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  1. Quests have worked for me. I get three every day as intended. They're great.
  2. This pet is an evolution of another pet so don't worry, most people will have it soon enough once the Shellium Shard situation gets sorted. Flickerwick -> Bitterwick -> Madwick
  3. It exists. all 3 of my group members in my last game got it. I'm OK because I have a legendary pet anyway.
  4. Then keep voicing your opinion respectfully and eventually they might do something about it. I personally think the game is fine.
  5. I just want to quickly point out that you can have a top tier Tower Attack Rate and 2 slightly lower level Tower Attack Rate spheres in at the same time, giving you roughly a 25% boost in total defense speed. This means 5 shots in the time it'd normally take to make 4. Is it huge? No, but it is helpful for sure, and I'm positive we'll see more options to improve defense speed in the future.
  6. The event was fine. Not everyone should get the egg. I didn't get it and I don't really care. Maybe I'll get the next one? There will be other events. Put the amount of effort and time into it that you're willing to invest and then move on. If you strip RNG events from a loot game, what do you even have?
  7. The biggest problem with tower speed is when you have a choice between tower speed and virtually anything else, you take tower speed. It was an overpowered stat and they decided that the best way to reign it in and encourage other tower builds would be to allow plenty of opportunities for tower speed to be enhanced by good items, spheres, etc. I think making tower speed get upgraded in Q upgrades would be a mistake because, again, it forces you to upgrade certain towers and neglect others. I also just think that the direction they're going with tower speed is just fine.
  8. When you click on a map, it should show you: Joinable Games: 2 This would mean that there are two groups playing this map that need at least one more person and if you joined right now you'd be sent there immediately. I hate being forced to start games on my own as a non-defense build. This is one of the features DD1 sort of had (being able to join games from a list) that DD2 has yet to implement.
  9. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=492356044 http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/437199178116482082/31B3F189912F32E8A2E7AF3B8F7219F5AD3D7E53/ I rerolled my pets empowerment stats and something went wrong. I have only one stat now and my pet is effectively broken. He's my pride and joy. He's a legendary Serpentagon and I really hope he can be fixed.
  10. I'm going to bump this because I think it's a good post. I hope you guys help me out here and give it a look. If you disagree, then tell me why. Thanks!
  11. Everyone, your complaints and ideas are all important to the development of this game, but keep in mind that the game still has a long way to go. Let the devs try to impress you with their plan and if it doesn't work out, then I'm sure they'll go with yours. They're very involved, and they clearly care way more than other devs. They'll do what needs to be done to keep the game afloat.
  12. You're asking for a guaranteed mythical egg that hatches in 3 hours as an easy drop. I respectfully disagree. I think making it difficult is good. Not everyone should get to walk away from the event with this pet, or it'll devalue it.
  13. In pre-alpha I'm pretty sure you're supposed to find and report exploits. By all means, use them and bring attention to them, but if you use them without bringing attention to them once it's full release, I'd expect a ban hammer.
  14. Double down on the decks, dudes. Here's What I Got: In addition to spheres, add other ways to progress your character via cards that can be inserted under a hero card in your Hero Deck. Use Betsy Coins or whatever they're called to buy booster packs which contain these cards that have mods that vary from powerful to useless to cosmetic to bizarre. 1. Intense Training: +1-4% Hero Damage 2. Constructive Activities: +3-7% Defense Health 3. Tough Exterior: Hero Physical Resist +1-10% 4. Be Water, My Friend: add 10% of physical damage to attack as water damage 5. You're All Sheeple!: 3-5% chance to
  15. I just went back to DD1 to get a refresher because I haven't played in a long time and I wanted to be informed as I posted this. I went back thinking that DD1 is still the more complete game. There are more features in DD1 than there are in DD2 and the game is balanced very nicely. Difficulty scaling is good, but balance comes with time. But when I went back to DD1 I found that, well, actually... -DD1's UI is atrocious compared to the UI and inventory management system in DD2 -DD1's graphics were very different. Darker, more subdued colors, cheaper looking character models, but clever uses of
  16. It sounds like you just unlocked a costume accessory for yourself, not an actual piece of equipment.
  17. I just tried again and now it's working for me! Try again!
  18. SO it's a Steam problem? Not sure I buy that.
  19. Ugh tell me about it. I got up early to hatch my pet and now I can't.
  20. Post a new thread. Go for it. Make it fill up their feed. This is easily the most important bug they have to deal with today.
  21. Hmm interesting. Well if someone in Cali is getting the issue I'm sure it'll be fixed soon.
  22. Region blocking may be being introduced. What country are you in? I'm in Taiwan and I've got the same problem. I have buddies in Australia, Malaysia, Korea, and Hong Kong with the same problem. Buddies in American are playing now.
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