SEV. Staves are still arguably better, though. Huntress abilities are definitely way better than Hunter. AoE Invisible is very rarely practical, and pierce shot is much more effective in most situations. I finally managed to trade for a decent weapon for my Huntress when I started playing again. It's working out amazingly... just have to actually get the mana to finish upgrading it. Didn't realize Ultimate weapons would cost so much. XD
  8. Classic is referring to Kobolds that are perfect in tower stats (all 600), or near perfect - meaning when you upgrade the Kobold, you'll achieve 600 in all tower stats. He knows that. Take a closer look at the kobolds though. Both of them would be perfect save for the particular arrangement of the stats. For instance, on the first one, if instead of Hero Cast Rate and Skill 2 rolling 600, tower rate and radius rolled 600, that would be a perfect. On the second, you have three 600s, and two stats high enough that with upgrades, both can reach 600. If that's the result of one run, it doesn't seem like getting 600s across the board for tower stats is too far-fetched. And judging by the fact so many people get them within a few runs... to be blunt, we're not all lying to cover up our hacking. I genuinely received one within 12 kobolds, and I'm sure the vast majority of the people claiming to get one that quickly are being honest too. The stats are routinely high enough that it doesn't feel rare. Not getting one in over 50+ is the anomaly here, not people getting them at 1/6 or 1/8 rates...
  9. I can appreciate that. But between a few of my friends and myself, we're at 0 / 120+ There's bad luck, and there's bs. Thing is, if you go with 1/20 as the average perfect kobold rate, there's a ~1/476 chance that you'll go 120 kobolds without a perfect. It's not impossible. It's not even that improbable.
  10. I'm not doing it wrong at all. All 55 of mine have been farmed on Insane. The drop rate isn't crazy at all. This discussion wasn't meant to spark talks of hacking or who/how it is done, just to be wary of the situation. I mean, the RNG is a pain, but I haven't even got any within 300 stat points of perfect, after 55. They're all sitting in my item box too. That just seems like exceedingly bad luck to me. Like I said, I've only gotten 12 of them and I already had one perfect and several that had enough stats to be perfect, just in the wrong places. It doesn't seem too far-fetched that some people would be luckier and be getting them more frequently...
  11. I think out of 12 Kobolds I had a perfect tower one (or it will be once it's half upgraded) and two or three that had multiple 600s (one was 600 hero hp / attack / cast rate / skill 2 / two of the tower stats). I don't know how many people actually farm these seriously, but getting 0 perfects out of over 50 kobolds seems grossly unlucky. They do spawn with several 600 stats a lot, the hard part is just getting them to be the right stats.
  12. Fair and rewarding? There was nothing rewarding about ANYTHING in the game until post-Hell where the looting came in. Beating Hell on Hardcore, naked, isn't a matter of skill or knowledge. Well, okay, knowledge... but it's knowledge that you gain in 30 minutes of casual reading off of a google search. The game is ridiculously easy, even up to the Ubers, where my poorly geared Sorceress could go in and auto-attack melee to kill two of them. Also, you're still missing the point, which countless players have missed about Inferno in Diablo 3, too. Nightmare is a game option that can be toggled on and off. If you feel like the gaming experience that accompanies Nightmare isn't for you, then don't play Nightmare mode. No, you won't get NM-loot, but you hardly need NM-loot if you're not playing on that mode, so it's irrelevant. If you want your strategy and knowledge to carry you, play on medium. And when you beat it, you can feel good about yourself and call it a day. Nightmare is a gear grind, meant for players who really want to see those numbers go higher, really want to feel challenged, and really want to grind until their heads hurt so they can stomp those challenges flat. And while there ARE holes in progression, this is a legitimate game model that's been popular for quite a while AND is entirely optional and separated from the main game. Sure, it composes the biggest part of the game in terms of hours... but that's naturally what happens when it's meant to be a grinding time sink.
