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  1. I guess it might have to do with the fact that the nightmare levels are PART of the DLC? If you don't want to pay for DLC, that's cool but if you buy the Shards to get better loot with more difficult maps, realize that Trendy added new heroes not just to make money but also to make nightmare level an easier feat to accomplish. Giving us MORE options is, last I checked, a good thing. Especially with prices being so cheap (comparably, Valve sells TF2 *hats* that cost more than all the DD characters) and the fact that, really, it's quite easy to beat the game as is with the original four kids, I don't see how you can complain about that. -1 for Trendy; they give us free **** and people complain, they give us paid content and people want it for free. I guess you can't please 'em all? / end logical rant You're missing my point. I never said it was a bad thing that the additional heroes make the progression gap easier. I don't even mind that I have to pay for the additional heroes- if I was complaining about that, I would be complaining about paying for nightmare in general (I'm not). What I am saying, is that if you play solo without them, the progression gap through nightmare stonewalls you hard, and fast. I've yet to see anyone get through all nightmare content without using an EV or a summoner, at least not without gear that overpowers the content, which only comes from: 1. Hacking the gear, 2. Buying hacked gear, 3. Buying legit gear off of somebody who used hacked gear to farm it, 4. Buying the legit gear off of somebody who farms high end content (who either got carried through the content by friends, or had a bunch of dedicated, intelligent friends to play with who helped each other progress through Nightmare content). Anyway, my point is that nobody, to my knowledge, has been able to get through all the Nightmare content without being helped in some way, playing with friends, or buying the dlc characters. For people that prefer not to be carried, and like to solo game content (like me), the progression curve almost mandates a purchase of additional DLC characters. Unless that content is free, its an issue. A big issue. Even with the heroes as cheap as they are, I shouldn't feel so stonewalled in progression that the only way forward is by paying for DLC characters. I dunno where you're getting your nightmare guides from, because they must be good if they aren't using any dlc characters. Point some my way so I can use them. I never said I wanted any dlc for free, quit putting words in my mouth. I opened my first sentance saying it was extremely nice of Trendy to provide yet another free DLC. Like I said above, the fact that solo progression through nightmare practically mandates the purchase of DLC characters is what infuriates me about this game, not that the content isn't free. I shouldn't have to purchase more DLC in order to beat the DLC I already bought. That's all I meant. Again, to repeat- its great that Trendy throws free DLC to people who bought the game for 2 weeks, but this game has balance issues that prevent me from investing any more time in it as of yet.
  2. While the addition of new free content is always welcome in my book, the horrid balance issues with Nightmare, the inherent lack of progression, the loot rng that Trendy already has stated it won't change, and the near-inability to progress through Nightmare solo without paid DLC characters (no matter what their current price tag is) are still major issues that Trendy needs to deal with before I get serious about playing again. It is nice to see that Trendy still updates the game, at least. I doubt this content will keep me back in the game for long.
  3. about loot thats harder to find .... supreme has become easier ultimate has become non-existant ultimate+ is less rare than ultimate 93 Which isn't indicated in the patch notes, hence why I didn't know about it. Thanks for the tip, but I doubt that the rates have been changed to such a degree that it would make me consider tackling Nightmare again, especially when I never found a piece of trans gear.
  4. Its not even funny how broken this game is in terms of progression anymore. Making loot that's even harder to find isn't going to fix the problem of people not finding upgrades for their current equipment.
  5. 800 Stats? Are you playing on console perhaps? I'd suggest getting to 1500 stats before trying NM survival, or you will be battered! Nope, playing on pc, otherwise wouldn't be discussing the post the OP linked to about a nightmare guide.
  6. if you spent half the time posting your threads about crying that an additional difficulty tier can't be completed without additional tools created specifically for this tier... on actually searching for ways to do it... http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?66394-Breaking-into-NM&p=523362[[1770,hashtags]] one of the best players in this game has made every single detail into one very nice and neat thread.... all without any dlc outside of eternia shards. Crying? I'd considered justified complaints different than "crying". And I already knew about that thread, plus it only goes up to 600-800 stats, which is the range where I'm stuck. 600-800 stats doesn't complete Nightmare survivals, last time I checked, and especially not solo.
  7. 100% disagree, and it can be done already. Just have to outgear the content. Good luck with that though =p Have any ideas on how progression like that would even work?
  8. Good stuff Trendy. Now if you could balance solo nightmare mode to be doable without summoner/EV, that would be fantastic (but almost guaranteed not to occur).
