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  1. eey T@F, Not to be an a**hole but my little brother of 9 is beating the game on hard so I'm not sure what you are talking about. It's complete and utter boul**** that you need the best gear and luck O,o... what you are saying doesn't even count for insane.
  2. eey guys, I think this would be a rather good idea, I'm not sure what the max item count on the floor can be for 1 - 4 players but it would be really nice if it would either be weapons 33% and armor 66% or just 50/50 :). that way there is a higher chance you can find both good weapons and good armor. Yours truly, Domistroy
  3. eey Dragon, You do understand that he's talking about using 2 buff beams to get double the boost and not having a guardian stack with the buff beam? But If 2 buff beams ever stacked on effect this was indeed a bug and was probably never mentioned because: A. they didn't want people to know that this was possible (in the upcoming patch noes). B. It never got talked about in the forum so it looks as if nobody knew and was going to get a silent fix or just because afterwards when the patch did get released they forgot to make a note of it. Yours truly, Domistroy
  4. eey Songee, I disagree with it being to much because on nightmare the shard maps (campaign) aren't that easy and ones you are level 74 they will be the only maps you are going to do, even with the increased xp it would still take a copple of runs to get from 74 --> 83 so I do not at all see the problem? It's not suppose to take ages to level in this game especially since if you are going to play solo (like I do) you will need atleast all the classes to make a decent (good) build and if it would take so long for you to level (unless you go farm maps on insane difficulty (which is a waste of time for you to begin with) this is a step in the right direction because you should be able to level at the same time you are progressing gear wise. Just to be short: Loot progression --> requires leveling --> being able to level up while getting loot progression ( especially for alts like monk hunter) = more fun instat of the "insane map farming to level up all of your alts because it goes faster, no annoying mobs that require carefull tower placement" = more xp per hour, this change will balance that a bit. But just to be clear this is my opinion (even though I might sugest otherwise). Yours truly, Domistroy
  5. eey guys, Jer has not forgot to do this: * Added 15 DU to 'City in the Cliffs', for a total of 140 Check the upcoming patch notes :). Yours truly, Domistroy
  6. eey Nikodareus, [QUOTE]To me, MM is not only SOLD as anti-air, but the only thing I use them for and the only AA choice I pick when my aura's aren't already slaughtering incoming 'verns naturally. Harpoons do better DPS, sure. But they also cost 2x the DU and the extra DPS is just fluff since MM takes them out without fail for me.[/QUOTE] And that is the problem, magic missiles shouldn't only be decent enough to handle some wyverns they should actually also be able to kill some trash, with there slow projectiles it takes far to long for the projectiles to finally reach a target and damage them. I understand that a magic missile is only 3 DU but even comparing 2 magic missiles to 1 harpoon you will see that in 90% of the cases a harpoon would be the better choise, while you might lose a little DPS you get piercing which is far more valuable then that 5% extra damage. When magic missiles start to fire at an ogre that will be the only thing they will hit, they have nothing that makes them "special" in any case. Yours truly, Domistroy PS: And btw I don't see the magic missile as a tower with the highest priority to get a "buff or a small change" I would far more love to see the deadly striker turret to become usefull :D.
