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  1. While it will have an effect on everyone playing high-wave nightmare survival, I think it's a great change. The animation put ogre attacks out of commission for a good 10-15 seconds when ensared, which was a little ridiculous given that they could also then be killed in that amount of time.
  2. Oh god, I completed it solo back when it first came out. I don't remember how many tries it took me, but I know that afterward I swore never to solo it again. Utterly absurd
  3. This issue is at its absolute worst on castle armory. It's literally an extra 5 to 10 minutes of simply waiting around for ogres to spawn at the end of each wave. It kills the level, completely.
  4. E)Uber Death from Above is easily the most boring 45 minutes you can spend in the game, and doesn't even guarantee the weapon will be good at the end of it.
  5. City in the Cliffs is also harder because there's mobs in the southeast are no longer getting stuck, thus sending more mobs at a time than what it was before. Put a gas trap in that corner, you'll see what I mean. As far as wyverns go...I still don't know, but I'm no longer buffing my harpoons in any way (no guardians, no ev tower buff) and it seems to make them a little more accurate.
  6. I don't have pictures right now, but from beating the challenge on NM with monk, I got a "rug beater". Just what it sounds like, it's a wrapped up rug. Incredibly fast attack speed and can get up to +5 projectiles like the makuhita (rumble in jungle monk reward).
  7. I can proudly say that it is in fact possible to solo this map on Nightmare. After a ridiculous amount of attempts, I finally built a setup good enough to complete the whole thing. Gas traps are essential, and harpoons must be placed precisely in order to properly take care of wyverns. I'm never soloing this map on campaign mode again though...that was way too intense. Great challenge though.
  8. i got a 1/1 donkey before. However, my latest donkey... Levels: 257 (!!!) Base Attack: 1116 HP-405/Att-429/Cast Rate-219/Ability 1-429 Ability 2- -93/THP-180/Tower Rate-143/Range-184
  9. I hope that the drop rate on trans items stays exactly the same as it is right now. I've done a few survivals and have yet to find one myself, which is actually making it more exciting to keep looking. I'd rather not see everyone running around at level 78 with trans gear, and for myth gear to still be what most characters will be wearing even after they hit 78.
  10. Though that pink text is very hard to read, I can reiterate and relate to that situation. When the Genie Head Boss gets down to about half of his life on Nightmare, the crystal in the front of the palace (closest to the first lamp the genie is in) seems to just instantly die, regardless of health or mobs around. I've had this happen to myself too, more than once. I thought it was a wyvern or a mob I missed the first two times, but the third time I was looking at the map before hand, and I lost without a mob anywhere remotely close to that crystal. I'm not sure if it's a bug or some attack
  11. After a few upgrades, the damage goes up by 88 per upgrade, and it seemed like the upgrades cost less than the normal amount required for pets. It's damage is also heroic, same as the chicken and animus. On nightmare dummy my Ranger was taking away 18k per shot, while cube was taking away 111k per hit. It's attack speed only gets to 3 though. Regardless, it's becomes quite powerful for a pet.
  12. Ha, in my own technicality I missed the earnings part. I'm very glad to be wrong here.
  13. please note that the asterick says it's a 50% wave completion bonus, so it is not a straight-up 50% boost on glitter runs. Enemy kill exp and all other bonus experience from awards after wave I'm assuming will still be the same.
  14. It's not even introduced yet, and there's already a problem with it? The way I read it and see it being implemented is that it will auto-invest for you as you just click the stat you want to up every level. I doubt they will overlook the resistances needing to be upgraded...then again, I could very well be wrong.
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