  9. I like this idea. Should help out people like me that are stuck.
  10. [QUOTE]Is Nightmare mode balanced around the original 4 heroes, or is it balanced around using the paid DLC characters (EV, Summoner) in addition to the regular heroes? - Carlh267 Jeremy: It's balanced around any combination of 4 heroes (definitely not meant to be taken on be a lone player). Certain missions can be somewhat easier with the DLC heroes in the mix, but it has been designed to be beatable by any combo.[/QUOTE] Alright, thanks for the honest answer. If it wasn't meant to be taken on alone, there should've been a warning or something, but oh well. Once again, appreciate the honesty and will start playing with others soon. I disagree with that balance choice, but I'll live with it.
  11. Yea I have to agree. I play mostly solo and with one buddy, we never buy/sell/trade gear, even betweent he two of us as we think it's all about getting yoru own stuff. I play(ed) maybe 3 or 4x as much as he does, and we eventually beat most things. on NM, excepting Palantir, Boss Rush, CD, Sky City NM, and a number of challenges. We used to routinely run Aquanos NMHC to completion for farming. I think the game is fairly well balanced for multi and solo play, all except the large maps need more build time for solo players, so not really feeling that sense of entitlement. :) I agree chopper ogres could still use tweaking, but I guess the one thing that bugs me most and I THINK it's what this thread (and many others) is all about, is the end game, RNG, and Loot. As a comparison, Diablo 3 was it that everyone eagerly anticipated then had an incredibly bad ending, so bad it made the non gaming news. DDef is similar IMO except that it took over 6 months for me to reach the point of disappointment. I guess you could say I got my money's worth with all that playing, but it's still incredibly disappointing to get near the end and hitting a wall that Trendy knows is there, admitted has problems, and won't fix. Claiming I won't buy DD2 is a lame attempt at influencing Trendy, and to be honest. I think that they will not make the same mistake twice. I am betting DD2 will be more satisfying at the end game after all of this hubbub about how poorly DD ended. I know it's been stated nothing will be done, but I will keep suggesting. How about a 2nd RNG for certain maps/settings to help the end game along, or has been suggested, minumum levels for gear? In a business like the game industry, not buying future products from a game company is one of the few ways people can get game companies to notice something's wrong. When the money stops flowing in, people tend to be a little more responsive to complaints about their game. Not that its the only way, of course- these forums are living proof of that- but we rarely get contact from the developers anymore, the only patch on the horizon can only be seen as containing a buff to Super Legendary costume speeds which would probably affect less than 10% of the PC playerbase (because lets face it, those maps are freakin' brutal) Deciding to boycott future products is one of the few effective ways we have a voice (if it actually works of course- see L4D2 and CoD:MW2 boycotts). If Trendy doesn't want to fix the problems with the current game now, it doesn't send a great vibe that there next product will be quality-line content. They may not make the same mistakes twice, but when you see a company like this unwilling to fix its game's problems because they're either working on a new game (or claiming stuff like the RNG is beyond fixing now), it doesn't exactly give confidence that their next game's endgame will be bug-free. I won't be buying Trendy's next product until I'm darn well sure that its balanced equally for solo and multiplayer play, doesn't have grinding to ludicrous levels, and actually can be fun to advance in. And as for the solo comment, you haven't played it all solo (your friend played with you some of the time), so while you know that some of the content can be completed without the help of another player, you don't know that it all can. We solo players, however, have seen the effects firsthand, at one point or another. All solo players want is to be able to get through content without relying on help or getting carried by others. Thats it. Equality is not the same word as entitlement.
