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  1. This is likely to be the last post on this thread tying every thing up. Long story short I was unbanned I may have had to wait a week but I was eventually unbanned. Additionally I was given some cautionary advice of if it looks too good to be true probably is a sound but amusing statement with a game that has random stat allocation and a free player market, but alas I was unbanned so my story ends happily. Although the tactical nuke they threw at my 4 74 characters reducing them to dust sucks but I guess that's the price you pay for ignorance.
  2. Thank you for the staff response, I was banned via Trendynet its self and have sent an email which reads much like my post. I have however been waiting a good day nearly two. Is there a direct contact line or an approximated time for a response?
  3. Hello I have recently been banned from Trendy Net ranked servers. I would like to contest this ban as I feel that I have been playing the game legitimately. As I have never used any program / Software to influence ranked game play. That been said I am in possession of a custom map "Mad Mana Map" which is a downloaded map that I have only used in the open servers to test the end result of upgrading different weapons. However it is my understanding that is is perfectly fine as this is what open mode was intended for. Additionally a player recently made me aware that he believed the gear I
  4. Sir I owe you a drink. Guess I needed a fresh pair of eyes thank you.
  5. Hey I've recently collected all of the pets in game (bar chicken and shroomit) and according to many different listings I should have this achievement. http://postimage.org/image/bi0pewwoz/ http://postimage.org/image/prxgbgjaj/ I've tried dropping them and picking them back up. I have both variants of the dark bot / laser bot and both variants of the hamster.
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