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  1. I started " Major PC Lag Issues" in the patch forum because I believe it is related to recent patches and changes that were made. Trendy moved it without comment and still won't respond. Pretty poor customer service. They have been awesome in the past, but now is unacceptable. I run a I5 processor with NVIDIA 640 video card (1 gb I believe). I do have 2 controllers hooked in but have tried without them and have the same lag issue. I will again be attempting the game without controllers to prove Trendy wrong with their current ( not directed) claims that it is controllers. They had a issue wi
  2. Nice move Trendy! Move the post without stating it. It was in Patch Updates because there is an issue with your patch. I agree it is a PC issue too, but "come on man". Fix the issue!
  3. This is a major issue with no response from Trendy other than we are aware. How about revert back to the older patch? Then we can play without issue until they resolve THEIR issue. Cant play like this all weekend. Might motivate me to go buy Diablo III.
  4. Ever since the last patch, there has been significant lag when playing. All 4 cores are close to max capacity. This seems similar to the controller issue that was spiking the core and causing lag. This must be fixed before the weekend. Worst lag I have had in a long time with this game. Hope Trendy plans on fixing tomorrow!
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