  12. I'd also add do it solo. A lot of people prefer playing alone, or like me, freeze when there's too much going on (i.e. 3 other people moving and shooting projectiles that must be rendered). Agreed. I was hesitant to add this at first, but Trendy needs a wake up call from the playerbase. Thanks for the addition. Also, just found this thread over in the PC/Mac notes section, http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?78809-Crystalline-Dimension
  13. Here is what I don't understand, they said they can't fix the RNG. That it is too deep into the coding of the game or some bs. I won't even begin to act like I know anything about coding. However, it seems that there was a quick patch when King's game came out because it was dropping good gear. How come they can't easily reverse this to allow some to drop again. As stated, they aren't going to actively support the game beyond the end of this year. Why not tweak the rewards for all maps like they did for King's game when they debuffed them? I switched over from PS3 just under two months ago. I have crashed head long into a ceiling that I can't pass anymore. I spend 4-6 hours a night playing survival on Aqua and Misty and MAYBE, find one piece or armor I can use every 4 - 5 days. The quality of gear for the King's game map never went under any serious alterations, according to the patch notes. What the King's Game map changed was the enemy difficulty, because the scaling was apparently bugged- allowing people to complete the map rather easily. As far as I'm aware the loot hasn't undergone any specific changes (except for a slight buff in the gear to compensate for the patch that increased the level's difficulty). It's not false advertising. The game has single player gameplay in it. Nowhere does the phrase "single player" imply that 100% of all bits of the game content are completable in single player. In fact, this is rarely the case in games unless they are ONLY single player. Of course, I can redact this statement if you can show me that all the other games on steam that list both single player and multi-player have every single piece of game content playable solo. The "single player" label on the Steam product page is not quantitative statement of the amount of single player play available. I'm sorry that we're in disagreement here, but neither you or I is likely to convince the other of anything at this point. I'd appreciate it at this point if you'd stick to the current discussion at hand (See rest of posts on this page). Of course this isn't the case for most games, but in a game that allows you to play on such maps without other people, one would have to imagine that such maps wouldn't have been added if Trendy's intention was to only make them beatable with other people, or why they would bother to change hp values for enemies in solo play in the first place on Nightmare. Either way, if it was practically a requirement for people to play multiplayer to beat this DLC there should have made mention to it at least in the DLC section of the steam page. Plus, like I said before, the only changes to these maps from single to multiplayer are differences in enemy HP values and spawn numbers, so one can reasonably argue that these maps should be beatable without the help of other people. And I don't think this discussion is necessarily off-topic, seeing as it was brought up as recently as the second out of the 3 pages in this thread. The whole thread is about the apparent lack of updates for the game as of late, and people have been filling it with complaints concerning balance and the like. My post is related to balance, so why is it really off topic? Just because we're unlikely to convince each other of our viewpoints doesn't mean that logical, meaningful conversation can't be carried out.
  14. Posting a cleaner version of my latest post now, my apologies to whichever mod felt my post was too inappropriate to leave on the forums. Yes, it was advertised as both. Not as one, not as the other. Saying either one doesn't mean 100% of the game is playable one way or the other. Actually, it kinda does. If the game says it has solo gameplay, and the co-op campaign is the same as the original levels, with only a few tweaks in regards to balancing it to be more difficult to compensate for more players, then I as a consumer should reasonably expect to be able to complete all of the said game's content with or without other people. Its false advertising otherwise- If Trendy didn't say that the DLC was completable without other players, its their responsibility for making DLC that falsely advertised content, and it is their obligation to fix it. Multiplayer players are just as entitled as single player players, but for some reason every solo player feels more entitled and thinks the game should cater to them over everyone else. We really don't want special treatment. We just want to be able to complete the DLC the same way we beat the rest of the game- and Trendy never told us we had to pair up. I really don't understand how equal treatment=entitlement. We bought the game as it was advertised as being solo. Granted, not all of us bought it for solo play, and some of us even bought it exclusively for multiplayer, but some people bought it because there was an option for solo play. We just want the same opportunities that everybody else has gotten. We all bought the game, didn't we? Just because we don't want to play with others doesn't mean we should have a harder time because of it. We solo players don't want to be treated better than people who play multiplayer, we just want an equal playing field.