  13. if no one liked grind mechanics, MMOs wouldn't exist at all, and neither would single/multi-player games with heavy grind mechanics. i hate the dangling carrot thing myself, but i accept its motivational power, and the rewards that come from putting the work in. if i had to guess, a number of people on the trendy team really liked d2 and the item hunt, and just like d2, you can get pretty good gear and progress through the game playing normally, then kick it up a notch with truly elite gear at endgame. unfortunately, yea, they went too far towards the d3 side of things (dropwise), and it sucks that almost all the best gear only comes from survival runs, but honestly, they built a pretty damned solid item hunt and gear progression system for the endgame NM peeps, all things considered. Ironically, no one seems to realize that the best gear in D2 was both rarer and more powerful relative to their D3 counterparts. Items that people seem to think are good, like Shako and Occy and such, are complete crap when compared with actual top-tier gear... with said gear being extremely, extremely rare. Granted, D2 had a rampant duping and importing issue which allowed for these top-tier items to appear more often than Blizzard expected, but the point still stands - Diablo 3 is far friendlier as far as minimizing the grind for items. Most MMOs are doing abysmal and don't last very long. There is one fairly old MMO that has abandoned most of the grind and instead focus on other aspects such as PvP/Raiding and despite showing more and more signs of old age is still by far the MMO with the most players. Guess which one it is? Then we have a bunch of generic cookie cutter grind MMOs, such as Aion, Archlord, Final Fantasy 14 and so on. Many of them were dead the moment they were released or died soon after. Weird huh? No wait, it isn't. This game isn't anywhere close to D2. D2 was faster paced, more rewarding, you could do a few runs in no time between doing other things, while equip was important with a proper build (fana zealot) you could do hell even with crappy gear. All of this doesn't hold true for DD. DD with it current drop rates is more like the ******* child of Diablo 3 and some asian grinder MMO. It slowly changed from a fun game to an unfun one that's immensely unrewarding. That's because you can do Hell naked. There are a LOT of people who beat Diablo 2 on Hell mode, hardcore, without using any equipment. There have been groups who have done complete run throughs of Diablo 2 with ironman rules (Hardcore, no equipment, no charms, no town services or quest rewards, no minions, must defeat every enemy in every area, must not repeat areas to grind, ending with twinking in a keyset to kill Ubers... still following the same rules). Hell in Diablo 2 is ridiculously easy for players who know what they're doing. The real grind in Diablo 2 is perfecting your gear, which most players (including yourself, judging by your post) haven't even scratched the surface of. Funny story. Do you know what it takes to get a perfect "Dream" helm? Excluding MF as that's irrelevant to combat, there's a 1:12,496 chance of you rolling perfect stats. Even if you exclude the defense bonus as defense isn't really as important and the range is excessive, you're still looking at 1:176. Have you found 176 Jah runes? I know I haven't, despite spending much more time than is healthy in the game. You spoke of a Fanat Zealot... have you rolled yourself a nice Exile before? Because just finding the base is ridiculous, and the defiance roll varies drastically, as does the ED. And unlike in Dream, the defense matters significantly. Diablo 2 has the problems Dungeon Defenders has, multiplied by ten. The only difference is that Dungeon Defenders has a mode that's actually difficult (as does Diablo 3) making both DD and D3 seem a lot "grindier" than D2. In truth, if you were satisfied beating Hell mode with your character with crappy uniques, you're pretty casual in the eyes of the serious D2 crowd. It's not unlike beating medium mode on Dungeon Defenders and calling it a day.
  14. That's good to hear. Have you found that the changes increased the difficulty to a more challenging and enjoyable degree while offering your better rewards for your efforts? AKA did Trendy actually do it right this time? If so I would also like to see the build if possible as the one I threw together failed miserably. Is there a build planner with this map yet? Generally I've been walling at 3 points close to the upper crystal, and 2 points on opposite sides of the lower crystal. I start out with a handful of archers, place a few mages during wave 1, then place app towers / try to trigger the +10 DU on wave 2. So far I've always succeeded in triggering the +10 fast, which is enough for me to add archers/mages to complete the walls on wave 3. wave 4 = auras, wave 5 = traps. Did I read this correctly? Aqua survival is much, much easier than the patched king's game survival. I can AFK aqua mix mode to 30 but struggle to get to 20 on KG. Hopefully after the -15% they'll be more similar. I'm inclined to say it has to do with your build, but I'll give KG a shot later and see.
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