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  1. Just to clarify. WM isn't used because its "simple". Flame auras are just as simple. WM is used because alot of people abuse the bug of additional nodes/range, placing them down, then swopping back to power transfer/crit damage. Making them a lvl 3 flame aura with 4-5 shards attached from the get go. They are flat out brokenly OP. I don't want C8/C9. I want the old DD1 endless waves whereby you reach your highest wave possible, then you can start from that wave next time and try again. This combined with leaderboards will hold the playerbase over for a while. Also the challenges were alot mor
  2. I'm a C7 and long time player and this release has drained me of all enthusiasm for the game. I cannot deal with the game breaking bugs anymore:- Last person in a room cannot press g.Losing win bonus due to bugs (pressing continue goes to tavern, failing to find sessions, getting dc'ed for no reason).Never ending loading of taverns.Can't even get into the game on certain servers.The one thing I had left to play for is ascension levels and even that has been screwed. If you didn't manage to play the last 2 days you could have gained hundreds of ascension levels for 4x xp. Now I gain 1 level ev
  3. I agree with the level cap being optional, but thats one slice of the grinding pie. I have 1600/2900/1000/1600 stats and I'm struggling to keep up with the content on a casual basis, so I can't imagine people who have just started the game. I just think they are releasing content too quickly and not testing the content properly. If there is another bug with like the insane OMF trans gear bug for supreme gear, it will be game over for me.
  4. Just saw this from patch notes : * Raised Level Cap to 83, and added hyper-rare 'Supreme' item quality categorization Is it just me is the grind getting too much? Most people have 5-10 characters and took 30-40 hours to grind them to 78, now it could take atleast that again just to get them to 83 and then add my main builder only just has a trans set, never mind my other builders. Is it just me or is the grind in this game getting too much? Personally i've stopped playing it as much.
  5. Read through this thread and its all getting confusing, with tonights patch of starting on whatever wave you want. Currently what build do you suggest? Which is the active builder and which guardian (or pet? I hear people using donkeys for Djinn interruption) do you use?
  6. Hey rob, jump on Dungeon Helpers chat and we'll talk !
  7. The highest ^ most people have seen is 310, yet you have an immaculate ^334. Question answered :)
  8. I have never once seen a thread about a builder being kicked from rooms, everyone needs builders and barely anyone needs DPSers, I don't understand what the issue is. There is a variety of reasons for kicking that are actually logical, but you have to make yourself irreplaceable in order to stay. Best way is to always host your own room and progress with others. Personally if I was running NM Misty/Moraggo for a boss kill, I'd ask you to switch to a barb/squire/countess just because of survivability. If you don't want to get kicked you have to understand the need of others, there is a re
  9. okay... me and my friend made it to wave 30 today. i must say it feels much harder and we nearly got stomped by wyverns that were poison resist.. we got unlucky with ogre spawns and lost a wall west, i then just tanked the ogres and they didn't get through... we and my partner hit wave 30 before 7.26c so no enemy nerfs/hp buffs. the drops were absoulute crap also, i only saw a single trans peice my whole run >.> I have to say i had the opposite experience. Build still works fantastic, ran to 30 in 2:18 combat time. Also did it pre 7.26c (Aka double damage for dews, less hp for us). D
  10. Thanks for the feedback, added about pets!
  11. The Dungeon Defenders FAQ Hey folks, every section seems to be littered with the same question day after day. So I'm putting together a one-stop shop for new and old players alike and will keep it updated. Will try and format this as best as I can, so here we go. I've just returned to the game, what classes are the easiest to solo with? Currently squire is your best bet. Apprentice is also viable but Squire has no elemental damage so much easier to get through your first maps. I made a guide that can run Endless Spires NM (The first mythical map) almost from fresh, here is that guide
  12. Lost and Outdated? The guides section is updated almost hourly with fresh builds. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?48901-Need-any-help-with-progression-Look-here! I'll start making an FAQ because the same questions keep coming up *Edit: just made an FAQ http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?53005-The-Dungeon-Defenders-FAQ
  13. Hey kandar, thanks for the build! Couple of things to note that I don't think Kandar mentioned. You really need a good trapper for this to work, 25+ the goblins start to get silly amounts of hp so a good trapper is really needed otherwise the middle wall get pounded and needs additional attention. Couple of questions, what sort of combat time are you looking at solo/duo to 25-30? Where do you stand by default and what is your moving pattern for the waves on solo?
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