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  1. Got this pretty nifty Pawn Shot today. I'm a noob when it comes to buying and selling on this game, so of course I was going to put it in my shop for 600m. But the more I thought about it, the more I figured I'd better come here first and see just how much it was worth. http://imgur.com/l3P0Hua
  2. I swear I looked up and down for that, and I didn't see it. I'm sorry. I feel dumb now.
  3. http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Transcendent_Survivalist I know it seems obvious, but just in case; is it nightmare only, or can you do this on other difficulties? There's no mention of difficulty on the trophy in the tavern or the wiki page.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5rKwNhVUWI&t=3m43s I don't watch trailers and such, I guess that's why. Well... that really sucks. As if Djinn weren't bad enough...
  5. Working as intended. I hadn't read anything that said it should function that way, not that I don't believe you, but what's your source?
  6. TWICE this happened to me on Oasis MonsterFest. A Djinn would hide just out of range of my towers (or where they couldn't hit it thanks to palm trees and rocks that block harpoons way past what they should), and they would channel on a harpoon. Okay, no big deal, I'll replace it quickly. Except, when they did zap the harpoon, THE TOWER BUFF LASER WAS DESTROYED TOO. I was like... okay, what the ****? This happened twice in the same game, on two completely different lanes.
  7. Bumping this thread to ask, what about VJoy virtual 360 controller emulation, so you can have a second character out without a physical 360 controller?
  8. You have to wait for the Steam stores to refresh. So let's say around 12pm PST it'll update... hopefully I'll just sleep through the day like I always do. :D
  9. *Slow clap processor* Oh good. Slow clap processors in kneaded into Series EV. *Slow clap processor* Is that a portal ref? *clap... clap... clap...* oh good. my slow clap processor made it into this thing. so we have that. [some other stuff] and you just put him in charge of this facility. *clap... clap...* good, that's still working. <3 Just remember to land on one foot... I didn't even realize that one until just now. xD
  10. It's 4:51 am here in Florida. So technically, it's the 29th. :D Although I'm guessing sometime tomorrow morning through the afternoon. Even Trendy must sleep, I hear. Forgive me, I'm just very excited.
  11. This^. It always amuses me when people put things like "Sticky This" or "Trendy Respond!" in the titles. Also when people tell other people not to post in their thread. If you want a response directly, then PM one of the devs. If they don't answer you, then your questions wasn't worthwhile or they missed it, etc. Agree. I also found an example of my previous post: http://blue.mmo-champion.com/topic/217366-blizz-read-this-plz/
  12. I know the mods over on the WoW forums tell you NOT to put "Blizzard" in the title, or "fish" for responses. I know this isn't wow, I'm aware, but it still probably annoys them the same way.
  13. I believe 35k base damage with no ups is definitely a no-no.
  14. but pure numbers-wise, are they any different than a Katana with equal stats, in theory?
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