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  1. Sup capi tan! Im mostly playing black ops right now. Reinstalling DD for a upcomming deployment im about to go on.. I will have lots of time to kill....but no internet connection... So im trying to gear my characters up from some lonley solo farming amd xping. Gotta try out the new maps
  2. Cant seem to delete this damn game! Back again for who knows how long. See you all ingame
  3. Will the game ever get put back on the market or should I just stop playing now?
  4. I purchased second wave arena...when it was first released. I now have a new device and google says i already own the arena but when i get taken to the market to purchase its not thhere because its been removed. Any way for me to get it while the game is off the store?
  5. Played mobile since release. Went over to pc. Took a long break. Started on ps3 for a few months and now im back on mobile. Look forward to playimg with you all sometime.
  6. Way to go yousuckith. That's just like saying you are the most leet lv 57 back when the cap was 70. Congrats!
  7. time to bump this up for another response....its been a few months
  8. I've froze every time I've played aquanos online. Fun level but something has to be done to actually make it playable
  9. Rewards scale with difficulty. Sometimes you get good rewards for lesser difficulty but its not as common as on higher difficulty. A run of bad luck dosent mean that the game mechanics have changed. Farming takes time luck and for the best drops higher difficulty.
  10. This is my plan. Tested it with success. Slice n dices covering all lanes. Harpoons 3 covering each main walkway 2 covering north all down in center. 2 dps ranged character with pets cover host at all times. One ranged dps runs map Killing ogerss/ ninjahz. Shouldn't be to hard with the new gear ....just my thoughts map runner heals towers as needed
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