  15. It's also advertised as Co-op. But I'm not going to get into that debate again. You CAN beat the game single player. It's just harder. If you're finding it too hard, why not take advantage of the features available to you without even buying anything, and grab a friend and play co-op? Why are you so resistant to that idea? If you aren't because you have no one to play with, anyone on these forums would be happy to team up with you. I've already been over this. I refuse to play with people who use the Summoner and EV in Nightmare builds, because even if I don't personally lose money over somebody playing the class, it still shows weakness in what I stand for. So no thanks for that. I could always play with people without using the DLC's, I suppose, but the chances of finding someone who hasn't bought/traded for their gear OR gotten it with the help of people who did purchase the character DLC's is next to none in public games. Even if I did set up something on this forum asking for help, I could just get someone claiming to get their gear without any use of the EV or Summoner who actually did (or got it via use of trading, etc) and I wouldn't even know. So playing with others without having a rather intimate knowledge of their previous DD history would be problematic, to say the least. I'd venture to say its darn near impossible to find someone meeting those qualifications. All my friends bought the DLC or traded for the gear (they all quit due to the grinding issue, something I don't have as much of a problem with but still needs to be addressed)- so even if they hadn't stopped playing they'd always give me gear to use whenever I played with them, which I'd promptly return after the session was done, never picking up any loot because I don't believe in feeding into this bad DLC system. And as always, even if there is a single-player component, I shouldn't have to feel its necessary to jump into multiplayer to progress if I don't have to. I shouldn't be punished for picking solo over multiplayer in a game that offers both options. That's good game design. The current player balance situation, however, is most certainly not. I haven't seen progress from beginning to end of Nightmare get done without a summoner and EV, and I also haven't seen it done solo. Your claims of it being possible solo and without DLC characters aren't really justified, seeing as you most likely haven't done it yourself. I doubt you know anybody who has (no offense). Guess what Carl. This is a gaming BUSINESS. Their goal? Make money while having fun (Not a feat many people can achieve...) Astonishing news, except the rise of indie game developers who develop a game for the sake of developing it (instead of pushing out similar titles year after year for 60$ a pop) isn't exclusive to Trendy. There's been quite a lot of successful Indie game developers over the past 2 years emerging to show big name publishers that they aren't as necessary as they used to be, and that letting developers do their thing still leads to quality games being made. What I haven't seen, however, is the rest of them resorting to such cheap tactics in order to get me to spend more money on DLC (No offense to Trendy if this truly is just a massive balance overlook, but in either case it needs fixing). Also, the concept that "Trendy is a business" does not give them a free pass to make DLCs like the summoner and EV practically a requirement for advancement. There's a reason why people don't like EA and Activision- they're businesses that will do ANYTHING in the pursuit of profit. They release a game for 15$ that has more content than most games released for 60$. They release MORE content for 3-5$ each or so that adds EVEN MORE hours and hours of entertainment. The current amount of content they have pushed out also does not excuse them from making such horrible business decisions as making DLC characters practically necessary to beat DLC's. Trendy's ability to push out content does not excuse them from their obligation to make sure its all doable with the original 4 characters only. Easy-Insane is very easy, I started on hard, skipped insane and went straight to nightmare. Guess what, most of it was solo That's nice, did you do it without EV and/or Summoner? And you said most of it was solo. Most does not equal all, and therefore, your argument that "I did it, so can you" can easily be debunked. Just because you are too much of a tightwad to pay 6$ or whatever for 2 more classes that are ****ing amazing, does not entitle you to be such a whiny brat And here I thought being 20 disqualified me from being a brat anymore. Its not a question of me being cheap. Its a matter of ethical business practices that keeps me from laying down cash on these characters. Nightmare mode is JUST THAT. NIGHTMARE. It's expected that you or people you are playing with (YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO OWN THEM JUST PLAY WITH SOMEONE WHO DOES) have EVERY available tool and KNOW HOW TO USE THEM. Except as I've already stated, Nightmare shouldn't require that people use DLC characters to get to the end game. Nightmare, as a completely separate purchase from the EV and Summoner, should be beatable without having to utilize those two characters, even if I don't have to pay for them personally. Like I said, its a breach of my morals to advance with somebody who was able to progress with these DLCs. So I'm guessing that you just didn't read my previous posts in this thread. Just because you want to play this game as poor man gimpsalot, does not mean everyone else feels the same way. The name calling really adds to your argument, just saying. It makes me wonder what kind of language you were calling me before the mod edit. TL;DR= BUY THE CLASSES OR PLAY WITH PEOPLE WHO DO OR STFU. Gungniir out. I think I've explained myself reasonably well to combat your opinion. The things that players are asking for are not unreasonable. I can't tell if people truly think that the game is balanced or if they are playing devil's advocate. Finding ways to circumvent lack of balance instead of fixing it is pretty ludicrous. People should be able to beat all DLC with what they've paid for and/or haven't paid for. The worst part is it's still not too late. People (me, myself, this guy) would come back if there was an attempt to smooth the game out. The fact that players are willing to fix the game themselves just shows how little effort it would take from the devs to balance the game in order for people to return. Instead we just get 'have you tried being carried instead of complaining'? FINALLY SOMEBODY GETS IT.