  7. Eey Nikodareus, magic missile towers aren't sold with the describtion "anti-air" they might hold a single lane of birds at bay but against multiple birds they will miss so much because there projectiles are far to slow. It's damage might be decent but if it can not hit its target that means very little, if they where to either give magic missile projectiles a higher speed (or by making haste / range tower stats globaly affect projectile speeds) they would be a lot better already. The lightning tower is as some mentioned a little hard to balance out, it has a high DU cost but can deal damage to a lot of Trash mobs and will either kill them or weaken them. while it's DPS on a single target is rather low.. it's total DPS can be good enough to be worth the 7 DU. but there is some kind of bug that causes the lightening tower to not fire when it has already been recharged (mentioned above) which kind of ruins the tower now and then :P. The fire tower is good enough in my opinion. The deadly striker tower is not worth it's DU cost at all I wish they would alter / buff this tower very much because I find this the coolest of them all, because as of now its not that "deadly". The animation causes it to get far less from haste then other towers. 2 other reasons that makee this tower rather bad is because if the target dies that it wanted to fire on it will have to recharge so making it "keep" the charge would cause it to become a little less inefficient. second thing I don't like is that it fires on targets that are further away then the 60 meter projectile cap. (also sometimes noticed it missing targets that were inside the projectile range but still got missed very often.) and if they alter it somehow I would find this the coolest, making targets that it kills explode and cause some AOE damage to nearby enemies. Yours truly, Domistroy
  8. eey Bainzucka, using 3 players and getting 2800 mobs in misty or 5000 in maroggo is not about the same. about would be something like 3500 on maroggo. Yours truly, Domistroy
  9. Dear AusSkiller, If this "fix" gets added to the game that will mean that the apprantice can actually be very helpful indeed, using overcharge would get things back in place real fast :). anyhow 1 way or another there should be something added to "repair or fix" what the shakens have done, selling all your towers and rebuilding them (not possible especially if playing solo) is just rather frustrating and not much fun. also for this fix Treny can also use a timer so that you have limited time to get the towers back in place, meaning the player still have to be very much active to react fast enough. Yours truly, Domistroy
  10. eey Knubbe, I think you just remembered it wrong because I have just checked it myself and it's still very much the same. Robots did scale with hero damage before so that's just wrong information, and I'm talking about a mythical robot because none mythical pets do not scale with hero damage. Even if what you are saying is true then his damage should have gone up, not down, so that doesn't make any sense either. because you have the base damage of the pet + an % extra for the ammount of hero damage that you have. Yours truly, Domistroy
  11. eey ManaCorporation, Pic or it didn't happen!! nah kidding aside :), good to read you are having fun. I haven't given it a try yet but I will tomorrow, but magic quarters is a rather small map, you can respond quickly if needed to. The bigger maps like Misty, maroggo etc are another type of cake would be my gues. Yours truly, Domistroy
  12. Nice idea of a thread Guizmus, This will also show the devolpers that we appreciate a lot of there work and are not only seeing dissapointing changes, I for one have only been seeing improvement these past few weeks. It is true that we sometimes show an uproar but as mentioned that's just because we are afraid that it will make the game less fun and the reason we let ouer voices be heard is because we want this game to succeed to it's fullest and I think that after part 3 we will be going 1 more step in the right direction. Yours truly, Domistroy
  13. I thought that the idea of an target exploding when a Deadly striker turret Kills the target would be really nice :) also a damage increase of let's say 25% + faster shooting animation would make it cool and decent. They should also fix it trying to fire at targets that go out of the projectile range (60 meters I've read here) which causes it to keep firing on a target that it can not hit, but I've also encountered the deadly striker turret to just miss a target even though it's in the projectile travel range :S? Overal I just hope they take a good look at it. I also read about an idea that haste for towers would not only increase there fireing rate but also increase there projectile speed. I LOVE this idea because it would make haste MUCH more effective at higher stats because as of now 1 tower damage is better then 1 tower haste (at least from 1200 + in my opinion). but faster projectile speed might also be combined with the tower range stat (might make more sense).
  14. Eey guys, I have a question, since the change of squires I've started to play apprantice again but my computer gets so much framedrop it's barely playable . I'm using MSI afterburner to check the GPU load , FPS and the temperature of my graphics card but my computer rarely uses more then 50% load. Most of the time it's between 25 - 40% and because of that I get only 15 - 40 FPS does any of you know some tricks to increase the frames per second (FPS) ? Normalle "not" using the "Don't use multithreaded renderer" option would improve my ammount of FPS but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore? GPU = ATI MSI 6870 hawk. --> I have latest drivers CPU = I7 860 from intel SSD = M4 from crucial (128 Gig). --> I have latest firmware Yours truly, Domistroy Added 4/13/2012: Never mind guys I've found a way to increase it myself :D I made an 3D application profile in AMD catalyst that forces a copple of settings :). - Anti alising --> not "use application settings" 2x - anisotropic filtering --> not "use application settings" 2x - Tesselation --> AMD optimised - Catalist AI = texture filtering quality --> Performance - wat for vertical sync --> Off unless specified in application. - OpenGL settings --> Tripple bufering in the dungeon defenders CONFIG screen I still don't use the "Don't use multithreaded renderer" option. I can't really post a screenshot of the settings because I don't know were to upload it, can't seem to upload other images to steam without making them ingame. my GPU load before these setting was around 25 - 40% and would often go lower when more projectiles were flying around (lots of fireballs mostly) and now it will remain at 70 - 80% at all times giving me around 60fps and will go toward 100% load when to stay above 30 fps.
  15. eey guys, I can confirm that you will get a pet when you start from W13 on Mistymire survival HC. reward: http://steamcommunity.com/id/nexdestroyer/screenshot/559813038323631037?tab=public Yours truly, Domistroy
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