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  1. Just purchased mine so it should be available to everyone soon if it isn't already
  2. Its Final Fantasy III The Shields original name is: Cursed Shield After equipping win 255 battles with it to break the curse and it becomes the Paladin Shield
  3. Wait. I always wondered what he said after leeroy. It was 3 mumbled words. I assumed it was a jenkins reference. But what do bears have to do with Leeroy? Maybe a reference to this book? Where-Is-Bear
  4. For number 1 and 2, how about Overlord mode by default having a minimap. The area of the map being viewed by the camera would be shown on the minimap as a box encompassing the area. Clicking on an area outside of that box would automagically shift the camera's view to that location.
  5. You don't think that saying "equip two guardians ... the strategic possibilities are very interesting" implies that the guardians would actually do more than boost stats? eh, whatever. Not misleading at all. A lot of the time in games a host will try and coordinate with people who join so that they have the right mix of gaurdians at different locations for their build. Now you have a character that can equip 2 at once, but doesn't boost minions he summons. So you mix him into the regular build where his gaurd boosts are doubled up wherever he chooses to plant himself AND has the extra MU for minions to further enhance the build. If anything, I'm wondering if Hero Boost works on minions. I wouldn't expect for Tower Boost to have an effect since they are not towers. They may be treated as such by players, since that's the model we are used to, but we have to remember that this is a NEW gameplay style that's being introduced so some of the definitions we would normally use just do not seem to apply.
  6. I don't think it would be fun, unless the enemies drop from the middle of the map and you can only place towers in the back in a way they could always hit you. My spin on it would be no enemy spawns only TvT.
  7. Interesting. Maybe even to take it a step further, everything can damage everything, including: - Enemies on enemies - Heroes on towers - Towers on heroes - Heroes on heroes - Towers on towers I think the following would work better - Enemies on Enemies (Heroes and Towers) - Friendly Hero on Friendly Hero - Friendly Hero on Friendly Tower However, Friendly Tower on Friendly Hero I think is too much. It would be bad enough for you to be vulnerable to opposing team heroes, their towers and Friendly Heroes but having a stray shot, from a Friendly Tower, damage you would kill the feel of the game I think. I mean imagine the opposing team is storming your defenses so your DPS Heroes fall back to fend off the rush. Yeah the enemies will be damaged by you plus your towers the same way you'll be damaged by the enemies and your towers, but its an incentive for those playing the DPS heroes to continue their assault on the other base instead of coming back to provide help to your own defenses. However, Friendly Hero on Friendly Tower damage is cool because it will force anyone defending their base to leave the protection of their defenses to fend off assaults since they wouldn't be able to attack through their towers without causing damage.
  8. A good variation of this may be to make a TvT map where each team defends a crystal. It would have a normal Build and Combat phase model with a Game being either 3,5,7 waves long. Each build phase the teams would build out the defenses for their crystals. Then once Combat phase begins you try destroy the other teams crystal. Each Combat phase would last until the total # of kills is achieved for that wave or a crystal is destroyed. Kills are counted as enemy hero kills + enemy towers destroyed - 1 for each friendly kill. Friendly-fire is limited to projectiles/melee attacks that come from friendly Heroes but not friendly towers. The team that reaches the kill objective or kills the crystal to end a wave gets 1 point. Once the max number of wins needed to win the majority of the waves is reached end the game and reward the winners.
  9. However, even if you start it normal and then make it hidden your friend can still Steam Join you. I can attest to the fact that whether I've made a game public or private, after I click that hide button I cannot invite or have friends choose to join my game from Steam. Every time I get asked "Did you just kick me?"
  10. One thing I found is that Sharken tend to charge for the crystal not your defenses. Defenses between the Sharken and the crystal get pushed. By building my defenses further away from my crystals I've seen a large drop in Sharken charges. Now when they come upon my defenses they tend to pound on my walls while I or my towers kill them. Every now and then a wall will get bumped out of place but since my defenses are further from the crystal I usually have enough time to finish of the Sharken and plug the hole. Other than that I also try to find places for towers that are not in the middle of the approaches and leave my walls to do their job of blocking mobs. This way if something does get moved my towers are usually left unmolested so they continue to cover the area I want covered, buying me a little more time and forcing me to sell and replace ONLY my walls instead of my entire arrangement. Even with these changes though I'm sensing there's got to be something more that can be done. I was toying with the idea of placing walls where they could not be pushed without clipping through objects to see if that works but I'm guessing that it won't work and they'll just slide sideways until one end is free.
  11. Same here. Doesn't matter the difficulty it just bumps me to the games list. Verified local game files and still doesn't work.
  12. The Tycho skin for Squire has the same effect as the Mitt skin
  13. why not have it so that pressing G basically fastforwards to the next enemy spawn. That way if you get to end of wave and there's a wait between ogre or djinn spawns, pressing G would take you through all of that. Since there's not a ton of projectiles from towers firing at those times it wouldn't be an issue. Also, if in the middle of the wave while there are still tons of spawns occurring it would basically have no effect and again have no issue due to projectiles as well since it would stop at the next enemy spawn regardless of the enemy type. Then give this ability only to the host. Edit: Same idea as Siggycakes except mine would still count against the time.
  14. a hat has hooked onto the side The fact that the hat was on the side there gives me the idea that it may be possible for a close up screenie which I haven't seen anyone snag a shot of yet. Everything I've ever seen posted is from a mile away it seems
  15. They should be more specific then =\ That's true. Only time djinn interrupt is mentioned in the patch notes is to say it was reduced from 15% to 7.5% but nothing about the type of damage that is required to trigger it. I think it was clarified in other posts but was never in patch notes
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