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  1. Have you ever spilled maccoroni and cheese on your nice mw2 shirt and still eat it? That was a very sad day.... :(
  2. What happened to WKUK? I used to watch their show and they just disapeared :/, but shark hunting is an alternative! :D
  3. o well this still happens in mw2 without hacking It does, Im glad the COD industry removed commando from the games :D
  4. Ahhh, how much do you love noodles? OHMYGOD! XD
  5. Please do not spam just to get a higher rank. Ive seen that happen before. Not a pretty sight!
  6. i only have one comment (Hope the image is OK with Selah lol) That image is... AWESOME!!!
  7. Either the lionheart from ff8, or keyblade from kingdom hearts :3
  8. Actually I think Trendy was planning to make everything for PC Pretty sure they were.
  9. My favorite kind of milkshake is steak n shakes half banana half chocolate, absolutely amazing. :D
  10. Now I want an ice cream sandwich.........
  11. This is definitely an ice cream sandwich!
  12. I had the same problem hosting the events. Everyone who joined sent me a requaet. That problem was quickly solved by a trip to my privacy settings. I had the same thing when I hosted events back in february.
  13. play dungeon defenders Actually, that would make me depressed.
  14. Defiantly the forums, the game turned bad once PC started getting everything.
  15. Just did a random challenge and got ''A Challenge Aproaches'' and your right I should try doing Treasure Hunt to get the achievement and no, I did not logged-in in a secondary account. That is very peculiar..
  16. A whole week!!!! Wow.... Sorry for the sarcasm, but I have been playing since launch and have never seen a 100+ weapon. Granted the patch and DLC that allows that is much more recent, but its a RNG event, and a lucky one at that. Many poeple have not got 1 who have put in considerably more time than a week. Just keep at it, and dont brag when/if you do get it. Good luck. =-} Your best weapon in any game with RNG elements in it is patience. That or trading skills...LOL. Dude, there is no way you havent gotten one by now...
  17. I just remember that things can be a lot worse. We live in first world countries and have all these luxuries that most don't. Cheer up buddy :) Thanks man :)
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