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  1. How nice of you to be so specific so we can help you. *not*
  2. Yup. I'm not going to spend anything on this game until they finally decide to start patching regularly with content that actually matters to us. It feels like they're not even checking up on the forum at all because of all those cosmetic and insignificant patches they are implementing, while we are making hundreds of threads about the problems the game has and solving those will actually bring better times to the game. And if they know about those... Well they'd better start firing & hiring in their dev department because it's going SLOW AS HECK.
  3. It's only cosmetic. The pets look like they are made out of gold. Woop tee doo. Stats are the same, and they can also just hatch as green quality etc.
  4. If I were you I would immediately get Windows 7 on your system. Minimum requirement for DD2 is Windows 7, and it's better for your security as well.
  5. Ahá. I assumed you were talking about bits there, since that's what people usually do. 60mbits/s is only 7.5mbytes/s. But in that case, could be anything really. Alpha ftw, and the servers have been very unstable lately.
  6. Too bad, Trendy does not care about any reason what so ever why it happened, if it was their fault or not: they do NOT refund anything what so ever. Yep. Just another thing to consider with DD2.
  7. So you fixed the files after your first crash, then it crashed again and it said there was a problem with the file(s) again? I'd make a ticket for the Trendy technical staff if I were you. If they care.
  8. Plot twist: they don't care. Maybe after some weeks they will bring another tiny balance update.
  9. Fantastic you say? Eggs drop like Halloween candy and you hatch them in seconds now, and with the pretty high legendary hatch chance I would not call that fantastic. I'd call it pitiful. You probably meant the golden eggs by the way. They are not guaranteed legendary at all.
  10. I completely agree. It's a shame though that Trendy's meaning of 'soon' is rather obnoxious. RIP. Hence I'm not surprised of how it's going with the player base right now. Very slow patching, and mostly insignificant stuff that is unrelated to balance/actual fun imo. If you'd ask me I would almost say that it's only the moderators and 2nd degree 'devs' who read the forum. Keeping it nice and pleasant, and trying to help people with bugs. Improvement wise I would say not many f*cks are being given. At the very least not on 'short' notice. Such a shame. That is also why I'm currently kicking back a bit since the game has become very stale, maybe in a couple of weeks they will chance a tiny bit balance wise and we will see again for a couple of days. Rinse & repeat until the game is dead. That's where it's going to right now.
  11. You're better off making a new thread. Just for the sake of it: I'm fairly sure you can still get the double stat, and only one will work. You can then still reroll to two different ones which is obviously recommended.
  12. Since you only get loot from the minibosses... Nope.jpg
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