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  1. Have you ever spilled maccoroni and cheese on your nice mw2 shirt and still eat it? That was a very sad day.... :(
  2. What happened to WKUK? I used to watch their show and they just disapeared :/, but shark hunting is an alternative! :D
  3. o well this still happens in mw2 without hacking It does, Im glad the COD industry removed commando from the games :D
  4. Ahhh, how much do you love noodles? OHMYGOD! XD
  5. Please do not spam just to get a higher rank. Ive seen that happen before. Not a pretty sight!
  6. i only have one comment (Hope the image is OK with Selah lol) That image is... AWESOME!!!
  7. Either the lionheart from ff8, or keyblade from kingdom hearts :3
  8. Actually I think Trendy was planning to make everything for PC Pretty sure they were.
  9. My favorite kind of milkshake is steak n shakes half banana half chocolate, absolutely amazing. :D
  10. Now I want an ice cream sandwich.........
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