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  1. One question, How hard/long it take to a setup with presents? If I use normal builders, I can finish under max of 4 waves. Beside Bob, jester is op tower builder under the circumstance of probability/chances(although it can manipulate in some degree). at current stage of game, where trans set can clear almost every campaign/challenge/survival with little bit of practice, and Ult set mainly for showoff. 20%-30% boost of tower speed does make challenge easier but require substantial amount of work(getting what you want). but after all, this thread truly discover the potential of jester
  2. I'll wait for others opinion before commenting on this thread.
  3. Do you really run into that many hackers? Do you really care? Most of the people I play with (random or pals) have regular gear and 1-3K stats. If someone comes in with 5K stats it is for one game and frankly wont ruin my fun. Let the hackers play all day with each other until they get caught...which seems to happen all of the time. Play a game where the developer could not care less if they sell eCoin all day with fake OP items...they are everywhere. Trendy seems to give a s***. Thats why we get whine threads when people get perma-bammed. This game is in a good place in regards to
  4. beside complainting about RNG system in this game, Omnix32 you are spot on what hack bring to this game. No one bother to farm any more, bunch of 5k stat hero runnig around map without known single build on any map. For those who think CD is hard, go check out DanielSound CD run. trans set is more than enough to pass any challenge in every single map, and you just need skill. People are getting lazy, hack their way into CD which defeat the purpose of this game, come out with your own strategy to overcome the challenge.
  5. Personally, I have never use other heros beside summoner to farm armor. I could never ever get a single sup/ult armor piece for monk/squire and other heros beside summoner.
  6. I think crzrndm already point out the answer Although MM give a boost on loot quality, but the map(aqua/KG) can reach max potential even without MM lets say armor quality range from 1-100 KG/Aqua wave 25 can only drop armor up till 90 quality with NON-MM. But with MM add in, the loot can reach over 100. Then rollover kick in, transfer back to 5 quality(105 originally). this is the best example i could think of from my farming experience.
  7. I rather see pony get scale and as well as the diffculty of assult pack
  8. Who the **** is this darksoul guy, you start to get on my nerve. First, this is dungeon defenders, not freaking torch light. Go back to your game and stop moaing here. second, if you know how rng work in this game. you will know what are the chance of ult+ drop. Finding a set of same type of armor with 350+ upgrade with ult+ is like you walk outside and get hit by a meteor, stop fooling yourself.
  9. No matter how much we argue, there will be no big change in dungeon defender right now or in the future. Every opinion should wait until new project release
  10. People doesnt realize that when this game started, Trendy is a very small small company. The coding of loot seem some what complex and redundant, redo all the coding at this point will not be challenge for trendy(as CrzyRndm have prove in his mod). But the big change of loot will attract complain from old player who spend many hour farming. where you go from 1 ult per 50 run to 2-3 ults in just 10 run. While this game is on maturity-decline period, trendy most likely want to hold their loytal player for their support of next project. If the next project comes out, those who master this game an
  11. I would love to see this map and tower war on Rank like NOW. havn't play it yet. It seems like the mechanic of the map is complex, this may pose a diffuculty for trendy to rebalance the map. Just a thought on my mind right now, and Good LUCK on the contest
  12. Farm any shards map survival/KG campaign. Shards map specific/KG weapon have potential to spawn with 300+ stat, which make them good for tower weap.
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