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  1. I love my harpoons. And I love mobs that walk in single file.
  2. Rings are gone if I'm not mistaking, so they should've been rerolled to another relic type. If this didn't happen, I'd submit a bug report.
  3. Slow down, let the rest of the world catch up.
  4. You plan on staying up until tomorrow? 9-11 AM EST, barring complications.
  5. I think it would be something like "A" but, you can get tier 1 shards in tier 2, tier 1 and 2 shards in tier 3, etc. It's just that the tier 2 shards would drop more often than tier 1 shards would when playing in tier 2.
  6. Campaign Hard levels, then work your way into Nightmare I.
  7. Definitely Ballistas and Cannonballs. Imagine having harpoons shooting across the map, or cannons shooting twice a second (if we can upgrade that far).
  8. It's being removed in the next update, and they're planning a revamp for it in the future.
  9. They stated that they do plan on releasing them simultaneously, and have yet to say otherwise, so we're all expecting the 28th for PS4 as well.
  10. Retarded rules? The hero with the most votes won. That is as simple, straightforward, and fair as the vote could possibly be. What's retarded about that? It would have been retarded if the hero with the most votes was not the winner. Man & Machine won both head to heads against the Mystic and the Barbarian. In normal round robin rules, Man & Machine would be declared the winner with a 2-0 record.
  11. I have a non glitch witch, and get about 60-65K DPS with standard fire, and close to 300K with Two at Twice the Price.
  12. unholy sword from incursion unholy catacombs from chest at end then just block and it makes shield shoot flames I still don't get how a sword gives a shield a flamethrower effect. Shouldn't a shield give you that passive?
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