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  1. Thanks so much for all the offers to help, we really appreciate it. We'll either be on tonight or tomorrow and you guys will likely get a friend request. As far as what we're using, we have a squire 70/tower/flamewarder, an apprentice 70/tower/draconis, a huntress 68/dps/some godly crossbow and a monk 67/tower boost/some godly spear. All wearing matching gear (mostly crappy, but matching). Thanks again, talk to you on XBLA.
  2. Much obliged for the offer. We're on infrequently depending on schedules but as soon as I go back over there I'll get in touch.
  3. Hey. First post. Since Christmas, I've play this game on XBLA a couple hours a week with a neighbor as therapy from a depressing job. He's the same. I signed up to the forum this week because the game was getting too frustrating to be fun anymore, but the problem is, after reading the magnificence people achieve in DD, I'm a little embarrassed at how bad I must be. We need to beat Summit on hard to make up for hours of failure. So what I need to know is, what do I need to ask? Maxed out, our towers still won't hold longer than a couple minutes while we fight the boss. We can't even come
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