  16. A lot of people claim that NM in it's current state just can't be done without EV or Summoner, which is why I am doing this. I just finished the OC nmhc with nothing but the original 4 characters, however, I did make one exception and had to use a barb for dps since I didn't have one among the original 4. I did it with one other person, and overall is was pretty dang easy. nb4 you were overgeared, I was a little bit over geared for it, but the builds I used had little thought put into them and were poorly done. So the conclusion I came to was, if you actually use a good build and play with a friend or two you can do at least the OC pretty easily. I would recommend around 700-1k stats though. Which the only character I had that was really geared above 1.5k was my monk, and his stats are still just around that area. So my characters are still within the area that most people seem to be stuck at. I would highly recommend having a good dps character as well. I would recommend farming insane Aquanos and Sky City for weapons personally, or I guess Kings Game has some good ones too. I plan on attempting Shards tomorrow some time. True, and I'll try to come up with something for I guess Aquanos nm survival and see how far you can get without EV and Summ. But obviously it's going to be way easier with those two, but as far as being impossible without them, well we will see. But I think if at least aqunaos can be done then adequate loot for completing the rest of the game is possible to get. Also, the main shards maps are the only ones that matter in a discussion like this because any other map, aside from the OC, is dlc which if a person is complaining about having to buy dlc, then there is no reason to include dlc maps. I give you a lot of props (seriously, THANK YOU for trying this) for at least being willing to test to see if its possible to beat Nightmare without DLC characters. However, I fear testing 1-2 maps isn't going to be enough to prove that point. If it is indeed possible to get through Aquanos survival, it is true that the gear there could conceivably become great enough to support even Crystalline Dimension builds, but again, those maps would need to be tested as well. But the opposite can also be a problem- is it even possible to get to stats that can clear aquanos to a point where farming good trans/sup/ult gear starts to drop? Like you said before, you got to good stats before copters were in with just a squire, but are copters such a big addition that it makes it impossible to make it to stats that can reach good gear bits of aquanos without an EV or summoner? I don't expect you to test an entire progression cycle of course, but the possibilities are interesting.
  17. I already explained why this doesn't work- it ruins the balance of the game. You can't just buff everything that you view is inferior, because then when combined with the things you're buffing them up to, it trivializes the game, and makes some of the people who bought the DLC feel like they wasted their money. Really? Because I didn't hear any complaints in patch 7.38e for when the apprentice got a damage ramp buff of 15%, which was after both the Summoner and EV were released. I didn't see anybody demanding that Trendy give back their money then. Just yet? you've already completed the vast majority of the game... You don't HAVE TO. nobody's putting a gun to you and saying you have to. but it is HIGHLY RECCOMENDED. If you're struggling with something, it gives you another option. I feel like the people who say this are being defiant for the sake of being defiant. It is advertised as single player but it is also advertised as multiplayer, and solo players have no more entitlement than mutliplayer players. So why not enjoy all features of the game instead of restricting yourself to one and complaining that you find it hard without taking advantage of all the features of the game? ITS ADVERTISED AS SINGLE PLAYER, THEREFORE I SHOULD BE ABLE TO BEAT IT IN SINGLE PLAYER! I shouldn't have to go outside my comfort zone by playing multiplayer by playing a single player DLC! I want to complete this DLC. Saying that I should just play multiplayer to get better gear only exemplifies the fact that there are balance issues with single player, and that they need fixing! People who play in multiplayer in Nightmare get a hell of a lot further than people who play single player. Those people can get the gear their way, they can progress, so why shouldn't I be able to get the gear in the way I want to play- without help/being carried? Besides, most people use summoner/EV in multiplayer, which I refuse to support with my money or playtime based on what I already said- they're practically required for Nightmare advancement. Am I really "entitled" to want the same ability to progress in solo as other people have in multiplayer, without the purchasing of other DLCs? I'd be careful criticizing the DLC and Trendy's business practices. Some games have micro-payments, some games have subscription fees, some games just cost a crapload of $$$ on launch, other games have DLC. I know some people shun 'mandatory' DLCs by principle, but I prefer to look at numbers first. And let's face it: Even if you buy ALL the DLCs, including the complete Shards (which is practically an expansion), every bonus map and all of the purely cosmetic costume packs, the game still costs less than base Diablo III. And in my opinion, DD is pretty well-balanced compared to Diablo III. Yeah, DD has a lot of issues and I never hesitate to point out those issues, but unlike DIII, I will never consider the money I spent on DD wasted. That said, considering how many DLC classes are out there by now, I think it might be a good moment to have a complete hero class DLC pack for sale with a discount. Even if all the DLCs combined costs less than a traditional 60$ game, that doesn't give Trendy a free pass to make DLC that's practically required to reach endgame. It doesn't matter how much they cost, its a matter of principle (unless its free, like I already said in a previous post). Saying that "well they aren't as bad as company X" doesn't make the company magically good by any stretch of the imagination. I do thank you for pointing out that the game does have numerous flaws though.
