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  1. /closed Congrats panda! I'll add you when i get home from work hopefully thanks to everyone else for your bid ;D
  2. I was waiting for an answer to my question about dirty (upgraded) armguards oh im sorry i must've skimed over it somehow, but i would probably knock off about 25% of its true value if it dirty. but mine are clean
  3. Seems like noone else wants to bid.
  4. is this the diamond you were going to give me?
  5. I suggest blocking the stats... Question, why do people block the stats?
  6. What do u value armor sets and do u accept cubes as well? Depends on the quality and yes i accept cubes
  7. What do you value ultimate sets at? And for event items will we be using person man's list? Sent from my XT1032 using Tapatalk Depends on the quality of the set
  8. Did the events a while back and wanna auction or trade it off ;D lets see what i can get. Looking for tower sets, event items http://forums.dungeondefenders2.com/showthread.php?65232-The-quot-Toxic-Empire-quot-Saga-Events-sign-up-(July-9)/page2 End date will be a week from now, i have the right to reject an offer if i feel the deal is not acceptable enough.
  9. Hey guys! some new people here man its been long... but yeah my question is how popular are event items now?
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