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  1. I don't understand, doesn't Trendy playtest their own game? Even a little bit? I only started in June, but have clocked 250 hours, and my first real taste of how terrible this game's development was came of course with Goblin Copters. What did you do? Test with Level 90s in Ultimate armor and say it was good? Even with the subsequent nerfs it took four updates for Goblin Copters to not completely break Nightmare mode beyond unplayability. Just watch the last jester livestream and you know whats up. http://de.twitch.tv/trendyent/b/327802571 A guy named dani played with following gear: Thats over 20.000 points combined with just three myth armor pieces. They probably test with gear like that and assume everyone can get that kind of armor =D
  2. Same problem here. If i change anything in options menu, resolution gets reset to 1920x1080 instead of my 1920x1200, which isnt in the list ;)
  3. Well, while TE is good at a lot of things, hitting the "sweet spot" never really was their biggest strength. RNG and progression has been broken forever (although they claim RNG is just fine), balance of characters is way off and sadly the balance of the different towers is off aswell (so many useless towers in endgame). Not enough DU for some maps, not enough build time for others... Enemies are either overpowered or a non-thread. Countless weapons that are just no good, compared to others. Why is this happening, you might ask? Balancing takes A LOT of time, time that TE for some reason doesnt want to invest. The point that im making, the whole discussion will lead to nothing that everyone is happy with. People who "worked" their way up to the hardest maps and challenges in the game, through all the broken progression and horrible RNG, for apperent reasons dont want everyone just walking around in 3k gear. All the others are now screaming that they want their beloved loot map back and rightfully so, but this wont magically correct all the other issues this game has. To be fair though, you might not want it handed to you after all, because it is going to cut off a BIG chunk of playtime (may it be a grind or not). Its the missing "sweet spot" that this game so desperately needs, but will never get it. I dont really care about the loot on this map, 99% of the ulti and sup stuff is useless weapons anyways, but pre patch this map was a nice playground for the jester and a way to play and level other chars aswell, without being stressed to the max all the time. Now it is on par with all the other late maps, no more mr nice guy ;) For me at least, they have taken away the funfactor this map had. Is a 15% nerf enough to make this map enjoyable again? probably not! I really feel bad for all the people who were happy to finally get some good loot without sweating bullets. To the DEVs: If youre planning to make a sequel, which i assume you do, how about making a slider option to adjust the difficuly more streamlined? Start of with 0% difficulty, which includes all the enemies but not buffed to the max and work your way up to 100%? Then atleast everyone can have their fun, doesnt matter how good their gear is.
  4. I have the same problem and posted it a while back, no solution was provided. Also on a lot of weapons with added effects i get a weird "black aura" surrounding the weapon. The map is unplayable for me as it is, although i really like it and would like to do it again, if the problem ever gets fixed. I have an AMD gfx and had no problems with the map some while back, before a certain patch must have corrupted some sort of rendering. This weird "black aura" thing also appears on other maps, the big black spots only on the halloween map.
  5. SID: karlheinz69 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198057693751/ I prefer Friday if its possible to get in before midnight (european time). Thx
  6. Didnt get an invite yesterday and the thread was closed. Are we going again today, since they were only two hosts? Also Dredd: Whats up with your PC? Every event you got some technical difficulties ;)
  7. Any rough timeframe when we get invited? I know i only signed up 1,5 hrs ago, but its getting late here again (10pm) ;) THX
  8. Im in!SID: karlheinz69 SID from partner: SuicidalK what map? Is it already going?
  9. A friend and i both noticed extreme soundbugs on BR and Crystaline Challenge. It starts very "cut-off" and gets to the point where some sounds are completely gone. Also on BossRush the Dragon is still very hard to hit and takes way too much time. He is flying around in circles until he decides what harp hes aiming at. Another sidenote: Copter Ogres are bugged aswell and get put down on places outside of the map (as example on aquanos in the down east area).
  10. Both times on insane hc on different waves (8+11). Cheers!
  11. Tried the VE Challenge today and enemies stopped spawning at the end of a round. Waited a few minutes but still no enemy in sight. Started two times and both times we couldnt finish because of no enemies. Need a quick fix pls ;) THX!
  12. +1000 Drop quality sucks and we all know it. The solution cant be to get four afk summoners in every game to get decent loot. Of course it makes no sense to get the best loot all the time, so youre effectively "done" with the game within a few weeks, but i want to feel rewarded for the time spent! In the current state i dont feel the urgent need to continue playing this game and im not even near highend gear (2-2,5k stats atm). My suggestion --> a complete overhaul of the current loot system. You get rewarded for your actions, as example for repairing, upgrading, killing mobs... After a successfull run you can choose from selected items that actually are usefull ;)
  13. We have to do a challenge against other players, where precise movement gets the win. With US host i have at least 160ms ping, so not really a fair challenge, is it? Maybe for future events you should keep that in mind? Again its getting late in the evening here, so probably too late for me anyways, when i finally get an invite. What a shame!
  14. So who are the hosts on this event? Do we have some from europe? Havent been added yet!
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