  18. 9. Trendy plays game from the start I'll do a self-plug. I feel like a big part of the issues with this game is a lack of perspective on the part of Trendy. With that in mind, I made the above thread. This is the only one I really feel Trendy needs to look at, except I'd go even further and force them not to use EV or summoner. Trendy needs to realize how bad the balance situation really is.
  19. This is completely wrong. That's all I can say. Both nightmare and the DLC characters are optional. If you don't want them, you don't have to buy them. There is nothing unethical or wrong about it, any more than any other DLC for any other purpose in any other game is/isn't. Sticking your fingers in your ears and screaming "LALALALALALA I can't hear you!" isn't a good way to counter somebody's argument. So because I don't have to gall to purchase more DLC to complete the DLC I already purchased, or rely on someone who did (which would be a breach of my morals, to say the least) I should just give up and go home? I deserve the right to complete Nightmare mode DLC without paying for other DLC, or relying on somebody who did. So does everyone else in my situation. Show me evidence that it can be done without an EV or a Summoner, and I'll be quiet.
  20. There is nothing unethical about it. Creating incentives for people to buy something is not unethical in a capitalist society. Nobody is forcing you to buy anything. Neither nightmare nor the DLC characters are required components of the game. I never thought I'd be using a car example, but here we go. I buy an SUV. It works well, its great, and I love it so much, that I decide to purchase a DVD player for it. I expect the DVD player to work upon installation, but when I get the car back, the DVD player is missing a few parts that keep it from working properly. When I talk to the car company, they tell me my only option is to buy the missing parts (which are conveniently only available from them). THIS IS UNETHICAL. SO IS THE SITUATION IN NIGHTMARE MODE. Incentives are different from forced purchases to complete something. Like I said, I'd love to see someone complete all nightmare content without using an EV or a Summoner at any point. I'd love to be proven wrong. But as far as I've seen, and believe me, I've been looking, there's no way to do it. If you know of somebody who has, I'd love for a link to their steam profile or a link to a thread where they've done it. Neither Nightmare nor the DLC characters are necessary parts of the game, but I'd sure like to beat what I've purchased without spending even MORE money to do so. So in your suggestion, I should just give up on the DLC I bought because I'm not willing to shell out a few bucks? Get real. It isn't necessary now, either. It's called a suggestion. I don't know why some people are so resistant to playing co-op in a game that was designed for it. This game, like most games with a multiplayer component, is way better with friends, whether its "necessary" or not. In a game where I'm given the option to play solo, and is advertised as being playable single player, I shouldn't have to play with other people in order to progress. I don't want to play with others just yet. Why should I have to go outside what I feel comfortable doing to complete DLC content that I bought for a game that was also designed to accomodate single player? I would like to hear your proposal of how to address this without 1) making DLC not DLC (not an option) 2) giving a massive "screw you" to the people who bought the DLC characters. You could adjust the difficulty of the later maps where this becomes a problem, but then the game becomes a walk in the park for the DLC character users who might feel they wasted their money because they didn't need the characters at all. You could nerf the DLC characters, but this wouldn't be fair to the people who bought them. I see no win-win solution that would make everybody happy. The solution, which I've been constantly telling you, is to buff the original characters to a point where they can beat Nightmare mode without the necessity of DLC characters. It doesn't screw over the people who bought the DLC characters- it just makes people who don't WANT them able to compete. It also lets people with the DLC characters experiment with builds that vary from the ever popular "summoner units on EV walls" strategy. You can never please everybody, and I suspect the elite players who worked hard for their gear would get up in arms over this, but Trendy's obligation should first and foremost be to balance Nightmare to work with people who HAVEN'T bought additional DLCs to make it easier. DLC characters still will have their awesome strategies that get them through Nightmare, and sure, they can complain, but the only right thing to do is buff the original characters.
