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  1. I enjoyed playing the event today I had an awesome team I felt like such a newbie lol :) Special thanks to fistofnails for being a wonderful host. I love my event items <3
  2. I might actually try to do this lol I can play em like a Ken doll ^_^ Val♥
  3. Banned for being a spammer Hey Lk, you still play? It would be nice to be with an old friend I remember the two months where you were my only host the whole time :) From time to time I do. :) Banned for reminding I was an event host :p I can play em like a Ken doll ^_^ Val♥
  4. Banned cause you really need to update your sig. Banned for not introducing yourself :p I can play em like a Ken doll ^_^ Val♥
  5. All above banned for not involving me in this :p
  6. yeah its been almost six months lol I just got back from Alabama... Missed everyone :)
  7. I was surprised how everything changed within the months that I was gone. It's a really good changed hope to see everyone around once again.
  8. Well for me its alright I finally found out when im going to basic training for the national guard. Feb. 25 i'll be gone im gonna miss everyone. :( Sent from my M865 using Tapatalk 2
  9. Thank you Classic. :) I'm fine just a thing I have to do going into the national guard. :) Sent from my M865 using Tapatalk 2
  10. Thank you but currently I won't be celebrating my birthday. For I will be getting a medical prescreen. Sent from my M865 using Tapatalk 2
  11. Happy early birthday ") Thank you very much :) Sent from my M865 using Tapatalk 2
  12. My birthday is coming up :) I can't wait to be 20. :) Sent from my M865 using Tapatalk 2
  13. Honestly I do enjoy the game but with friends only... I prefer the game how it was originally. No DLC maps, just its plain self. That's what made the game for me. Running all the original maps instead of the DLC maps. The only reason people join DLC lobbies is because in my opinion is because they might get a better weapon or experience from the DLC maps(not including aquanos). Now the game is all about having better stuff than others and being stronger. This game is becoming a competition. People don't find me on the game playing anymore because I just don't love the game as much anymore. Lo
  14. Had fun doing this :) It was my first time ever doing this and kind of glad I signed up last second lol :P Thanks again Trendy. :) Much love, Val
  15. Is Kratos as OP as he was in the beta? Yeah he is the same. The people who created God of War created this game. They would make kratos spammable lol. Sent from my M865 using Tapatalk 2
  16. This is my nanaki I love him so much :) Sent from my M865 using Tapatalk 2
  17. If classic is gone I'm gone :( Sent from my M865 using Tapatalk 2
  18. How many do I have? Sent from my M865 using Tapatalk 2
  19. Just got my copy pretty awesome game ;) anyone else have it?
  20. The name TitoDaddy came from my adorable 4 year old niece. How? Ever since her father left when she was born, I took the spot and kind of been a father figure to her. She calls me daddy at first, but her mom keeps telling her to call me tito, meaning "uncle". The two just wouldn't agree with each other. So one day she told her mom, for them both to be happy, she'll call me tito daddy. To this day, that's what she still calls me. Meet my adorable niece, Alethea :) aww :)
  21. Cutest backstory. Mine is a play on words; bare hugs instead of bear hugs. NUDE HUGS. Get it? I'm so witty. @_@ My old username for everything used to be antigirl but then everyone thought I was a misogynistic dude, instead of what I really am (a chick who prefers video games and comics to Vogue and designer handbags), so I switched it to kidrobot but I joined a forum once where that was taken and barehugs popped into my head. Not terribly interesting or exciting but there you go. I feel you on being mistaken as a guy. Lol it never changes. Val <3's You ツ
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