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  1. The idea of losing your character upon failing, is interesting. And to answer Krashkourse; Hardcore characters are normally not able to trade the items they acquire during their playthroughs, or buy other peoples gear. I would very much like to see how far I could get in this mode.
  2. I also wondered why I didn't have the title yet. Good I'm not the only one :-)
  3. The overall damage will increase, but with my builds, and probably many others, the only monsters that i need to attack is Ogres and maybe Djiins. And because of that, it's better for me to change to a DPS hero, so i can pinpoint where the ekstra DPS has to be, dependent on where those 2 enemies are.
  4. What map do you clear, for those items to pop up in the shop? :)
  5. As it has been said before, survival is for mid/endgame players, even though it's on easy. But to move on to insane from hard, and later on to nightmare, you kind of have to power-level or farm gear. :/ I have had the same problem way back when i started playing, but i simply just farmed ramparts hard until i could do insane. Good luck man :)
  6. I'm afraid not. Zamira is already an item set like Godly or Mythical. Supreme Zamira would be the same as Myhtical Transcendent :)
  7. Where is the summoner news? :( That was all i have been waiting for...
  8. just letting you know its 82 and not 84 It's level 83. Look at the upcoming patch (ETA 26/04).
  9. Mah :) Haven't completed Misty NM campaign, so i can't do the Pure Strategy :) God damn bird..
  10. Guess im a bit more lucky then.. Got 5 small eggs, 1 large and 3 Humongous eggs with not that many nm hc runs :)
  11. Hmm. That explains a lot.. Still believe that the djiins are too OP.
  12. Bull****.. I'm bashing my head into a wall, with ramparts nightmare solo because of the amount of djinns all over the place. There is clearly more than 3 djinns solo in Ramparts. Hasn't this patch been implemented to the game yet? Or does the maximum of 3 djinns per player doesn't include campaign?
  13. The new dot colors that have been changed, so that we easier can see upgrades and better equipment, does not work as well as intended i guess. I have a hard time to see the difference from the colors as i am colorblind. Therefore i have a suggestion that you would change the color to either red or yellow or blue. At least a color that is easily recognised. I would really appreciate that. - Langsig
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