  21. People keep saying this, but nightmare itself must be purchased, so I see nothing wrong with the purchased characters being valuable for it. Unless you don't like the game before any DLC, odds are pretty good you're going to purchase it. Also as I've repeated a number of times, you don't HAVE to purchase it, you can also play with other people who have purchased it. Would you have given any consideration to purchasing the DLC characters if they didn't help you do anything better? They may as well have just been costumes for existing characters if they didn't. This. Isn't. The. Point. I don't think anybody has a problem with DLC characters being useful for Nightmare mode, its just darn near impossible to get anywhere without them. Summoner walls on EV buff beams, with reflect walls covering the crystals, has literally been the dominating strategy since those DLCs came out. But for those of us who don't purchase the new defenses, or rely on someone who did, its almost impossible to get to endgame. MAKING PEOPLE PURCHASE DLC TO BEAT OTHER PURCHASED DLC IS INCREDIBLY UNETHICAL, WRONG, AND AN EASY WAY TO RUIN YOUR CREDIBILITY AS A GAME COMPANY, NO MATTER HOW MUCH EITHER DLC COSTS (unless of course, both are free, but we're not talking about free DLC, are we?) It doesn't matter if I don't have to purchase the DLC personally, its still stupid and wrong that someone has to in order for me to progress, even if it doesn't affect me personally! And if online build layouts are anything to go buy, tons of people have already bought into this horrible business practice! We just want to beat the game without having to go through the unethical bs that Trendy is trying to shove down our throats. Is that really too much to ask? DLC characters can make things easier. Nobody really has a problem with that, otherwise I'd see a lot more complaints about Summoner and EV being overpowered on the forums. So why can't the original characters get a buff so that we don't HAVE to rely on paid DLC defenses in order to progress? DLC characters would still be massively OP, but they already were to begin with, so what exactly is the problem, outside of a few more people actually being able to complete the DLC they paid for?
  22. Why not? Why do you not want these as much as you wanted the others? I'm rather puzzled because the first thing most people want in any game like this is new classes. Me not wanting the new characters isn't the issue at hand here. If you really must know, I want to beat the game with the vanilla characters before investing in the new ones. The issue is that without them, its near impossible to beat everything in Nightmare mode. I haven't seen anybody yet who has, based on all the DDPlanner builds out there and all the guides in the PC/Console guides section. In addition I've tried several variations of popular builds with the original defenses, and come up with solo strategies of my own design. Nothing works anymore when I play solo. I should be able to progress solo, but I can't without DLC characters that I don't feel like buying. That's the issue here, not the fact that I don't feel like I shouldn't have to pay for the new DLC characters. You already completed pretty much everything if you're in a position where you absolutely need DLC characters to progress further. I'd love to see some guides on how to do it then. I don't see any that don't utilize either the summoner or EV, if they aren't using both. Like I said above, I've tried. Again and again and again. It really seems like a exercise in futility whenever I boot up the game anymore. There is no way to buff the original characters without them becoming even more broken in combination with the DLC characters- buff all original character towers, then put them on a buff beam, and things will be too easy. Nerfing them is the only option, which isn't fair to the people who bought them. ALL Nightmare mode content should be beatable with the 4 original heroes. Right now, this seems darn near impossible (see above). I don't have a problem with DLC characters make the game easier- they've already been doing so for several months now. However, they SHOULD NOT be a requirement, because that is an unethical business practice, and a massive "screw you" to customers. I repeat: You do NOT have to buy them to benefit from them. Team up with someone who does have them, then you can save yourself the $3 and still complete everything, if you're so convinced the game isn't beatable without them. There's no reason not to play online other than the occasional disconnect. You don't always have to play with others- if there's something you want to do alone, you can still do it alone online, just make a private game. Playing with other people wasn't necessary to progress from Easy to Insane. Why should I be forced to play with others now? I shouldn't have to be forced to play with other people to progress in a game that allows me to go solo! I shouldn't have to be forced to buy DLC to progress in DLC I already bought! I shouldn't be forced to use non-vanilla defenses to progress in a game that comes with vanilla defenses! Game designers should know this, its basic stuff! I really don't understand your complaint, because you were willing to buy 4 much more expensive DLCs to unlock nightmare mode to progress further but you're not willing to buy 2 much cheaper ones that give you new characters to progress further. Thus, there's nothing further I can say. I shouldn't have to spend money on DLC to beat DLC. Its stupid and unethical. I bought Nightmare mode on the assumption I could beat it the way I beat the rest of the game- without the use of other DLC. It doesn't matter how much it costs. That point is irrelevant. The fact that the content is necessary and costs money, however...
