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  1. no matter how i bind the left bumper key on my xbox controller it does not work, specifically im trying to make it show the map this could possibly be because only the main can activate the map? not sure but also the down and left on dpad frequently dont work but occasionally with new patches do
  2. yea for some reason the stuff never drops for me but once one does more do, its weird on another note do you know if any of those boxing gloves that person found were super good range monk weapons? because im looking for one my current does like 18k range dmg im looking for alot more nvm sounds like you use squires i assume theyre squire ones
  3. my mistake i think the base ones that drop in survival are fire damage but yeah i coulda sworn mine was fire damage when i was using it the first time
  4. lol... how can you justify farming something that takes like 5-10 whole minutes vs something that takes less than 2 and can be farmed 4 at a time, also some of the worst rets and big sticks still have over 3m base value so they take 112 ups to hit 200m and 147 ups to hit 400m (400m tokens are worth making if the base is 4m+) i mean i just ... dont see how assault is boring and ogre crush isnt. especially waiting for ogres? just makes no sense. and anyone making oph tokens is making a mistake
  5. whats funny is ogre party hats are horrible token bases compared to rets and big sticks.... and take longer to do if you cant do those assault levels you shouldnt be making tokens
  6. i agree its not a problem. i use a trans genie reward one that shoots fireballs im just putting it out there. its weird shoots lightning hits fire lol
  7. the gas trap near the crystal at south is literally impossible to place i doubt it matters what crystal you use but i CANNOT get it where u put it it is impossible lol
  8. can i make a pc guide but request microsoft points ._.?
  9. yea but doesnt it shoot lightning and hit for fire dmg
  10. the middle crystal on aquanos randomly keeps getting an orc teleporting to it theres a harpoon facing both lanes no way it can even get in and it magically appears on crystal, i also saw an orc phase through a different wall it almost wiggled its way through even though there was no space anyone else experience this? its only orcs.
  11. armour how exactly do you do that. my insanely stacked hunt took FOREVER to knock tentacles off and didnt do **** for damage
  12. not hacked.... i like how apparently getting one djinnlet is enough to pass judgement, the pets are MAJORLY random, nm hc is the best. insane will always get u a 150 or less ups djinnlet boring and basically bad
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