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  1. Well after having this game for more than a year, with both my brother and myself clocking up many hours, its time to leave. This is due to a corruption in my brothers data. Second time this has happened. First time he lost all of his items, no big deal. (except the chicken) But this time out of no where, in fact last time he was signed in he had everything, nothing was wrong. We signed him in today, and he had nothing. No trophies, items, characters, game progress. There goes 20+ giraffes, a 9k shai halad, a level 78, all that. On top of all that, most of our items were with him ther
  2. You could try my build: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?77807-Alchem-Labs-NMHCMM I believe it works with sub-1k stats.
  3. Hurruh DLC should be coming out soon. ^^
  4. Heres a build I used on NMHC with lower stats, got to around 28 before I messed up. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?78661-Guide-Aquanos-NMHCMM-Survival-to-Wave-30
  5. Someone I was playing with got a perf frok IHCMM so yeah.
  6. Thanks.. yeah i can put the time to good use.. we both spent time grinding glitter insane and theres so much more for him to see and im still seeing new things myself.. Hopefully by the time he gets here ill have my Aqua HC Insane set up down and we wont need to do glitter.. Most of the community ive noticed are on endgame and it seems many of them dont want to bother with us noobs.. wich is fine.. ive got 1 or 2 that sometimes jump in and help me now and then.. thus my excitement to have my friend make the switch.. Well that is probably due to many people on endgame filtering games
  7. I must be... The only person who actually enjoyed this mission...
  8. I usually skip the puzzles, simply because I cannot do them xD It's better if you're on the map to take care of the sharkens/ogres. ^^ Thanks! Got to the last wave, last 200 or so enemies but then a sharken snuck through and 2 hit a crystal, unfortunate. *hate that slow movement* Thanks though, should win it tomorrow. ^^
  9. Gave this a shot on Riddler of the Deep. Doesn't help that the tiles are overly buggy in the puzzle room, but other than that it should work. Failed because the tiles continually bugged up
  10. After trying too many builds, and failing too many times, finally got a build that works duo. It should work easier with more people, but probably won't work too well for soloers. http://ddplanner.com/?l=12666,xbox-aquanos-insane-build Be sure to read what all the markers are for, and read the description for extra detail. Any changes are welcome. Lastly, posted here because hardly anyone checks the Guide section for console guide, way too many PC guides there. Good luck. ^^
  11. This level us extremely easy, I solo it with another controller all the time, this level you have to be very active if you slip one time its ove tr. Thanks for telling me this. Maybe instead you should post the build instead of telling me how easy it is. Just seems a little arrogant. http://ddplanner.com/?l=12633,rough-aquanos-console I do something like this for two players (beat it with 4). One guards the bottom two exits for Ogres the other uses the red portal to guard the top 3 spawns. It's a lazy build and you don't have to waste your time making a strong App Tower build. My bu
  12. Thanks for the replies. Tried a few different builds, but still getting destroyed. Have mage walls at around 320, as well as traps / auras / harps / mage with stats around 200. I dunno, this levels a joke.
  13. Does anyone have a good build for this? Like one that works on Xbox 360? It is the only map I have not yet beaten, and its a lot of trouble. Cheers.
  14. Have you checked that you have all of the pets? There is a full list on the wiki.
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