  23. Unfortunately, it's balanced around all characters, not just the original four. If the new characters didn't bring something to the table, nobody would get them. If buff beams were, say, half as effective as they are now, they wouldn't be used because they wouldn't be worth the DU cost (Nothing else EV offers is particularly mandatory, not even the walls) If summoner minions used DU, they wouldn't be used because they'd cost too much and attack slower and offer little new other than being able to move, which by itself isn't much of a compelling reason to use them. The only reason summoner is any good at all is because his stuff is extra. Making a new character useful but not mandatory or excessively compelling is no easy feat. It has to be good enough that people will want to get it, or you'd never sell it, but if its even slightly beyond that, people will complained because they're "forced" to buy it. The barbarian basically falls under the "not good enough" category, because the cases where he's actually desirable to have are very rare, and not really that relevant anymore. The jester is probably the closest to a perfect balance between doing something people would want without compelling people to buy it, because it does do useful things, but a lot of them require luck and are therefore unreliable in a tight situation. However- if you're playing online, you can benefit from the DLC characters without owning them yourself. Thus, you're never truly forced to buy any of them, because you can just play with someone who chose to buy them. Again, I'm not saying I don't mind that these new characters bring new defense options to the table, I just don't want to feel forced to get them in order to progress. Almost all end game builds at the moment utilize summoner units, EV buff beams, or a combo of both. I don't mind that something new is being brought to the table with the new heroes, but I shouldn't be forced to use them in order to progress. The new characters and new defenses are fine, I'd just rather be able to beat the game without spending money on them. The EV and Summoner both bring extremely interesting concepts to the table, and I don't have any problems with how their defenses work. What I do care about, however, is that progressing without them really is a nightmare. People would still buy the additional characters if they weren't extremely powerful- many people I've played with online bought the 4 gender-swapped characters, even when their abilities were only slightly modified from the original characters. So saying that customers won't buy new DLC because it doesn't bring much new to the table isn't really viable, because plenty of people already bought DLC that only slightly changed the game (and only in a hero-related aspect, as all the gender swapped classes had the same towers). And the argument "well you can always play online" is also an illogical argument, because while I'm not forced to buy the new characters personally, I still have to rely on somebody who did. Like it or not, in the game's current state the EV and Summoner are practically required for getting through end game content bar some sort of freakish miracle or glitch, and forcing your players to slog through 1 DLC by buying another is an extremely bad business practice. Even if you don't personally buy the DLC, many others already have, and it still severely limits your ability play the game in your own way, as well as cheats other people out of their hard-earned cash. TL;DR: I don't mind that the new heroes make things easier, and I don't mind that that the defenses are new. What I do mind is that without buying 2 DLC's I don't want to get, I can't complete another I did. To add to the above post, people also need to remember that nightmare is also a paid dlc. It only makse sense that it be balanced around other paid dlc characters. If the origonal game (ie: easy- insane) required other paid dlc, i would agree something was oout of whack. As it stands now, i believe the dificulty is great. What does Nightmare being a paid DLC have to do with anything? I don't care that I paid for access to nightmare. I bought that because I wanted to. I don't want to buy the other DLC's, but now I can't progress without them because I didn't pony up for even MORE DLC? Get real, if you support a business practice where you have to complete paid DLC by buying more of it, you're only screwing yourself and other people out of more money. Its a horrible business practice, I just want to be able to complete the DLC I paid for without being forced to spend even more money on this game. To be clear- I'm not asking for DLC character nerfs, I'm just asking for original character buffs, so I can complete something I paid for without paying more.
  24. The overall difficulty of a difficulty called "nightmare" doesn't really need to be lowered. It's supposed to be hard as hell. People should realize what they're getting into. I don't mind Nightmare being hard as hell. However, I do mind that progression is hazy as hell and that without using summoner and EV, Nightmare mode goes from being hard as hell to darn near impossible to progress at some points. Almost all builds nowadays use EV buff beams and summoner walls, which makes it almost for somebody like me, who doesn't want to pay for either, to progress. Nightmare needs to be balanced around the original 4 characters, and at the present moment, it feels like it was balanced around players who had access to paid character's defenses in addition to the regular heroes. That isn't right, and should be changed. I don't mind that the DLC characters make it easier to progress, I just don't want them to feel mandatory.
  25. Is Nightmare mode balanced around the original 4 heroes, or is it balanced around using the paid DLC characters (EV, Summoner) in addition to the regular heroes? If it is the latter, is there any chance that it could be rebalanced around the sole use of the original characters in the future, for players that do not want or have the ability to purchase those characters? It almost feels like an EV and a summoner are required to reach the endgame nightmare content, which is definitely not cool seeing as they are behind a paywall. Seriously, minion walls are one of the only viable strategies I see used on the map planner tool anymore.
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